Stadia Pro Games List April 2022

Five Stadia Pro Games are to be added for April 2022 and they are World War Z: Aftermath, Deliver Us the Moon, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, City Legends, and Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

Google is all set to add more Stadia Pro Games for April 2022. However, these are some amazing additions going to entertain gamers for sure over the coming weeks.

Stadia Pro members are entitled to get 5.1 surround sound support and up to 4K HDR video streaming along with free games every month included in their subscription.

One can go for Stadia Pro subscription at $9.99/mo only that allow them to play existing games and claim more games every month to add in their collections.

Games to be added in April 2022: World War Z: Aftermath, Deliver Us the Moon, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, City Legends, and Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

Google Stadia Adds 5 New Games For Pro Users in April 2022 – Updated List

Good news for Google Stadia lovers. The makers have released a refreshed list of new games for pro users. Five titles are now available for you to enjoy. This move will surely attract more players to the platform. Stadia is surely making competitors like Xbox and play station run for their money. Here are the new games added to Google Stadia.

DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure

It is a popular game with a huge fan base around the world. Developed by DreamWorks Animation LLC this game has an interesting storyline. The game revolves around the main character called Lucky. She is on a wild adventure ride with her faithful mustang.

You will have a joyful ride with Lucky and her fearless best friends, Abigail and Pru. The game has a wide–open frontier to explore full of exciting quests, animals, and items to collect. The best thing about DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure game is that it gives you a chance to explore Miradero and its outskirts at your own pace.

Another good thing about the game is that its audio is available in multiple languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (EFIGS) and subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (EFIGS), Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Dutch.

Cake Bash

Cake Bash is another popular addition to Google Stadia in March 2022. The game has already gained fame on platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. Concept-wise, Cake Bash is very similar to Fall Guys.

It is a four-player party game. Here, you compete in the cake base to be the tastiest cake. You can play as one of seven cherished confectionery – ranging from a sassy Cupcake through to a derpy Donut. The game is constantly evolving with new updates and releases. Overall, you will love this game if you are looking for something out of the traditional league of games.

Unto the End

This one is an absolute classic. Unto the End is an enormously challenging combat game. Personally, we feel that this game is going to fetch a large number of new users on Stadia. In the storyline of Unto the End, you fight to get home to your family. The game includes intense sword fights. Plus, you need to spot and grab opportunities to trade and use items.

From beginning to end Unto the End keeps you on the edge of your seat. Remember, it is not an easy game you need to master your skills and fight intelligently. You can fight with a sword and other range of weapons in fierce one-on-one and group battles. All and all, the game is immensely rewarding and captivating.

Hello Engineer

Google Stadia has also added a multiplayer machinery building construction game called “Hello Engineer” to its collection in March 2022. The story of the game is about a group of kids from Raven Brook who went to the abandoned amusement park (Golden Apple Amusement Park) to scavenge for resources to win the State Inventors Contest. However, the group found itself trapped in the amusement park. What’s more, they are not alone, somebody is watching their moves and controlling the evil bots.

Intelligent kids need to use their engineering skills and find a way out of the amusement park. What we most liked about this game is that your creativity is very crucial to do well in the game. Plus, there are no prescribed solutions to complete objectives, progress through. You are required to use your brain and think something out of the box. There are three fun modes in the game – Creative mode, Challenge mode, and PvP/ PvE mode.

Control Ultimate Edition

Another addition to Google Stadia in March 2022 is Control Ultimate Edition. It contains the main game and all previously released Expansions. This award-winning game is already immensely famous. The game revolves around the Federal Bureau of Control which is a secret U.S. government agency. The agency is getting invaded by a corruptive presence. Only you have to power to stop the same.

The game has stunning graphics that blend open-ended environments with the signature world-building and storytelling of renowned developer, Remedy Entertainment.

Stadia Pro Games List March 2022

Here is the list of Stadia Pro Games to be added in March 2022. Get ready to experience something new, something exceptional with Google Stadia. Let us know what you’re eager and hoping to see in Stadia Pro next through the comment box below!

Little Big Workshop

Google Stadia invites you to become a factory tycoon with Little Big Workshop- a Stadia Pro Game being added on September 1, 2021. Envisage a mysterious factory residing just in your living room. A cautiously planned masterpiece, where industrious workers fling together anything customers look for. Electric guitars, drones, scooters, Rubber ducks and dressers, and several other astonishing goods can be crafted using different materials and sold for the cash. Further, you can invest cash in your factory to bring more workers, machines and raise your business.

Wave Break

Renowned as the world’s first skateBOATING game, Wave Break is truly inspired by Miami Vice, however with abundance of grinding and kick flips along the way. Score outstanding while playing online with friends or choose the single player campaign mode and enjoy an unsullied soundtrack with outlandish characters.

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition is all set to release on 1st September 2021 on Google Stadia platform. This is one of three games suppose to be added in Stadia Pro Games List September 2021. Being an action-adventure, hack and slash video game, Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition is sure to entertain its user base in the coming weeks.

