General Awareness Questions and Answers

21) The National War Memorial in Delhi was inaugurated on

(A) 24th February, 2019

(B) 25th February, 2019

(C) 26th February, 2019

(D) 28th February, 2019

Answer: B (25th February, 2019)

22) Which country’s company sends World’s first privately funded mission to Moon?

(A) India


(C) Israel

(D) China

Answer: C (Israel)

23) Who was first President of United States?

(A) George Washington

(B) John Adams

(C) Abraham Lincoln

(D) John F. Kennedy

Answer: A [George Washington]

24) World Bank Headquarters located at:

(A) Berlin

(B) Washington DC

(C) New York

(D) Paris

Answer: B (Washington DC)

25) The National War Memorial in Delhi was inaugrated on?

(A) 21th February, 2019

(B) 25th February, 2019

(C) 26th February, 2019

(D) 22th February, 2019

Answer: B (25th February, 2019)

26) First World Pulses Day is observed on

(A) 3rd February

(B) 6th February

(C) 10th February

(D) 12th February

Answer: C (10th February)

27) Which Actress wins the Best Actress award in a Leading Role in the 91st Academy Awards ceremony?

(A) Emma Watson

(B) Jennifer Aniston

(C) Regina King

(D) Olivia Colman

Answer: D (Olivia Colman)

28) Which film wins the Best Picture award in the 91st Academy Awards ceremony?

(A) Roma

(B) Green Book

(C) The Favourite

(D) Bohemian Rhapsody

Answer: B (Green Book)

29) Which team wins the 85th Ranji Trophy title in 2019?

(A) Vidarbha

(B) Delhi

(C) Saurashtra

(D) Saurashtra

Answer: A (Vidarbha)

30) Which country has awarded PM Narendra Modi with ‘Order of St Andrew the Apostle’ Award?


(B) Ukraine

(C) Russia

(D) Belarus

Answer: C (Russia)

31) Which Team wins the English Premier League champions 2019?

(A) Manchester United

(B) Liverpool F.C.

(C) Arsenal

(D) Manchester City

Answer: D (Manchester City)

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