Universal Children’s Day 2023- Celebration of a day dedicated to the rights and welfare of children all over the globe

Every year November 20 is celebrated as Universal Children’s Day by nations all around the world. The day aims to promote children’s welfare and encourages governments and individuals to work together to protect rights of the children worldwide. The day was first introduced in 1954 by the United Nations and has been celebrated with great enthusiasm every year since then. Find more details about Universal Children’s Day 2023 such as its significance, history, theme, celebration, etc. here from this article.

Universal Children’s Day 2023 Overview

EventUniversal Children’s Day 2023
Other namesWorld Children’s Day 2023
DateNovember 20, 2023
Declared byUnited Nations
Observed byWorldwide
Purpose of celebrationTo promote children’s welfare and protect rights of the children all over the world.

Universal Children’s Day Upcoming Events

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for Universal Children’s Day for the next 5 years.

Universal Children’s Day 2023November 20, 2023Monday
Universal Children’s Day 2024November 20, 2024Wednesday
Universal Children’s Day 2025November 20, 2025Thursday
Universal Children’s Day 2026November 20, 2026Friday
Universal Children’s Day 2027November 20, 2027Saturday

Universal Children’s Day Significance

The UN Charter has laid down some crucial ideals and objectives relating to the welfare of the children of the world. World Children’s Day is observed as a day dedicated to promoting these ideals and encouraging people and nations to join hands in the effort. With the joint and continued efforts of government leaders, civil society activists, and individuals, even the children themselves, can bring important change in the world making it a place where every child is able to enjoy their rights. The basic rights of children include the right to be born, to minimum standards of food, shelter, and clothing, to be protected from all sorts of violence, the right to education and learning, to freedom of opinion, and many more.

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History of Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly under resolution 836(IX) of 14 December 1954. The resolution recommended that every country in the world observes a day to promote the basic rights and well-being of the children who are the future of tomorrow. November 20 was chosen as the day of observation and the first Universal Children’s Day was celebrated on 20 November 1954. In addition to the Universal Children’s Day, the Assembly also suggested that governments set aside their own Children’s Day in the way that they consider appropriate.

On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day 1959, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and on the same date in 1989, it adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since 1990 this day also marks the anniversary of the adoption of both the declaration and the convention.

Universal Children’s Day Celebration 2023

Universal Children’s Day offers a great opportunity for us to promote and celebrate children’s rights and take action to create a better world for them. Every year on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, the United Nations encourages governments and individuals to organize events, activities, and seminars focused on promoting children’s welfare. Various awareness programs are conducted by organizations and individuals all over the world. As an individual, you can also sponsor a child to celebrate Universal Children’s Day in a more meaningful manner. You can also donate to organizations that work for the welfare of children of the world.

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Universal Children’s Day 2023 Theme

The Universal Children’s Day theme for the year 2023 is yet to be decided by the concerned authority. However, you can check the theme for past the five years’ celebration in the table below.

2022Inclusion, for every child
2021A better future for every child
2020Investing in our future means investing in our children
2019Children of today, our keepers tomorrow
2018Children are taking over and turning the world blue

Children’s Day Celebration of Some Selected Countries

  • 5 May- South Korea, Japan
  • Second Sunday of May- Spain, United Kingdom
  • 1 June- China, Germany, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Portugal, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, North Korea
  • Second Sunday of June- United States
  • 20 September- Austria, Switzerland
  • 12 October- Brazil
  • Fourth Saturday of October- Australia
  • First Saturday of November- South Africa
  • 14 November- India
  • 20 November- Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Universal Children’s Day celebrated?

November 20, 2023

Which children-related day is observed on June 1st?

June 1 is observed as International Day for the Protection of Children.

When is Children’s Day observed in the United States?

Second Sunday of June every year

Is November 19 also observed as Children’s Day?

November 19 is observed as World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Do we observe any holiday on Universal Children’s Day?

No holiday is observed on Universal Children’s Day.

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