Activating your New or Existing Phone with Xfinity Mobile: A Comprehensive Guide

Purpose of this article: Here you’ll learn the method to activate your new or existing phone at The process is quite easy with the flexibility of setting up a device from anywhere.

You can avail services offered by Xfinity Mobile using your Xfinity ID. It will ask you to enter your Xfinity ID to sign in to your Xfinity Mobile account. You can also create your new Xfinity ID using your mobile phone number or Social Security Number.

It is possible to transfer a new number or existing number with Xfinity Mobile by following few easy steps. The activation process may take 10 minutes or longer and it depends upon your carrier.

During activation, it will ask you to enter certain information from your previous carrier. Therefore, keep your account PIN and bill copy with you. If you are unable to fetch such information then you can also connect to your carrier.

One more thing, don’t forget to take backup of your old phone. It will keep your data safe.

Method to Activate your New Phone

It all starts with unboxing your new device. However, don’t forget to check whether you received everything that you ordered like your Xfinity Mobile nanoSIM card, new phone, charger, and others (if any). Please note that activation is supported on phones of all top companies. You may also go ahead with your existing phone in case you have decided to choose bring your own device (BYOD) on Xfinity Mobile. Check whether your phone is compatible or not and switch to Xfinity Mobile.

Now, wake up your computer or mobile and enter the url Sign in to your account using your Xfinity ID and choose the phone you want to activate.

Xfinity Mobile Login Window, activate
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Important Note: You may either go with your existing number or request Xfinity Mobile that you want a new number.

iPhone 13 or Newer Users can Avail Benefits of eSIM

Please make a note that eSIM is only supported on iPhone 13, iPhone, and iPhone 15. Find below the process of activating a new line and an existing line using eSIM.

Method to Use eSIM to activate a new LineUnbox your device and make sure you received everything that you ordered. Go to to start the activation process. You may either continue with your existing number or request for a new number. Hit the Activate button and let the machine works for you. You’ll receive a conformation email shortly upon activation.
Method to Use eSIM to activate an existing LineRepeat the same process of unboxing and open the URL on your computer or mobile to get started with the activation process. Here, you need to choose your device and enter required information including the IMEI number.

For more details please read the article- or visit the url for assistance.

As said, it is also possible activate your existing phone on Xfinity Mobile. However, make sure you have everything that is required for the online activation such as your Google account and password or Apple ID, phone with active internet connection (connect to WiFI network), bill copy among others. In case you don’t remember your password then you should run Google Password recovery before starting activation.

You may either request Xfinity Mobile for a new number or continue the process with your existing carrier. In case of existing carrier, you’ll have to provide certain information from your previous carrier.

If everything is correct then the activation process will take hardly 10 minutes and you’ll receive a confirmation email upon completion of the process.

So, let’ start the process!!

Method to Activate your Existing Phone

1. Check compatibility of your device

It is essential to check compatibility of your device to avoid glitches in the middle or the last-time failure. To check compatibility of your device please visit- The best thing is that you can switch to Xfinity Mobile with your Apple as well as Android device.

Check Xfinity Device Compatibility | activate
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2. Gift yourself a new phone in case compatibility score is NULL

In rare case, if your device is not compatible then it’s time to order a new phone from Xfinity Mobile. You don’t need to go anywhere just order it online.

Order New Xfinity Phone | activate
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3. The process needs 20-25 minutes of your precious time

It takes around 20 to 25 minutes to complete the set up and put you on board.

4. Did you order a new SIM card?

Don’t worry it will reach you to email within few days and thereafter, you can easily activate it online using your Xfinity Mobile account.

5. Are you ready for the activation?

Fill up a form asking you to enter information from your previous carrier in case you want to bring your existing phone number on board. It is also recommended to use current bill of your old carrier for entering the correct information. You also need to provide the billing address of your previous career.

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5. Congratulation, you are now on board! You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly.

Don’t worry! If you have provided the correct information and followed the method then you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly upon the successful activation.

You can refer to article for more details.

You’re now welcome to Xfinity mobile! It’s time to check out the following:

  • You can check whether Xfinity mobile is working by sending text or making calls.
  • Make sure that carrier name on your phone is showing as “Xfinity Mobile”.
  • Restart your phone for setting up voicemail.

Contact Xfinity

If you have certain questions in your mind then you can also connect to You can ask queries related to Xfinity mobile, how to create an Xfinity ID, how to reset Xfinity password or others.  

Official website:


Is Xfinity compatible with iPhone?


Does Xfinity support eSIM?


I forgot my Xfinity ID, can I recover it?

Yes you can find your Xfinity ID using your mobile phone number, Email address, or Social Security number.

How long does it take to activate a new phone on Xfinity Mobile?

Around 20 to 25 minutes

Can I reset my Xfinity password?

Yes, you can reset your Xfinity password using your email, mobile or username.

Where to call in case of missed or faulty delivery cases?

You can make a call on 888-936-4968.

What is the need to entering the Social Security number (SSN)?

It is essential to enter your Social Security number (SSN) to become a proud customer of Xfinity Mobile. It will also keep your account secure from any unusual activity and you can have a safe and healthy experience ahead.

What is the method of placing a new order?

You can place your order online at Xfinity Mobile official website or visit the nearest Xfinity stores.

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