Parshuram Jayanti 2024: Date, History, Rituals

India is a country with a long history of religious tolerance and reverence that can be found all across the globe. Vileness energies on the Planet, as per the Indian Earth’s statistics, were occasionally fought off by different divinities.

In honor of the creation of Lord Parshuram, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated. The term Parshuram means “Ram with an axe” in Hindi. He descended to Earth, as per Hindu mythology, in order to protect humanity from the Kshatriyas. Tretayug is said to have begun on this day as well. Annually, on the 3rd day of Shukla Paksha this blessed day occurs according to the Hindu calendar. This year it takes places on Friday 10th May 2024.

  • Start of Tritiya: 10th May Morning 4.17 AM
  • Ending of Tritiya: 11th May Morning 2.50 AM

Parshuram Jayanti History

Whenever the need arose, Rishi Jamadagni, Parashuram’s father, kept a cow in the home named Kama Dhenu, and he used to feed the family. Rishi Kartavirya Sahashrarjun and the cow were both slaughtered by the Kshatriya ruler, who wished to possess this cow for his own personal purposes. As a result, Parshuram pledged to eliminate every Kshatriya in existence and free the world’s population from their oppressive rule.

Lord Parshuram jayanti

Everyone retreated from the ground because they feared Parasuram, abandoning it completely defenseless. Mahendra mount was chosen by Ashyap as a place to dwell since Parshuram agreed to remain away from the globe at night if Ashyap wanted the world to be secure. VarahPuran, the god of the Hindus, tells people that if they fast on this day and worship Parasuram, they would be bestowed with a boy as their offspring, which is why Hindu worshippers fast on this day.

Parshuram Jayanti Importance

A devotee of Lord Shiva, Lord Parshuram was given the magical weapon parshu by Shiva to protect Mankind from the Kshatriyas’ wickedness. A fifth child of Prasenajit’s daughter Renuka and Jamadagni, Lord Parshuram is Vishnu’s sixth avatar.

Dhanavi, a manifestation of Lakshmi, was his wife. Parshuram’s avatar, as per Indian mythology, is eternal and somehow still resides on the Earth. According to the Kalki Purana, Lord Vishnu’s tenth and last incarnation will be Kalki, and Lord Parshuram would serve as Shri Kalki’s martial arts instructor. As a strong warrior, Parshuram influenced Dronachary, Bhishma and Karna.

Brahman Parshuram was born, yet he had the appearance and attitude of a fighter. At the time, the Kshatriyas were in charge since they were the renowned fighters and rulers of the realm.

For some reason, they seem to have forgotten about their reverence for the rishis and other scholars, the Brahmans. In the warlords, there seemed to be a lot of assumption, and they demonstrated the Vedic standards in supervising.

When Kartavirya Arjuna murdered his father, Parshuram became famous for his heroics in liberating the cosmos from the tyranny of the kshatriyas twenty-one times over. The Mahabharata and Ramayana both include him in pivotal roles, including adviser to Bhishma, Drona, and Karna respectively. Unlike all other Hindu symbols, Parashurama is still a living being, according to the Hindu belief system.

Parshuram, on the other hand, isn’t revered in the same way as Rama and Krishna. One notable sanctuary honours Parashurama at South India’s blessed site Pajaka near Udupi. There are various shrines to Lord Parashurama along the western coast of India.

Parshuram Jayanti Rituals Observed

This day bears distinct religious portrayal for Hindus. Nurturing Brahmans Is viewed beneficial on this day. This day is alternatively named Akshaya Tritiya and seen as suited to commence or perform something good.

  • People begin their fasting the night before to make this day sacred.
  • Just at beginning of the day, worshippers perform a sacred bath before daybreak, wear neat customary clothes.
  • They generally drink milk, dairy products and eat fruits.
  • Worshippers venerate Lakshminarayan, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu..
  • Holy Tulsi leaves, Kumkum, Chandan, fresh flowers are presented to Lord Vishnu.
  • Worshippers present offering of fruits and dairy products.
  • Worshippers have confidence that by keeping this fast, they would be bestowed with male kid.

Parshuram Jayanti: Incident of Lord Ganesha

Having beaten King Kartavirya Arjuna and aided Lord Shiva’s follower, Ravana, Lord Parshuram set out for Mount Kailasha to see the lord himself. Lord Ganesha prevented Parshurama from going to Mount Kailash to offer his respects to Shiva.

As was Parshuram’s habit, he became irritated when he couldn’t see Lord Shiva and began fighting with Lord Ganesha. Parshuram cracked one of Ganesha’s tusks when he flung his axe at him. Due to the fact that the axe belonged to Shiva, Ganesha was unable to protect himself.


When is Parshuram Jayanti in 2024?

10th May 2024

When will tritiya tithi start?

10th May Morning 4.17 AM

When will tritiya tithi end?

11th May Morning 2.50 AM

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