Difference between Miss Universe and Miss World in terms of the title

Beauty pageants are everywhere, and they come in a wide range of difficulty and prestige, as anybody who has seen Toddlers & Tiaras will attest. But what about the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, which also have the same name?

The Miss Universe and Miss World beauty pageants, despite their similarities, have several significant variances in their participants and their competitions. For sure, these pageants varied from one another. Otherwise, it would be a poor business.

Although it would be great if Miss Universe and Miss World allowed all living forms from across the universe and time to participate, this is not the case.

What’s the difference between Miss Universe and Miss World

Even if you’ve never seen a beauty pageant in your life, this month’s Miss Universe and Miss World contests are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the contrasts between the two pageant queens. If you’ve ever wondered how to win a beauty pageant, we’ve got the solutions for you below.

Who holds the Ownership?

Each pageant has a different set of individuals behind it, right? Since Miss Universe is controlled by Donald Trump, it is no surprise that he also owns the pageants for the Miss United States and Miss Teen United States.

WME/IMG purchased Miss Universe Organization from NBCUniversal after the real estate billionaire and Republican presidential aspirant sold it in September.

Miss World was founded by a British man called Eric Morley and his spouse Julia Morley was CEO when he died in 2000. As a result, one might argue saying, Miss Universe gives a more business feel to it, while Miss World is more focused on family values.

Which is older- Miss Universe or Miss World?

If “age before beauty” was used as a criterion for determining which pageant was best, Miss World surpasses by a wide margin. There was a 70th annual Miss Universe pageant conducted in 2021, and this year is the 71st edition of the pageant competition. However, we don’t believe these pageants have aged a day.

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Who are the participants?

To participate in Miss World and Miss Universe, a national pageant must be won. This depends on where you live. Miss World has also lowered the height requirement from 5’5 to 5’3 inches. There is no change in Ms. Universe’s situation at all, though.

However, in the United States, to participate in Miss World and Miss Universe, you must first win Miss USA and Miss World America. As you can see, choosing a pageant track is an important decision.

Are there a large number of female competitors?

There are a lot more entrants in the Miss World pageant this year than in the Miss Universe competition. 115 ladies will vie for the Miss World crown, while 80 women will fight for the Miss Universe title.

It’s not that the pageant names don’t reflect a large scale, but as we indicated before, this competition doesn’t represent the whole world either.

What does the competition comprise?

There are so many pageants that involve ladies strutting across the stage in evening dresses and stumbling over their words that you could assume they are all the same. You’d be mistaken if you thought this.

In both Miss World and Miss Universe, competitors are judged on how well they answer interview questions or how well they look in their expensive outfits. In an attempt to make the girls seem more like ambassadors than just beauty queens, the Miss World doesn’t include a swimsuit round.

The Miss World pageant also includes competitions in which participants are judged on their charitable activities, multimedia usage, athletics, and skill.

With this year’s Miss Universe pageant, viewers will be able to rate participants’ evening clothing, swimsuits, and interviews for the first time.

What Is the Prize for Winning?

When a lady wins every pageant she enters, it’s difficult to determine precisely what she will get as a prize. If you win Miss Universe, you’ll walk away with an annual salary, free rent in New York for a year, a professional and PR portfolio, invites to events like the Oscars or Grammy Awards as well as other perks like apparel and beauty goods.

But in the case of Miss World, it’s not clear what the winner receives. According to Miss World 2013 Megan Young’s mother’s explanation to a New channel back in  2013, it seems that the winner would get some form of reward money.


By now we hope that you all are clear between the two beauty pageant competitions, i.e Miss Universe vs Miss World. Even if it’s a cliché, winning one of these awards is something you’ll never forget. If you put in the time and effort, you can win these beauty pageants.

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