World Chocolate Day 2023: Celebration, Fun Facts, History, and More about the World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day, also referred to as Chocolate Day, is celebrated every year on the 7th of July globally. Many people believe this to be the day when chocolate was introduced to Europe back in 1550. People all over the world celebrate this day by treating themselves and others to delicious recipes of chocolates. Follow this article for more fascinating details related to World Chocolate Day 2023 such as its celebrations, history, significance, interesting facts, etc.

World Chocolate Day 2023 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for World Chocolate Day for the upcoming 5 years.

World Chocolate Day 2023July 7, 2023Friday
World Chocolate Day 2024July 7, 2024Sunday
World Chocolate Day 2025July 7, 2025Monday
World Chocolate Day 2026July 7, 2026Tuesday
World Chocolate Day 2027July 7, 2027Wednesday

World Chocolate Day 2023 Overview

EventWorld Chocolate Day 2023, Chocolate Day 2023
DateJuly 7, 2023
Observed byAll over the world
Purpose of celebrationTo commemorate the introduction of chocolate in Europe on probably the same day in 1550.

World Chocolate Day Significance

On the occasion of World Chocolate Day, chocolate lovers all over the world indulge in their favorite chocolate treat. The day celebrates the deliciousness of chocolate and other scrumptious delicacies made from it such as chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate cake, brownies, mousse, and all other kinds of desserts. Whether it is white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or any other kind, Chocolate Day celebrates chocolate in its every type and flavor. Apart from this, the day also celebrates the several health benefits of consuming chocolates.

Chocolate & Its Benefits

Chocolate is made from roasted and ground cacao seed kernels which have an intense bitter taste and is fermented to develop the flavor. It is one of the most popular foods in the world, and a variety of dishes especially desserts like cakes, pudding, brownies, and cookies can be made from chocolate. Other than its great taste, chocolate is also known for the various health benefits that it can provide if consumed in moderation.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, consists of antioxidants that can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of clotting and increase blood circulation to the heart. This in turn reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol and the risks of stroke and coronary heart disease. Flavonols present in dark chocolate help in achieving better reaction time, visual-spatial awareness, and stronger memory. It also prevents the immune system from going into overdrive and reduces oxidative stress. Epicatechin in dark chocolate protects cells, makes them stronger, and supports the processes that help the body to use insulin better. This might prevent and even combat diabetes.

History of World Chocolate Day

There is no proper information available on who started the celebration of World Chocolate Day. However, the first Chocolate Day celebration was held on July 7, 2009, to commemorate the date on which chocolate was first brought to Europe in 1550.

How is World Chocolate Day celebrated?

There are very simple ways in which one can observe World Chocolate Day. You can organize a chocolate-themed party where you can invite your friends and family for delicious chocolate treats. You can also host a movie night and watch movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chocolat, Romantics Anonymous, and others. Sending chocolate gifts to your loved ones who live far away is also a great way of celebrating this day. Going out to a bakery for some chocolate shopping and tasting is another way of spending the day. If you are not in the mood for a party, you can prepare and savor the chocolate dish yourself too. In case some chocolate companies or dessert factory is organizing any chocolate-y event, try to be a part of the festivity.

Interesting Facts related to Chocolate

Check out some interesting facts about chocolates this World Chocolate Day:

Chocolate was initially consumed as a bitter drink.

Chocolate has many health benefits for humans but is toxic for dogs.

Each cacao tree produces approximately 2,500 beans and 400 cocoa beans make one pound of chocolate.

Around 40 million to 50 million people across the world depend on cocoa for their livelihood.

Switzerland is the biggest consumer of chocolate in the world.

United States is the largest producer of chocolate in the world.

The largest chocolate bar by area measures 383.24 meter square and was produced on 6 February 2020 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Frits van Noppen, Jeroen Hollestein, Niek Verhoeven, and Simon Koster from the Netherlands created this chocolate bar.

The largest chocolate bar by weight (5,792.50 kg) was created by Thorntons plc in Derbyshire, UK on 7 October 2011.

Many countries celebrate their own Chocolate Day.

Chocolate Day & Similar Observance

In the US

There are four primary chocolate holidays observed in the US. These are:

Chocolate Day- July 7

Two National Chocolate Days- October 28 and December 28

International Chocolate Day- September 13

Other than this, it also observes days like National Milk Chocolate Day, National White Chocolate Day, and National Cocoa Day.

Around the World

In Ghana, Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 14.

The people of Latvia observe their World Chocolate Day on July 11.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is World Chocolate Day celebrated?

July 7 every year

When was chocolate first prepared?

A vessel found at an Olmec archaeological site in Mexico dates chocolate’s preparation by pre-Olmec peoples as early as 1750 BC.

Is there a Chocolate Day observed in February?

Chocolate Day is also observed on February 9 as a part of the Valentine’s Day celebration.

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