LOR for Canada 2024: How to Write an Impressive Letter of Recommendation, Best LOR Samples

Creating an impressive letter of recommendation (LOR) adds an incredible value.

You must have heard something called Letter of Recommendation (LOR) while applying for Canadian universities. Genuinely, it is one of the most crucial documents you have to submit while seeking admission to top universities in Canada. So, what is Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?

A Letter of Recommendation (LOR), otherwise known as a letter of reference, is nothing but a quick brief of an applicant who is willing to get admission into undergraduate or postgraduate programme like MS, MBA etc in a Canadian university.

In case of admission to Canadian universities, teachers and professors are usually the referee who write letter of recommendation for their students. Although, an employment reference letter is typically written by manager, former employer, customers, co-workers and vendors.

How to Write the Best LOR for Canada 2024?

This has been always a matter of discussion how to write the best and most impressive letter of recommendation (LOR). Fortunately, you have a general formula to write an effective LOR you mayn’t know about. Yes, you heard right!

Simply by following a common formula you can create an exceptional LOR for Canada. Let’s learn the formula first and later we’ll share you a sample of Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for reference purpose.

The following guidelines will help you write an ideal letter of recommendation for Canada that contains a detailed insight of the applicant.

  1. Start with briefing your relationship with the applicant: You should start with a briefing your relationship with the applicant, from how long do you know him/her, how had you interacted with the applicant like as a teacher, mentor, faculty etc.
  2. Why do you recommend him/her: This could be the most special section of letter of recommendation where you should highlight some unique talent that particular student owns and how successful he/she could be in future.
  3. Highlight some other qualities of student: Please make sure not to provide any fake information in the recommendation letter as student will be accessed accordingly. You should also highlight some other qualities that the student posses rather that what you have mentioned in point 2.
  4. Be genuine: You should be genuine with student’s performance in your class whether he used to top or score 2nd or 3rd position likewise.
  5. You word should be action-oriented: Do not bluff just be specific to your thought. Just highlight student’s quality, why you recommend him, how do you know him etc.
  6. Put an invitation to contact you: You may also invite admission committed to contact you in case of further concerns about the applicant.
  7. Mention an appropriate business closing and put your name: You must be professional while closing the letter of recommendation (LOR). Use Best Regard, Sincerely, Regards, Thanking you etc.

Details about School Admission in Canada

Types of LOR for Canada

Majorly, there are two types of letter of recommendation (LOR)- Academic LOR and Professional LOR.

Academic LORProfessional LOR
An academic letter of recommendation (LOR) is usually written by faculty of applicant’s previous academic institution. The referee could be principal, teacher or counsellor of your school or professor, dean, project guide of your college.For courses like MBA, many universities in Canada have made work experience of the applicant compulsory for admission. They ask you to submit a professional LOR along with your updated resume or CV.


The professional LOR should be written by your manager, team leader, co-worker, or supervisor. The referee should highlight your work experience, your performance, behavior, leadership quality, and how well you are in your domain.


Keep in Mind

Here are few points you must keep in your mind if you are aiming to write an effective Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for your student or co-worker.

  1. In some cases, the university recommends the number of word you need to put in the LOR for Canada. If not mentioned then keep it in between 400-500 word.
  2. You need to talk about the student’s abilities, skills, strength and weakness.
  3. You should put only genuine and accurate information in the letter of recommendation.
  4. The universities in Canada usually ask for LOR should be written in official letterhead of your last institution or company.
  5. The referee must be someone still working in the company.
  6. Don’t get confused with Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR), they are two different documents.
  7. In the Letter of Recommendation (LOR), the referee should highlight aspects and perspective of applicant’s personality that are not either mentioned in Statement of Purpose (SOP) or resume.

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Number of LOR Required in Top Canadian Universities

University Academic LOR/Professional LORNumber of LOR Required
Western UniversityAcademicTwo
McMaster UniversityAcademicTwo
McGill UniversityAcademic/ProfessionalTwo
University of WaterlooAcademicTwo
University of TorontoAcademicOne
University of MontrealAcademicOne
University of AlbertaAcademicTwo

Note: This table is for reference purpose only. Please get in touch with the university to know exact number of LOR required for admission (based on course chosen).

LOR Sample for Canada 2024

We are sharing below a sample of LOR for Canada for reference purpose only. Ask your university for LOR requirements like number of words, format etc. The sample provided below will give you a fair idea about how to write a LOR for Canadian university.

Name and Address of the university

To Whom it May Concern:

As the professor of Department, University name, I would like to recommend Applicant’s full name who is interested to purse course name from an esteemed institution like Canadian university name.

Applicant name has been my student for more than two years and he has recorded academic excellence beyond among his peers. He was always encouraged to learn new and intricate concepts and it always used to make me proud as a teacher.

He has indeed an outstanding academic record and is determined to perform better in every aspect. He has always been an active member of various activities and competitions, ready to take action and a person with strong mindset.

Other than academics, he was also a proud member of our college football team. Our school was performing exceptionally in inter-college level football matches under his Captaincy.

You may contact me if you want to know more about Mr.———


Referee Signature
Mobile Number

We have provided above a LOR sample for Canada for reference purpose only. We have not followed any guidelines issued by Canadian universities. This sample will give you an overall idea about how can you write a Letter of Recommendation for Canada.

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How to Submit LOR for Canada?

Canadian universities ask you to submit your letter of recommendation in the following ways:

  1. Electronic Way: The University will send the referee a secure link following which he/she can submit the Letter of Recommendation (LOR).
  2. Paper Letter of Recommendation: You need to prepare a letter of recommendation in the official letterhead then mail the same to admission committee.
  3. Paper LOR Forms: There are some Canadian universities that issue a standard paper LOR form that you need to fill and mail it to the admission committee.


The best letter of recommendation comes from a person who genuinely knows you and wants to write about you. Therefore, choose a person wisely when it comes to write a letter of recommendation (LOR) for Canadian university.


Do I need to submit multiple letter of recommendation?

Yes, it depends upon the university you are seeking admission to.

How many types of LOR are?

Two types- Academic LOR and Professional LOR

Who can write my LOR?

Your teacher, professor, dean, manager, co-worker etc.

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