Gujarati Calendar 2024 – (Vikram Samvat) Check Gujarati Festival Date and Public Holidays

The Gujarati calendar 2024 is an important part of the cultural heritage of Gujarat. It is a lunar-solar calendar that is used to determine important dates and festivals. The calendar is based on the movements of the moon and the sun. The people of Gujarat use this calendar to mark the beginning of the new year, as well as other important events throughout the year.

One of the most important aspects of the Gujarati calendar is its role in determining the dates of festivals and other celebrations. This helps to ensure that people can celebrate these events at the appropriate time. Another important role of the Gujarati calendar 2024 is in agriculture. The calendar helps in determining the best times for planting and harvesting crops.

Gujarati Calendar 2024 with Tithi

Let’s go through the list of public holidays in Gujarat in 2024. All of these are gazetted holidays as per the notification of the Gujarat Government.

Name of the HolidayDateDay
Makar Sankranti15 January 2024Monday
Republic Day26 January 2024Friday
Maha Shivaratri8 March 2024Friday
Holi25 March 2024Monday
Good Friday29 March 2024Friday
Ugadi9 April 2024Tuesday
Eid Ul Fitr10 April 2024Wednesday
Dr Ambedkar Jayanti14 April 2024Sunday
Ram Navami17 April 2024Wednesday
Mahavir Jayanti21 April 2024Sunday
Maharishi Parasuram Jayanti10 May 2024Friday
Bakrid / Eid al Adha17 June 2024Monday
Muharram17 July 2024Wednesday
Independence Day15 August 2024Thursday
Parsi New Year15 August 2024Thursday
Raksha Bandhan19 August 2024Monday
Janmashtami26 August 2024Monday
Ganesh Chaturthi7 September 2024Saturday
Eid e Milad16 September 2024Monday
Gandhi Jayanti2 October 2024Wednesday
Vijaya Dashami13 October 2024Sunday
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti31 October 2024Thursday
 Diwali1 November 2024Friday
Vikram Samvat New Year2 November 2024Saturday
Bhai Dooj3 November 2024Sunday
Guru Nanak Jayanti15 November 2024Friday
Christmas Day25 December 2024Wednesday

2024 Gujarati Festival Calendar

The Gujarati calendar is filled with various festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. Check out the festivals in various months of a Gujarati calendar as given below.

Major Gujarati Festivals in January 2024

The first festival in January is Uttarayan, also known as the Kite Festival. This festival is celebrated on January 15th and is a time when people come together to fly kites and enjoy traditional foods. Festivals like Makar Sankranti, and Pausha Putrada Ekadashi are also in January.

Masik Krishna JanmashtamiJanuary 3, 2024Wednesday
KalashtamiJanuary 4, 2024Thursday
Saphala EkadashiJanuary 7, 2024Sunday
Chandra DarshanaJanuary 12, 2024Friday
Vinayaki ChaturthiJanuary 14, 2024Sunday
Makar SankrantiJanuary 15, 2024Monday
UttarayanaJanuary 15, 2024Monday
Masik DurgashtamiJanuary 18, 2024Thursday
Pausha Putrada EkadashiJanuary 21, 2024Sunday
Lambodara Sankashta ChaturthiJanuary 29, 2024Monday

Gujarati Vrat and Tyohar in February 2024

In February, the festival of Vasant Panchami is celebrated to welcome the arrival of spring. People worship the goddess of knowledge (Saraswati), and children are encouraged to start their education on this day.

KalashtamiFebruary 2, 2024Friday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiFebruary 2, 2024Friday
Shattila EkadashiFebruary 6, 2024Tuesday
Chandra DarshanaFebruary 11, 2024Sunday
Vinayaki ChaturthiFebruary 13, 2024Tuesday
Vasant PanchamiFebruary 14, 2024Wednesday
Masik DurgashtamiFebruary 17, 2024Saturday
Jaya EkadashiFebruary 20, 2024Tuesday
Dwijapriya Sankashta ChaturthiFebruary 28, 2024Wednesday


In March, the festival of Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People play with colours and water, and traditional sweets like gujiya and thandai are served. Maha shivratri is also in March 2024.

KalashtamiMarch 3, 2024Sunday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiMarch 3, 2024Sunday
Vijaya EkadashiMarch 6, 2024Wednesday
Gauna Vijaya EkadashiMarch 7, 2024Thursday
Vaishnava Vijaya EkadashiMarch 7, 2024Thursday
Maha ShivaratriMarch 8, 2024Friday
Chandra DarshanaMarch 11, 2024Monday
Vinayaki ChaturthiMarch 13, 2024Wednesday
Masik DurgashtamiMarch 17, 2024Sunday
Amalaki EkadashiMarch 20, 2024Wednesday
HoliMarch 24, 2024Sunday
DhuletiMarch 25, 2024Monday
Chandra GrahanMarch 25, 2024Monday
Bhalachandra Sankashta ChaturthiMarch 28, 2024Thursday

Gujarati Festivals in April 2024

In April, we celebrate Cheti Chand which marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. Take a look at various important festivals in April 2024.

