School Admission in Canada 2024-25 for Indian Students: Eligibility, How to Apply, Documents, Cost, Top Schools

Being a parent, we always want to unlock the best learning opportunities for our child and when it comes to school admission in Canada, we have indeed many concerns to sort out. So, this is our small attempt to give you every fractional detail related to school admission in Canada 2024 for Indian students.

If you live in Canada on a work permit then you can get your child enrolled to a Canadian public school with a study permit. However, if you are residing in India but willing to get your child enrolled into the best school in Canada then either you have to accompany your child or appoint a custodian legally who can take care of your child.

Let’s discuss all details you must know before you enroll your child to grade 1 to 12 in a Canadian school. We have covered the following:

Eligibility for Indian students to study in Canada
Whether your child needs a study Permit
How to Apply for a Study Permit?
How to Apply for school admission in Canada?
List of all Important Documents
Cost Involved including application cost, tuition fee, health insurance, rent and living expenses
Top Schools in Canada

Eligibility for Indian students to study in Canada

A child who is under 17 years of age is considered minor; however it also depends on Province or territory who decides the age of majority for a child.

Province or territoryAge of majority
Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan18 years
New Brunswick, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut19 years

Getting your minor child enrolled to a Canadian school requires the following:

  • Either child should come to Canada with their parent or legal guardian or
  • Or you need to appoint a custodian in Canada

Who is Custodian: A custodian is an adult who is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Here is the procedure you can follow to appoint a Custodian:

  • You need to send Custodianship Declaration form along with study permit application of your minor child to Government of Canada.
  • The Custodianship Declaration form has two pages- the first page requires to be signed by the custodian and get notarized in Canada.
  • The second page requires to be signed by parents or legal guardians and get the same notarized in India.

Whether your child needs a study Permit

Category of child Study permit required or not?List of required documents
A child who is Indian national but accompanied by a parent who is permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen.Not requiredPassport of child or child name is mentioned on parent’s passport, permanent residence card and birth certificate of the child.
A child who is Indian national but accompanied by a parent in the visitor classYes, requiredStamp on the passport of child or parent’s (child name must be mentioned in parent’s passport)
A child who is Indian national but accompanied by a parent who is either temporary resident of Canada or has a work or study permit or

If none of the parents is in Canada

Not requiredPassport of child or passport of parent’s where child’s name is clearly mentioned. Parent should have a work or study permit. The Government of Canada also recommends that the child should obtain a study permit even it is not required.

Important Note: Minor children who are willing to study in Canada must apply for a study permit before they come to Canada. This criterion is also applicable to minor children who come with parents having a valid work or study permit.

How to Apply for a Study Permit?

It is always recommended to apply for a study permit in advance before you decide to go to Canada. There are certain cases when you can apply for study permit within Canada or at the port of entry when you arrive in Canada. Please make sure which option is valid in your case.

If you are in India then here is the procedure you need to follow to get a study permit. Although, you can also apply on paper still it is recommended to apply online for study permit for faster processing.

Step 1: Please make the following documents ready:

  • Proof of acceptance
  • Proof of financial support
  • Identity proof

You may also need the following documents:

  • letter of explanation
  • a custodian declaration (minors only),
  • certificate d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ)or
  • Other documents as required by the concerned authority.

Step 2: You should know the fees you will need to pay that may include processing fee, biometrics, medical exams, policy certificates, language testing etc.

Step 3: Create and sign in to your IRCC secure account and make payment of necessary fee. You can also check status of your application online.

How to apply for school admission in Canada?

Here are the step-by-step instructions to apply for a school a Canada:

Step 1: Choose a primary or secondary school. Primary schools usually offer admission to grade 1 to 8 while secondary school offer grade 9 to 12.

Step 2: Every school has certain norms for admission and therefore you should apply 6 months prior to the given deadline if you are willing to study at a primary or secondary school in Canada.

Step 3: Contact the school you are willing to get admission to and they provide you a comprehensive details regarding the application cost, tuition fee, health insurance, language tests, rent and living expenses.

Step 4: Fill up the application form by following the instructions provided by the school. In case a school accepts your child as a student then they will send you an acceptance letter. You can use that acceptance letter to apply for a study permit.

Important Note: The Government of Canada doesn’t pay medical costs of foreign students and therefore you should contact the school for detailed information regarding health insurance and medical coverage.

Cost Involved

Studying in public primary and secondary schools in Canada is free of cost; however parents may have to pay $5 and $100 every term for classes like art and music. Most public schools do not follow school uniforms and hence they do not charge against uniforms.

Private schools in Canada have their uniforms and costs involved may vary from one school to another.

Most schools offer textbooks free but you need to return the same to school at end of each semester or year.

Private schools costs vary from one school to another and it depends upon many factors like reputation of that particular school, facilities offered. They do offer scholarship schemes for deserving students.

Top Schools in Canada

There are a plethora of options you have when you are looking for a good school in Canada for your child. We have listed few of them below but it doesn’t follow any ranking module. We have listed few names and rest you research based on your desired location in Canada.

You may also share your desired located through comment box below so that we can help you in finding the best school in that specific location of your choice.

  • Michael’s Choir School Canada
  • Little Flower Academy Canada
  • Albert College, Ontario Canada
  • West Point Grey Academy Canada
  • Crofton House School Canada
  • Columbia International College Canada
  • Ridley College, Ontario Canada

If you have some questions in mind you may share it here through the comment box below. We are here to assist.

Disclaimer: We have tried to include only correct information in this article. However, we do not claim 100% accuracy of aforesaid information as we have collected the same from various official and non-official resources. We request parents to take this article for reference purpose only and collect all possible information before they enroll their child to schools in Canada.

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