Refired Not Retired Day 2024: Date, Facts, and History

If you’ve just retired, mark your calendar on March 1st for Refired Not Retired Day! In order to change the narrative of an uninteresting retirement plan, this day was developed. A divorce and an early retirement at the age of 55 prompted Phyllis May to come up with this day.

When she moved to Key West, Florida, she did what the locals do: she lived at la Vida Loca. When you retire, you can finally leave the pressures of the working world behind you and devote more time to the hobbies and interests you’ve always wanted to pursue.

Refired Not Retired Day History

Retirement is viewed as a period in one’s life when one is freed from the burdens of work and may spend time with loved ones. But Refired Not Retired Day was intended to flip the script on that story. When you’re retired, you have the time and leisure to do the things you’ve always wanted to and discover new interests. Phyllis May was aware of this and took advantage of it.

Phyllis was a school teacher for 34 years until she decided to call it a day at the age of 55. In the time leading up to that, she was single, her husband had left her, and her only child was away at college.

She’d finally come to terms with the fact that she had nothing to fear. She moved to Key West, Florida, on March 1, 1998, without a care in the world. She also didn’t realize that she would be establishing an iconic example that would be remembered by that same day.

Phyllis tried out a number of low-paying jobs after moving. Besides working as a concierge, she also worked in a Caribbean souvenir shop named The Pelican Poop Shop! After a year of presenting a TV program and writing her first book, “Keys to Paradise…a delightful guide to Key West,” she found her true calling.

As a result of her work, she spent two years traveling the eastern United States and Puerto Rico delivering seminars for a corporation, as well as her own. As a way to commemorate her exciting post-retirement years and to inspire other retirees, the Refired Not Retired Day campaign was launched in her honor.

Refired Not Retired Day 2024 Date

The Refired Not Retired Day is celebrated on March 1 every year. In 2024, it will fall on Friday. This is one of the special days to be observed in March.

Event nameDayDate
Refired Not Retired Day 2024FridayMarch 1, 2024

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Refired Not Retired Day Celebration

  • The theme of this year’s Refired Not Retired Day is pursuing your greatest passions and experiences after retirement. Today is a great time to reflect on your current interests and potential future pursuits. You can start checking things off your list after you retire, so make it a fun one.
  • Phyllis has now gone on to publish a number of other novels. Want to be motivated by all of her exciting exploits? Go to her website and select a book to read.
  • For Phyllis, it worked, but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. If you sit down today, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to finalize your post-retirement year’s plan. To begin, you may want to learn more about your pension.

Facts about Refired Not Retired Day

  • As many as eight out of ten retirees are optimistic that they will be able to comfortably enjoy their golden years.
  • Statistics show that persons over the age of 65 watch the most television of any demographic.
  • I.R.S. offers free tax assistance to those 60 and over through a program called Tax Counseling for the Elderly.
  • Two-thirds of retirees over the age of 50 indicated they hadn’t prepared for travel in retirement, according to a research
  • 54 percent of baby boomers expect to continue working after retirement, mostly to maintain activity and age well, according to research.

Reasons Behind Refired Not Retired Day Celebration

  • On Refired Not Retired Day, the idea of a peaceful post-retirement life is challenged. Those in their golden years are encouraged to enjoy their life to the fullest and pursue their passions.
  • In order to offer retirees a second chance to live their lives to the fullest, Refired Not Retired Day was established. A lot of individuals go through life not pursuing their true passions, but now is a chance for you to continue to do so even when you’ve retired.
  • Many retirees and soon-to-be retirees believe they will have little to look forward to after they leave the workforce. Rather than being stuck in a rut, Refired Not Retired Day provides people a taste of what life would be like after retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retiring at what age is the best?

When you’re 65 or 66 years old, it’s time to stop working and start enjoying your retirement. To maximize your Social Security retirement payout, you should take advantage of this opportunity now.

Retirees use their time in what ways?

Retirees devote more time to personal care, domestic tasks, leisure activities, and other things.

What are the signs to retire?

A solid social network, adequate savings, and health insurance are all signs that it’s time to retire.

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