General Awareness Questions and Answers

41) Which state has decided to recruit women drivers for government vehicles?

(A) Kerala

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Telangana

Answer: A (Kerala)

42) To promote the MSME sector, the GOI is coming up with which e-commerce portal?

(A) India Craft

(B) Bharat Shakti

(C) Bharat Craft

(D) India Shakti

Answer: C (Bharat Craft)

43) Who will be heading the committee formed on “Fit India Movement”?

(A) Narendra Modi

(B) Milkha Singh

(C) Kiren Rijiju

(D) Virat Kohli

Answer: C (Kiren Rijiju)

44) This year’s State Rooftop Solar Attractiveness Index (SARAL) has been topped by which state?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Karnataka

(C) Telangana

(D) Madhya Pradesh

Answer: B (Karnataka)

45) Which rainforest is facing a raging fire from over a fortnight?

(A) Amazon

(B) Nile

(C) Congo

(D) New Guinea

Answer: A (Amazon)

46) For which sport, the Op-Blue Freedom has been organized by armed forces veterans?

(A) Sea Walking

(B) Scuba Diving

(C) Jet Skiing

(D) Wakeboarding

Answer: B (Scuba Diving)

47) Who among the following has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of RBL Bank?

(A) Vishwavir Ahuja

(B) Pankaj Sharma

(C) PV Bharathi

(D) Mrutyunjay Mahapatra

Answer: B (pankaj Sharma)

48) Recently, Veer Savarkar International Airport has been declared as an authorized

Immigration Check post. It is situated in _________.

(A) Lakshadweep

(B) Chennai

(C) Vishakhapatnam

(D) Port Blaire

Answer: D (Port Blaire)

49) Which among the following countries officially quit UN’s educational, scientific & cultural

agency recently?

(A) Israel


(C) Cyprus

(D) Both (A) and (B)

Answer: D

50) Recently, the government has appointed Hemant Bhargava as the Acting Chairman of


(A) National Housing Bank

(B) Export-Import Bank of India

(C) Life Insurance Corporation of India

(D) SBI Life Insurance

Answer: C (Life Insurance Corporation of India)

51) Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has allowed a one-time restructuring of existing debt up

to __________ for the companies.

(A) Rs. 50 Crore

(B) Rs. 10 Crore

(C) Rs. 100 Crore

(D) Rs. 25 Crore

Answer: D (25 Crore)

52) Paytm payments bank has recently resumed Know Your Customer process. It aims to acquire 100 million additional customers by ________.

(A) 2021

(B) 2019

(C) 2021

(D) 2022

Answer: B (2019)

53) Recently, __________ has launched Samwad with Students as part of its outreach


(A) Ministry of Human Resource Development




Answer: B (ISRO)

54) Which state government started Entrepreneurship Curriculum in govt. schools for first time?





Answer: C (Delhi)

55) __________ became only the second India woman player to win an ICC award.

(A)Mithali Raj

(B)Smriti Mandhana

(C)Harmanpreet Kaur

(D)Deepti Sharma

Answer: B (Smriti Mandhana)

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