Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023 to Maximize Engagement and Get More Likes and Comments

There is a growing debate roaming on social media about the best time to post on Instagram in 2023 so that you can maximize user engagement and get more number of likes and comments.

Social media users are also talking about the best day to make your Instagram posts live when you aim to get the most likes and comments.

However, before you go ahead you need to understand your type of business first as choosing the best time and target audience are the key to success when it comes to promoting yourself or your business through social media.

When we have multiple categories of businesses worldwide, it is quite tough to comment on average time to post on Instagram for all businesses.

Hence, you should also focus on a personalized timing to make your Instagram posts or stories live that best fit your business type and target audiences.

However, if you are among users who love making reels and stories and post on Instagram, then we have captured the best timing for you as well.

Instagram Statistics you must be aware of before you decide the best time to post on Instagram

Now, let’s discuss the most important part of this article- knowing the Instagram Statistics. One can suggest you the most ideal time to post on Instagram based on statistics only.

Once you understand the data shared below, you can also decide and find the most suitable time for your Instagram posts, stories and reels to go live:

  1. Experts are recording above 5% annual increase in the number of Instagram users. Now, you have more audiences to target and it should increases with time.
  2. Instagram is also counted among the most popular social media platforms in terms of monthly active users.
  3. Above 4 billion users worldwide use Instagram regularly and out of which 143 million users are from the United States only.
  4. Over 31% Instagram users in the United States are aged between 25 years to 34 years.
  5. Over 55% Female users use Instagram in the United States.
  6. Over 35% Instagram users access Instagram multiple times a day.
  7. Over 70% of the total users watch Instagram stories on a daily basis.
  8. 40% Instagram users are positing Stories daily and hence there is a cutthroat competition out there.
  9. People spend at least 25 minutes on Instagram every day (it’s an average time).
  10. The number of people interacts with Instagram reels every month is above 1.9 billion.
  11.  Over 25 million businesses are registered on Instagram willing to promote their products and services.
  12. There are around 500,000 active Instagram influencers.

Our purpose of sharing this data is to make you understand the type of users and how can you more focus on quality and uniqueness of your contents to get most likes and comments on Instagram.

Along with the data shared above, you also need to know top 10 countries having the most Instagram users.

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Note: The data given below is tentative and it’s not an exact figure.

Sl. NoCountry NameNo. of Active Instagram Users
 1.IndiaOver 229 Million
 2.United States of AmericaOver 143 million
 3.BrazilOver 113 million
 4.IndonesiaOver 89 million
 5.TurkeyOver 48 million
 6.JapanOver 45 million
 7.MexicoOver 36 million
 8.The United KingdomOver 28 million
 9.GermanyOver 27 million
 10.ItalyOver 26 million

Check below the number of Instagram users (tentative) in different regions of the world:

OceaniaOver 14 million
Eastern AsiaOver 81 million
Southeastern AsiaOver 155 million
Southern AsiaOver 251 million
Central AsiaOver 17 million
Western AsiaOver 100 million
Southern AfricaOver 6 million
Eastern AfricaOver 8 million
Middle AfricaOver 1 million
Western AfricaOver 11 million
Northern AfricaOver 37 million
Eastern EuropeOver 38 million
Southern EuropeOver 65 million
Northern EuropeOver 45 million
Western EuropeOver 70 million
Southern AmericaOver 190 million
Central AmericaOver 45 million
Northern AmericaOver 155 million

Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023

You need to make a note here– Instagram official has not recommended any best time to post on Instagram in 2023. Hence, it is wrong to say that time suggested below would best fit your needs. However, various researches suggest that posting your stories, photos, reels on a specific time can grab most likes and comments. However, it may or mayn’t work in your case.

According to different studies, it is said that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to post on Instagram.

Saturdays and Sundays are not considered good for posting your reels and stories on Instagram as most people are engaged in their personal work, vacations or parties.

You may also have a look at the average best time (PST) to make your posts live on Instagram-

DaysBest Time
Monday10AM to 11 AM
Tuesday9AM to 10 AM
Wednesday5AM, 10AM, and 3PM
Thursday1PM and 5PM
Friday8AM, 6PM, 8PM
Saturday7AM to 12PM
Sunday11AM to 2PM

If you are sharing reels and stories on Instagram then the best time for you is:

DaysBest Time
Monday9 AM, 8 PM
Tuesday12 AM, 6 PM
Wednesday6 AM, 9 PM
Thursday6 AM, 4 PM
Friday1 AM, 10 AM, 7 PM
Saturday9 AM, 11 AM
Sunday11AM, 5 PM

5 ways to choose the best time to post on Instagram today

There are certain tricks you may follow while choosing the best time based on your target audiences, type of contents, and location. These tricks will help you to decide the most ideal time to post on Instagram today:

1. Keep your close eyes on your top-performing posts

You need to decide your goal first- whether it is engagement or brand awareness. Later, you need to make a competitive analytics of posts you already shared on Instagram-

“Which posts are getting more likes and comments?”

“When did you publish those posts (also note down the timing)?”

“Which is your most compelling content?”

2. What your competitors are posting and understand the nature of content

You need to understand your competitors strategy too who are doing better than you in the same domain. There are many companies who share their contents on a specific time every day.

Check what kind of contents they are sharing and analyze at what time they post their contents. Try to create more appealing contents than your competitors and try to post them before they post it on Instagram.

3. Understand your target audience

You need to analyze when your followers prefer to scroll their feed and accordingly you can decide the best time to get your Instagram posts, reels and stores live.

It will also help you to decide when you need to target your audience.

4. Optimize your contents, if needed

You should always seek optimization (if required) in your posts you already published on Instagram.

Focusing on the quality of your contents and knowing what is trending will help you maximize your reach.

5. Believe in Consistency

Don’t just give up if your one or two posts are not getting attentions. When you think to build a brand you have to be consistent enough.

Better, you should focus on why your posts are not performing well and what kind of optimization you can make.

Instagram Official Website

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What is the best time to post to Instagram?

Based on your goal and target audience

Is Monday a bad day to post on Instagram?

Monday is not a bad day for posting reels and stories on Instagram, however you may see comparably lower engagement in the early morning as the people rush to get the week started.

What is the best day to post on Instagram?

Every day, however you may get more engagements on Tuesday and Wednesday

Does the time you choose to post on Instagram actually matter?

Yes, it matters a lot!

Disclaimer: If you find certain errors in this post then make it better for readers by sharing your views in the comment box below.

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