Top 10 Highest Paying jobs in America (Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse)

The American economy has gone through a roller-coaster ride in the last decade. However, the good thing is that there are still a large number of jobs available in the country.The top 10 highest paying jobs in America 2023 are available in a variety of industries ranging from health care to information technology. According to recent studies, these jobs offer some of the best salaries in the country and they are in huge demand.

If you’re looking for a high-paying career then these are the fields that you should target. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the highest paying jobs in the US in 2023.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in America

Those who have the right skill set can easily get one of the top jobs in USA in 2023. According to recent studies, the top 10 highest paying jobs in the United States 2023 are as follows:

1. Doctor

Overview: Doctors are one of the highest-paid professionals not only in America but all across the world. Doctors are often called to their work in emergencies as well as in normal routine check-ups. They take care of the patients for long hours and work according to requirements.

There are various types of Doctors such as Cardiologists, Anesthesiologists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Emergency Medicine Physicians, etc. This is the career option that you should choose if you are good at biology and other forms of science.

  • Average Salary: On average, we can say that doctors are the most-paid professionals in the US in 2023. Salaries depend on the type of doctor you are. The minimum salary in the medical field is around $23,500 which goes up to a maximum of $397,500. The average doctor’s salary in the US is $224,190.
  • Top Companies for Doctors in the US: There are many top companies in the US that hire physicians. These highly-rated companies include Kaiser Permanente, Baylor Scott & White Health, Ascension, HCA Healthcare, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and more.

2. Lawyer

  1. Overview: There are thousands of lawyers in America, and they all come from different backgrounds and specialties. A lawyer is a professional who helps clients with their legal issues. Lawyers may work in a variety of settings, including law firms, corporate legal departments, or government agencies. They may specialize in a particular area of law, such as family law, criminal law, intellectual property law, criminal defence lawyers, family lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and more. Each type of lawyer has his own area of expertise.
  2. Average Salary: The average salary of lawyers in America 2023 is around $168,000. On the other hand, the minimum salary of lawyers in the US is around $94,600 and it can go up to $271,000.
  3. Top Companies for Lawyers in the US in 2023: Top companies for Lawyers in America are Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, Marble, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, Jameson Legal and Clifford Chance.

3. Nurse

  1. Overview: Nurses are those who provide necessary medical care and support to patients. They help people when they are sick or injured. We can say that they are one of the founding pillars of any hospital. Nurses deserve to be paid well because they work so hard. They serve citizens with full dedication and many a time responsible for the quick recovery of patients. The salary of Nurses generally depends on their experiences.
  2. Average Salary: The average salary for a registered nurse is $41.26 per hour in the United States and $12,000 overtime per year.  
  3. Top Companies for Nurses in the US in 2023: Top companies for Registered Nurses in the United States are Kaiser Permanente, Medical City Healthcare, Adventist Health, BayCare Health System, Huntsville Hospital Health System, etc.

4. Engineer

  1. Overview: There is a saying that Engineers are responsible for the modern world in which we are living today. There are many sub-disciplines within each category of Engineering. The salary of Engineers in the US in 2023 depends on the project on which they are working. Some of the highly-paid branches of engineering in the US are Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Civil engineering, and more.
  2. Average Salary: An average engineer’s salary in the USA is $106,890 per year or $51.39 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $82,229 per year while many experienced workers make up to $150,008 per year.
  3. Top Companies for Engineers in the US in 2023: Best companies to work for an Engineer in the US are Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, Google, Boeing, Intel Corporation, NASA, Lockheed Martin, BMW group, and more.

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5. Marketing Managers and Professionals

  1. Overview: This field generally includes Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Advertising Professionals. In Marketing jobs, a 10% growth is predicted from 2022 to 2030 according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. Additionally, as per a report published on LinkedIn, marketing jobs had seen a growth of 63% in the first 6 months of 2022. So, we can say that a lucrative career for Marketing Managers is available in the US.  
  2. Average Salary: Marketing jobs can give you around 36 to 103 thousand dollars a year. The average salary of a Marketing Manager in the US in 2023 is $52000.
  3. Top Companies for Marketing Managers and Professionals in the US: Top Companies hiring Marketing Managers in America include L’Oréal, IBM, American Express, Google, and Verizon.

6. Computer Scientist

  1. Overview: The US can be a dream destination for IT Professionals looking to build a career in Data Science, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Cyber security. The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects a 12% yearly in this field. This growth is much faster than the average of all other occupations.
  2. Average Salary: The average salary in the IT sector in the US hover around $70,000 with a few roles going all the way up to $85,000 as well.     
  3. Top Companies for Computer Scientists in 2023: Top computer science companies in the US recommended by professionals are Amazon, Belzabar Software Design, SigTuple, Adobe, Microsoft, Aurigo Software Technologies, etc.

7. Programmers

  1. Overview – The world is getting more and more dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The demand for good programmers is always there since the world is getting inclined toward AI. The job responsibilities of a programmer include writing codes for new programs and updating existing ones.     
  2. Average Salary: A good Computer programmer earns around $90000 per year in the US.
  3. Top Companies for Programmers in America in 2023 – SumatoSoft, Glorium Technologies, Google, Amazon, Virtusa, etc.

8. Sales Manager

  1. Overview: To put it simply, we can say that you can earn well in the US if you know how to sell things. In this digital world of online marketing, sales managers are earning amazing salaries. However, it is true that the work of a sales manager is challenging. Sometimes, it can be hectic for an individual to reach out to customers and convince them to buy. But, if you are up for the challenge then you can earn big while working as a sales manager.   
  2. Average Salary: The average salary of sales managers in America in 2023 is around $63701 per year.
  3. Top Companies for Sales Managers in the US in 2023 – The Home Depot, Kohl’s, AT&T, Best Buy, Macy’s, etc.

9. Pilots

  1. Overview: If you want to give wings to your career then you may opt for a pilot training course. The job responsibility of Pilots is not only to fly planes but also to perform maintenance checks. The salary of a pilot in the United States depends on whether you are working for the military or commercial airlines. 
  2. Average Salary: You should note that the average salary of Pilots in the United States is $62,978.
  3. Top Companies for Pilots in America in 2023 – US Air Force, US Navy, United Airlines, American Airlines, etc.

10. Police Officer

  1. Overview: If you are a US citizen then you can also opt for a job as US Capitol Police Officer. It is an exciting job in which you will get an opportunity to serve society. The US government always ensures that its police officers are paid well. However, you will have to clear a tough screening test to get selected for the post.
  2. Average Salary: You can earn an average salary of around $60000 in the US while working as a police officer.
  3. Departments Hiring Police Officers in the US – US Department of Veterans Affairs, Chesterfield County Police Department, US Secret Service, etc.

These are our top 10 highest-paying jobs in America in 2023. Do you think we missed out on any top career options? Let us know in the comment section below. We also request you share your feedback and suggestions.

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