General Awareness Questions and Answers

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10) Which prominent personality has been conferred the Vatican’s ‘Lamp of Peace of Saint Francis’ award?

(A) Narendra Modi

(B) Muhammad Yunus

(C) Sachin Tendulkar

(D) A.R. Rahman

Answer: B (Muhammad Yunus)

11) What has been the annual growth rate of Indian Population between 2001 and 2011?

(A) 1.74%

(B) 1.39%

(C) 1.64%

(D) 1.85%

Answer: C (1.64%)

12) Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS-1) is located in which among the following states?

(A) Maharastra

(B) Gujarat

(C) Goa

(D) Karnataka

Answer: B (Gujarat)

13) On which date, National Panchayati Raj Day is observed?

(A) January 20

(B) February 21

(C) March 14

(D) April 24

Answer: D (April 24)

14) On which among the following dates, Army Day is observed?

(A) January 15

(B) February 15

(C) March 15

(D) April 15

Answer: A (January 15)

15) Which among the following organizations calculates and publishes LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate)?

(A) Bank of England

(B) Thomson Reuters

(C) European Banking Federation

(D) European Central Bank

Answer: B (Thomson Reuters)

16) A syndicated loan is a loan that is _____?

(A) Secured by Mortgages

(B) Unsecured

(C) Provided by Group of Banks

(D) Provided to a Group of Customers

Answer: C [Provided by Group of Banks]

17) Continent where Tundra type of climate is NOT found?

(A) Asia

(B) North America

(C) Europe

(D) Australia

Answer: D [Australia]

18) Who wins the Men’s Single Autralian Open Trophy in 2019?

(A) Rafael Nadal

(B) Novak Djokovic

(C) Roger Federer

(D) Andy Murray

Answer: B (Novak Djokovic)

19) Which Actor wins the Best Actor award in a Leading Role in the 91st Academy Awards ceremony?  

(A) Rami Malek

(B) Mahershala Ali

(C) Robert Downey Jr.

(D) Chris Hemsworth

Answer: A (Rami Malek)

20) Who becomes the youngest player to takes a hat-trick in IPL cricket history?

(A) Jasprit Bumrah

(B) Sam Curran

(C) Rashid Khan

(D) S Gopal

Answer: B (Sam Curran)

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