Odisha Day (Utkala Dibasa) 2024: Date, History, Celebration, Facts, Wishes

For millennia, every part of the nation has seen a variety of changes. This is a major milestone for several of the areas and their inhabitants. As a result, they are well acclaimed. Odisha Day, commonly known as Odisha Divas or Utkala Dibasa, is one of these occasions. Every year on April 1st, the region of Odisha celebrates this holiday. This page would explain what it is or how it’s observed if you’re curious.

Odishan Day 2024 Overview

EventOdisha Day 2024
Also known asUtkala Dibasa, Odisha Divas
DateApril 1, 2024

Odisha Day History

Historians believe that Orissa was first populated by nomadic groups that lived in the region’s hills and mountains. By 261 BC, it had been annexed by Magadh King Ashok to extend Mauryan authority across the region. Ashok, the winner of the ‘Great Kalinga War,’ was unable to bask in the glory of his triumph and soon turned to Buddhism.

Before king Kharavela’s reign, written history contained little allusions to the kingdom other than the Great Imjin War. Kalinga, led by Kharavela, had really defeated Magadh as a way to exact revenge for the Mauryan invasion. Scholars believe that Kharavela, in addition to helping create Kalinga as an important political power in India, laid the groundwork for Orissa’s future as a centre for the arts, including sculpture and architecture.

Odisha’s last Hindu monarch, Gajapati Mukunda Deva, was overthrown by the Mughals in 1576. The British seized control of the state in 1803, and the country was divided into numerous administrative divisions during their rule. Bengal Presidency took control of the regions in the north and west. Bihar and Orissa provinces were formed from the coastline area later on.

On April 1, 1936, the new governmental region of Orissa was established as a result of the success of Oriya leaders’ attempts to unite the Oriya-speaking population. Governor-elect, Sir Jhon Austin Hubbak was sworn in on July 1, 2017. Orissa’s territory more than quadrupled after Independence of india, so it joined the Union of India as a constituent state in 1950.

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Important Facts

Odisha ranks third among Indian states in terms of the proportion of its people who are indigenous to their land. Many kings have reigned over it throughout history. Cuttack served as the state capital from 1135 until 1948, when Bhubaneshwar dethroned it.

  • More than 31% of the state is surrounded in forests; it has a diverse array of flora and wildlife.
  • Odisha contains the footprints of ancient human society as well; numerous Lower Paleolithic-era ancient artefacts have been found throughout the area.
  • As of November 9, 2010, the Indian Parliament officially renamed Orissa as Odisha. Utkal Diwas is celebrated across Odisha, with adorned shops, contests organised by city leaders, and cultural activities organised by different families. Oriya also was changed Odia at the same time.

Odisha Day 2024 Celebration

Odisha is one of India’s most populous and geographically large states. Throughout civilization, its vibrant and diverse legacy has made significant contributions to Indian history. To commemorate its founding, a celebration is in order. Therefore, those who are connected to Odisha’s history and culture should take part in the Odisha Day festivities.

Odisha Day is widely observed in Odisha with enthusiasm. Music and dance events are among the many cultural events taking place throughout the state. The heroes who battled for the establishment of the state are also remembered and honored. Fireworks fill the air over parts of Odisha. Events like firework contests bring in people from all across India, not only the residents of Odisha. They come to see what Odisha has accomplished historically.

Festivities provide us a reason to gather together, celebrate life’s accomplishments, and reflect on the past. They’re also good reasons to recall and celebrate our nation’s rich cultural history. Use this occasion to share information regarding Odisha’s arts and heritage with your family and friends, and maybe have a modest celebration together.

Odisha Day 2024 Wishes

  • In honour of Utkal Dibasa, I desire for every one of you to experience that unique kind of love, devotion, and joy.
  • Welcome to all of Odisha, and thanks to everyone who has taken part in the fight and given their lives in service to it. They’ve passed away, and we wish them peace.
  • Greetings and best wishes on Odisha Foundation Day to everybody. Let’s just all work together to make Odisha a better place.
  • On the occasion of the state creation day, best regards to the lovely people of Odisha. Wishing the state well and development and peace to new heights. Day of Odisha’s Conception.
  • Blessings to all the Odia children and grandchildren. During state foundation day, let us remember our ancestors who gave their lives in the struggle for statehood. Wishing you all the best on Odisha Formation Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate Odisha Day?

Odisha Day is celebrated every year on April 1.

What are the other names of Odisha Day?

Odisha Divas or Utkala Dibasa or Utkal Divas

When was Odisha created?

1st April 1936

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