How to Claim Stadia Pro New Releases in April 2022?

If you are already a Stadia Pro subscriber then you can claim more new games being added on April 1, 2022 along with your monthly payment- Wave Break, Little Big Workshop, and Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition. If you are not yet subscribed to Google’s amazing game streaming platform Stadia then subscribe it online at its official website. Indeed, it’s a cakewalk! Still for your assistance, we are adding below the method to get Stadia Pro subscription.

For Stadia Pro subscription you will cost $9.99/mo charged automatically once trial period expires. In order to start with Google Stadia, you’ll be required to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1- You can either download the Stadia app or simply visit-

Step 2- Here you need to create a new Stadia account by following the instructions provided below-. In order to sign up for a Stadia account you’ll need a Google account and an invite code (this is optional). You are allowed to sign up for Stadia on your laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device.

Creating Stadia Account on Computer

  • You need to visit and sign in with your Google account.
  • Then confirm your Google account either by choosing Yes or NO.
  • In the next step, you need to review Stadia privacy notice and terms and conditions and check the box to agree to go next.
  • Choose the Stadia avatar you’d like to pick and click next.
  • Enter your unique Stadia player name.
  • Make required changes in the Privacy Setting.
  • Sign up for email updates from Stadia.
  • Go for Stadia Pro subscription and for the same you need to choose select trial at its official website. Confirm the payment information and choose to subscribe. Click continue button and select games to claim or purchase.
  • At the end, verify controls and get started.

Creating Stadia Account on Android

Go to the Google play store and download the latest version of Stadia app. Now follow the instructions shared below to create a Stadia account and choose Stadia pro membership.

  • Confirm your Google account by following the instruction on your Android device.
  • Review Stadia privacy notice and terms and conditions and check the box to agree to go next.
  • You need to pick stadia avatar.
  • Choose your stadia name however it should be 3 to 15 characters long. The permissible characters are A–Z, a–z, and 0–9.
  • Make necessary changes in the Privacy setting.
  • Start your Stadia Pro subscription at its official website. Select trial at official website, confirm the payment information and subscribe. Click continue button and choose games to claim or purchase.
  • At the last, verify controls and get started.

Creating Stadia Account on iPhone or iPad

You need to download the latest version of stadia app on your iPhone or iPad device to get started. Follow the instructions mentioned below-

  • First of all you need to confirm your Google account by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Then you need to review Stadia privacy notice and terms and conditions and check the box to agree to proceed further.
  • In the next step, you need to pick a stadia avatar.
  • You can claim your stadia name. It should be 3 to 15 characters long and the permissible characters include A–Z, a–z, and 0–9.
  • Make required change under the Privacy Setting and go for Stadia Pro subscription.
  • In order to avail Stadia Pro subscription, you need to visit its official website, select trial, confirm payment information and you’re done.

Method to redeem your free Stadia Pro games

Follow the instructions provided below in order to redeem your current month’s games:

Open stadia official website in your browser or head to the stadia app available for android and iOS devices.

You need to open the store and sign in to your account.

Tap on games which are yet to be claimed and it will take you to the game’s individual page.

Claim this game and it will be added to your library.

Note- Games are sometimes removed from Stadia pro list but it will be still available in your library to play. However, new users won’t be able to redeem it.

Will Stadia Pro games be free forever?

The best thing about Stadia Pro is that it has not introduced any time period when the games you claimed will remain free. You can access and play games as long as your Stadia Pro subscription is active.

However, please make a note you need to continue your subscription in order to access your claimed games. If the subscription expires, you’ll lose access to those games. When you reactivate your Stadia Pro subscription, you’ll regain access to your claimed games in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many stadia pro games are to be added in April 2022?

Answer- There are five stadia pro games set to be added in April 2022.

Question 2: Which stadia pro games are being added in April 2022?

Answer- World War Z: Aftermath, Deliver Us the Moon, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, City Legends, and Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

Question 3- When will Stadia pro games out in April 2022?

Answer-  On 1st April 2022

Question 4- Do I need to renew stadia pro subscription every month?

Answer- It will be renewed automatically after the trail expires. You can cancel your subscriptions anytime.

Question 5- What’s the core difference between a “Claimed” and “Purchased” game?

Answer- Games marked as “Purchased” are games which you particularity purchase from the stadia store. Whereas, games marked as “Claimed” are part of your stadia pro subscription.

Question 6- What will happen to my claimed games if my pro subscription expires?

Answer- You lose access to games you claimed when your pro subscription expires. However, you can regain your access by reactivating your Stadia Pro subscription. If you are not interested to reactivate your subscription then you can purchase the game and start playing.

Question 7- Is it possible to purchase a game or bundle I already claimed?

Answer- You can’t purchase it when you have an active stadia pro subscription. You can either purchase it if your subscription expires or reactivate your subscription to play games for free.

We have listed the games which are to be added in Stadia Pro games April 2022 list. If you continue your subscription you will see options to claim these games in your account on 1st April 2022. Let us know the name of games in the comment box below you are hoping to be added in upcoming months in stadia store.

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