World UFO Day 2023: Know Date, Facts, Stories, and How to Celebrate?

World UFO Day 2023 will be observed on 2nd of July. This day is related to the crash in Roswell, NM, which many people believe was a UFO crash. On this day, people around the world gather to commemorate events related to the UFO phenomenon.

It is also a day to recognize the abundance of UFO sightings that happen every day. In order to promote awareness of World UFO Day, you can see a lot of people sharing their personal stories with the world. These stories often include photographs and videos of people’s UFO sightings.

It is a matter of debate whether aliens are real or not. However, if you are a space enthusiast then UFO Day is the perfect occasion for you to showcase your research and interest.

World UFO Day in 2023 and Confusion Over Dates

Every year, World UFO Day is celebrated on 2nd July. It is so because this date is chosen by the World UFO Day Organisation. Please note that there are a few people who observe this day on 24th June as well.

24th June is also an important day because according to reporter Kenneth Arnold, the first UFO in the United States was sighted on this day.  However, the most accepted date around the world is still 2nd July.

DayWorld UFO Day
DateSunday, 2nd July 2023
Observed byInternational
Type of the eventCultural
Significance of World UFO DayA day for celebrating UFOs
How to Celebrate?UFO-themed parties, Sky-Watching, etc

Fascinating Story of UFO Crash At Roswell

There is an amazing story behind why World UFO Day is celebrated on 2nd July. It is a day when a flying saucer or UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

The US military had a hard time recovering the debris from the crash. On 8th July 1947, Roswell Army Air Field released a statement that they had recovered a “flying disc”. 

The military then conducted a cover-up operation and claimed it was a balloon. However, conspiracy theories have persisted since then, with some claiming that it was actually a UFO that crashed near Roswell.

Decades after the event, WUFDO (World UFO Day Organisation) decided to raise awareness about UFOs and pressurize the government to showcase files related to UFO sightings. They can’t find a better date than 2nd July to observe World UFO Day.

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Goals and Objectives of World UFO Day

According to WUFDO, there are two primary goals of the World UFO Day Celebration. The first is to spread awareness of the existence of UFOs. The second goal is to encourage the United States government to publish its secret files related to UFO sightings in the country.

Another objective of this day is to encourage all countries in the world to share all information if there have been encounters with Extraterrestrial beings.

History & Conspiracy Theories

While UFOs are typically considered highly developed spacecraft of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, the term UFO can refer to any kind of object or phenomenon that has never been seen before in a location.

The majority of UFO sightings are explained scientifically. Still, UFOs continue to attract global conspiracy theories. The term “UFO” is thought to have been originally introduced in the 1950s by Edward J. Ruppelt, a United States Air Force officer.

The aim of this term was to replace the words that were then often used to refer to mysterious aerial objects at that time such as Flying discs and flying saucers. Let’s check the following timeline to understand the history of World UFO Day.

  • 1561 – Several people have reported seeing a celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg, according to a broadsheet.
  • July 2, 1947 – Farmers in Roswell, New Mexico, witness a loud crash, and later residents find what they believe to be a flying saucer’s debris.
  • 1952 – US Air Force officer Edward Ruppelt coined the term “UFO”.
  • September 10, 1993 – “The X-Files,” a science fiction drama series, broadcast on Fox. Numerous conspiracy theories were spawned by the programme.
  • 2001 – The first World UFO Day celebrated by UFO researcher Haktan Akdogan.

World UFO Day 2023 Date

2nd July 2023Sunday2023
2nd July 2024Tuesday2024
2nd July 2025Wednesday2025
2nd July 2026Thursday2026
2nd July 2027Friday2027

Ideas to celebrate World UFO Day

  • Start your UFO Hunt  – Head to the park where you might see a few UFOs swooping through the sky.
  • Join a local UFO sighting club – It is possible that there might be a bunch of UFO enthusiasts like you in your surroundings. You can join them and take your passion to the next level.
  • Host a UFO-Watching Party – You can host a party with your friends outside with telescopes to look for aliens. The concept is unique and your friends will love it.
  • Share on social media – If you have some amazing story and information about UFOs then share it with your followers using the hashtag #worldufoday
  • Buy UFO-Themed Apparel – World UFO Day 2023 is a great opportunity for you to buy some UFO-themed apparel for yourself or for the special person in your life. There are many different types of clothing that can be purchased, including t-shirts, hats, and even underwear!

Amazing Facts About Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)

UFOs are one of the most talked about topics in the world today. You’ve probably heard them discussed on the radio, seen them in movies, or seen them on TV. Despite all this, there is still a lot that we don’t know about these mysterious objects. Here are some of the facts we do know about UFOs:

  • UFOs have been seen in multiple countries around the world, such as America, Russia, and France.
  • There are some who believe UFOs are actually spaceships from other planets.
  • Most of the time, UFOs are seen with a triangular shape.
  • The most famous UFO sighting was when President Ronald Reagan reported seeing a group of objects that were “too large to be anything made here on Earth.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hashtags to use on World UFO Day?

You can post using the following hashtags #WorldUFODay, #WorldUFODay2023, #UFODay203, #National UFODay2023, and #WUFODO.

Do Aliens Exist?

There is no known evidence of life on any other planet than earth.

Is there a possibility of life beyond earth?

Yes, there is a possibility. NASA and other space agencies are continuously looking for the same.

Who celebrated the first World UFO Day? 

Haktan Akdogan celebrated the first UFO day.

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