World Computer Literacy Day 2023: Importance, Theme, Quotes  

Undoubtedly, the invention of the computer, and subsequently, the internet is one of the major inventions made by human minds. It provides us the opportunity to learn, and share our thoughts, and opinions, and stores an enormous amount of information.

In today’s day-to-day life, computers are used regularly. They are a crucial part of most job roles and enable us to make new and wonderful things. World Computer Literacy Day is a day for the celebration of computers and is a chance for us to understand how many people use computers all the time.

NIIT, the Indian computer company, started World Computer Literacy Day to mark its 20th anniversary in 2001, in reply to research which suggested that computers have been mostly used by men around the world.

Importance of World Computer Literacy Day

World Computer Day is celebrated every year on 2nd December to encourage the progress of technological skills, mainly among children and women in India. It aims that everyone has access to an education in computers and technology.

As per NIIT, World Computer Literacy Day aims to “create awareness and drive digital literacy in underserved communities worldwide”. The company launched the day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the institute.

In 2002, during an event, computer training was provided to several members of the Parliament in the existence of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to convey the message of digital Education.

This computer literacy initiative simply wants to broadcast digital Education and IT knowledge to the most backward areas of the country by celebrating Computer Literacy Day. It emphasizes on to overcome the gap created due to the global digital divide.

To spread the message of Computer literacy, NIIT Company has also signed partnership agreements with various schools and colleges in rural regions of India, to help students to access proper computer education.

Type of Education offered through Computer Literacy Initiative

NIIT, Company along with its Digital Literacy Initiative, aims to teach the basic concepts of computers such as how to search on the internet, how to write and send emails, etc. to people who do not know the use of such devices.

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World Computer Literacy Day 2023 Theme

Every year, the World Computer Literacy Day has a specific theme. For the year 2023, the theme is “Literacy for human-centered recovery: narrowing the digital divide”. However, for 2021, the theme was “Literacy for human-centered recovery – Narrowing the digital divide”.

Reasons to Celebrate World Computer Literacy Day

One needs to celebrate this day as it is meant to create awareness about the following:

Encouraging global computer education such as understanding how computers work, what are the different parts of the computer, how to use them, and how to program them.

The digital gap hampers the reach of digital skills consistently across the globe.

A gentle reminder for governments and organizations to help those who are without computer access.

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World Computer Literacy Day 2023 Quotes

Many quotes depict the importance of computer literacy. Some of the most popular quotes related to World Computer Literacy Day are listed below:

“The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organization, and participation in a meaningful society.” – Noam Chomsky

“Access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education in our society.” – Kent Conrad

“The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do. The bad news is that they do what you tell them to do.” – Ted Nelson

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” – Daniel J. Boorstin

“Computing is not about computers anymore. It is about living.” – Nicholas Negroponte

Digital is the future; let’s embrace it and pursue this computer literacy day together.


Why the World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated?

World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated to encourage computer education, especially among women and children around the world.

When is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

Every year on 2nd of December.

What are the five basic computer literacy skills?

The 5 basic computer literacy skills include Communication, Research, Technology, Creativity, and Organization.

What is the role of computer literacy?

It helps to enhance workflow, efficiency, and overall understanding within the workplace.

What are the three different types of computer literacy?

Three different type of computer literacy include- Information literacy, procedural literacy, and digital literacy.

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