Ordnance Factory Day 2024: Theme, Origin, Significance, Celebration, Quotes

Ordnance Factory Day 2024 will be celebrated on March 18. The 18th of March, 1802, saw the commencement of manufacturing at India’s first Ordnance Factory at Cossipore, Kolkata.

People all across India commemorate this day by putting up displays of weapons and ammo in museums and exhibits.

The majority of the times, the exhibits are free and accessible to the public. In addition to a procession and an exhibition featuring photos from different climbing excursions, the festivity goes on for many days. Let’s know more about this special day.

Ordnance Factory Day 2024 Date

DayOrdnance Factory Day
Also known as  आयुध कारखाना दिवस, OF Day
DateMarch 18
ThemeVinashaya Dushkritam (2024 theme is yet to be decided)

Ordnance Factory Day Origin

Each year on March 18, India’s government declares Ordnance Factory Day to be a national holiday. People refer to the Ordnance Factory Board as the United States’ “fourth arm” of defense. The fleet, the air wing, and the soldiers are the last three lines of defense. Every one of them has a special day to celebrate. A special day was set aside to celebrate Ordnance Factory Day since it is the country’s fourth most important weapon of defense.

Anthem Carriage Corporation, a rifle and stone business founded in 1801 in Kashipur, Kolkata, declared the date on the 200th celebration of the Ordnance Factory, or Anthem Carriage Organization. For the record, the East India Company lauded the establishment of the Ordnance Board in Calcutta’s Fort William in 1775. It marks the beginning of Indian army ordnance production in earnest.

Using Ordnance Factories, the government hopes to become self-sufficient in the manufacture of military goods while also raising knowledge regarding ammo and weaponry amongst overall population.

Ordnance Factory Day Significance

For ground, sea, & air platforms, the Indian Ordnance Factories Services play a critical role in manufacturing, testing, logistical, researching, advancement, and commercialization. They provide as a solid foundation for the manufacture of military parts and components on a national scale.

Each nation must have enough armaments and ammo on hand to ensure the safety of its people. The purpose of the day is to make sure that high-quality goods are produced and that workers have a high quality of the workforce. In addition to Ayudh Shri/Devi, other honours given to workers include Ayudh Ratna, Ayudh Bhushan, and others.

Ordnance Factory Day 2024 Celebration

Ordnance Factories Day in India typically begins with the raising of the Indian flag and chanting of the National Anthem, both traditional ceremonies. Ordnance factories day is a festival honoring the Ordnance Enterprise Board, India’s first and earliest industrial plant.

Ordnance Factories Day, organized by India’s Ministry of Defense, is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to showcase the country’s ordnance factories’ work in weapons and ammo invention, manufacturing, advertising, and logistics.

Recent Developments

275 goods made by these companies were re-designated as “non-core” by the very first Narendra Modi cabinet, allowing the army to buy them on the free (read private) marketplace, compelling the Army to reduce procurement from ordnance factories by nearly 50%. There are ways to make India self-reliant in the manufacture of weapons and ammunition by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) in order to reduce importation while still fulfilling national needs.

China and Pakistan pose a dual danger to India as it prepares to assume regional and worldwide security leadership. Its military services require the most up-to-date military gear and technology. The defense industrial system has faced significant reforms in the past six years, and it is a key component of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. India’s military services have benefited greatly from the Ordnance Factories Day. Offer it the attention it deserves.

Ordnance Factory Day 2024 Quotes

  • “The combination of modern ordnance and outdated tactics had, as usual, created enormous casualties on both sides.” (Iain Banks)
  • “My father worked at the Naval Ordnance Lab, and they had a nine-hole course on the property. You paid a quarter.” (Lewis Black)
  • “Civil servants are fully aware of the challenges the British economy faces. They are, after all, working tirelessly and professionally to support the coalition government through the current challenges, every day, and in every part of Britain.” (Gus O’Donnell)
  • “Temporary teams of trusted people are generally sent to all Departments and to major agencies of government to assist in planning and to acquaint the incoming administration with the civil servants and bureaucracy that will remain in place in the new Administration.” (Richard V. Allen)
  • “My father worked at the Naval Ordnance Lab, and they had a nine-hole course on the property. You paid a quarter.” (Lewis Black)

List of Ordinance Factory in India

Here is the list of all ordinance factories in India:

Location Ordinance Factory in India
JabalpurVehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ)
KanpurSmall Arms Factory (SAF)
KolkataRifle Factory Ishapore (RFI)
KanpurOrdnance Parachute Factory (OPF)
DehradunOpto Electronics Factory (OLF)
VarangaonOrdnance Factory Varangaon (OFV)
TiruchirappalliOrdnance Factory Tiruchirappalli (OFT)
HyderabadOrdnance Factory Project Medak (OFPM)
KorwaOrdnance Factory Project Korwa (OFPKR)
NalandaOrdnance Factory Project (OFN)
MuradnagarOrdnance Factory Muradnagar (OFM)
KatniOrdnance Factory Katni (OFKAT)
JabalpurOrdnance Factory Khamaria (OFK)
ItarsiOrdnance Factory Itarsi (OFI)
DehradunOrdnance Factory Dehradun (OFDUN)
PuneOrdnance Factory Dehu Road (OFDR)
KolkataOrdnance Factory Dumdum (OFDC)
ChandrapurOrdnance Factory Chandrapur (OFCH)
KanpurOrdnance Factory Kanpur (OFC)
BolangirOrdnance Factory Bolangir (OFBOL)
BhusawalOrdnance Factory Bhusawal (OFBH)
BhandaraOrdnance Factory Bhandara (OFBA)
NagpurOrdnance Factory Ambajhari (OFAJ)
MumbaiOrdnance Factory Ambernath (OFA)
HazratpurOrdnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur (OEFHZ)
KanpurOrdnance Equipment Factory Kanpur (OEFC)
ShahjahanpurOrdnance Clothing Factory (OCFS)
ChandigarhOrdnance Factory Chandigarh (OCFC)
ChennaiOrdnance Clothing Factory Avadi (OCFAV)
KolkataMetal and Steel Factory (MSF)
MumbaiMachine Tool Prototype Factory Ambernath (MPF)
ChennaiHeavy Vehicles Factory, Chennai (HVF)
PuneHigh Explosives Factory (HEF)
TiruchirappalliHeavy Alloy Penetrator Project (HAPP)
KolkataGun and Shell Factory (GSF)
JabalpurGrey Iron Foundry (GIF)
JabalpurGun Carriage Factory Jabalpur (GCF)
KanpurField Gun Factory, Kanpur (FGK)
ChennaiEngine Factory Avadi (EFA)
AruvankaduCordite Factory Aruvankadu (CFA)
PuneAmmunition Factory Khadki (AFK)

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordnance Factory Day 2024 कब हैं?

Monday, March 18

Ordnance factory day का थीम क्या हैं?

Last year, Ordnance factory day का थीम Vinashaya Dushkritam था।

हम Ordnance factory day क्यों मनाते हैं?

क्योंकि, 18 मार्च, 1802 को कोसीपोर, कोलकाता में भारत की पहली ordnance factory में manufacturing की शुरुआत हुई थी।

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