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World Liver Day 2023: Date, Theme, Liver Cleansing Tips

World Liver Day

With the aim to increase awareness about healthy liver and draw attention to liver related diseases, World Liver Day is observed every year on 19 April. Liver is the second largest body part (only after skin) and also the second most complex organ in the body (after human brain). Many functions are performed by liver […]

World Art Day 2023: History, Significance, Quotes, Celebration

World art day

World Art Day 2023: Every year World Art Day is observed on 15th of April to promote awareness about the creative activity and its relation with the elements of the society. A proposal was passed at the 17th General Assembly of the International Association of Art in Guadalajara regarding the celebration of World Art Day. […]

Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti 2023: All You Should Know About the Great philosopher, Thinker and a Social Reformer of India

Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti

Ramanujacharya, also known as Ramanuja or Ramanuja Acharya, was a great philosopher, thinker and a social reformer of India. He is accredited for his philosophical foundations on devotionalism (meaning bhakti) that had a major influence on the Bhakti movement. Ramanuja is sometimes also referred to as Ilaya Perumal, meaning the radiant one. It is believed […]

World Immunization Week 2023: Important Details you should know

Immunizations have been used to defend against diseases for almost two centuries, starting with smallpox and continuing on to the most recent vaccination used to prevent serious instances of COVID-19. Since then, people all across the world have put their faith in vaccinations to keep their families healthy. However, there is more to vaccination efficacy […]