Masik Krishna JanmashtamiApril 1, 2024Monday
KalashtamiApril 2, 2024Tuesday
Papmochani EkadashiApril 5, 2024Friday
Somvati AmasApril 8, 2024Monday
Surya GrahanApril 8, 2024Monday
Gudi PadwaApril 9, 2024Tuesday
Chandra DarshanaApril 9, 2024Tuesday
Vinayaki ChaturthiApril 12, 2024Friday
Masik DurgashtamiApril 16, 2024Tuesday
Rama NavamiApril 17, 2024Wednesday
Kamada EkadashiApril 19, 2024Friday
Hanuman JayantiApril 23, 2024Tuesday
Vikata Sankashta ChaturthiApril 27, 2024Saturday

May 2024

Here is the list of important festivals in May 2024.

KalashtamiMay 1, 2024Wednesday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiMay 1, 2024Wednesday
Varuthini EkadashiMay 4, 2024Saturday
Chandra DarshanaMay 9, 2024Thursday
Parashurama JayantiMay 10, 2024Friday
Akha TrijMay 10, 2024Friday
Vinayaki ChaturthiMay 11, 2024Saturday
Ganga SaptamiMay 14, 2024Tuesday
Masik DurgashtamiMay 15, 2024Wednesday
Sita NavamiMay 16, 2024Thursday
Mohini EkadashiMay 19, 2024Sunday
Nrisinha JayantiMay 22, 2024Wednesday
Kurma JayantiMay 23, 2024Thursday
Narada JayantiMay 24, 2024Friday
Ekadanta Sankashta ChaturthiMay 26, 2024Sunday
KalashtamiMay 30, 2024Thursday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiMay 30, 2024Thursday

June 2024

July is the month of Shani Jayanti, a day dedicated to honouring Lord Shani Dev. Check all the festivals in July 2024 from the following table.

Apara EkadashiJune 2, 2024Sunday
Vaishnava Apara EkadashiJune 3, 2024Monday
Shani JayantiJune 6, 2024Thursday
Chandra DarshanaJune 7, 2024Friday
Vinayaki ChaturthiJune 10, 2024 Monday
Masik DurgashtamiJune 14, 2024Friday
Nirjala EkadashiJune 18, 2024Tuesday
Krishnapingala Sankashta ChaturthiJune 25, 2024Tuesday
KalashtamiJune 28, 2024Friday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiJune 28, 2024Friday

Gujarati Calendar July

July is the month of Guru Purnima. It is a festival dedicated to honouring our gurus.

Yogini EkadashiJuly 2, 2024Tuesday
Jagannath RathyatraJuly 7, 2024Sunday
Chandra DarshanaJuly 7, 2024Sunday
Vinayaki ChaturthiJuly 9, 2024Tuesday
Masik DurgashtamiJuly 14, 2024Sunday
Gauri Vrat BeginsJuly 17, 2024Wednesday
Devshayani EkadashiJuly 17, 2024Wednesday
Jayaparvati Vrat BeginsJuly 19, 2024Friday
Kokila VratJuly 20, 2024Saturday
Guru PurnimaJuly 21, 2024Sunday
Gauri Vrat EndsJuly 21, 2024Sunday
Jayaparvati Vrat EndsJuly 24, 2024Wednesday
Gajanana Sankashta ChaturthiJuly 24, 2024Wednesday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiJuly 27, 2024Saturday
KalashtamiJuly 28, 2024Sunday
Kamika EkadashiJuly 31, 2024Wednesday

Check Hindu Calendar 2024

Festivals in Gujarati Calendar August

The most important festival in the month of August is Janmashtami. It is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

Chandra DarshanaAugust 5, 2024Monday
Vinayaki ChaturthiAugust 8, 2024Thursday
Kalki JayantiAugust 10, 2024Saturday
Masik DurgashtamiAugust 13, 2024Tuesday
Pavitra EkadashiAugust 16, 2024Friday
Raksha BandhanAugust 19, 2024Monday
Bol ChothAugust 22, 2024Thursday
Heramba Sankashta ChaturthiAugust 22, 2024Thursday
Nag PanchamAugust 24, 2024Saturday
Randhan ChhathAugust 24, 2024Saturday
Shitala SatamAugust 25, 2024Sunday
Krishna JanmashtamiAugust 26, 2024Monday
KalashtamiAugust 26, 2024Monday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiAugust 26, 2024Monday
Aja EkadashiAugust 29, 2024Thursday

September 2024

September is the month of Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha.

Somvati AmasSeptember 2, 2024Monday
Chandra DarshanaSeptember 4, 2024Wednesday
Varaha JayantiSeptember 6, 2024Friday
Kevda TrijSeptember 6, 2024Friday
Ganesh ChaturthiSeptember 7, 2024Saturday
Vinayaka ChaturthiSeptember 7, 2024Saturday
Rishi PanchamiSeptember 8, 2024Sunday
Radha AshtamiSeptember 11, 2024Wednesday
Dharo AthamSeptember 11, 2024Wednesday
Masik DurgashtamiSeptember 11, 2024Wednesday
Parsva EkadashiSeptember 14, 2024Saturday
Vamana JayantiSeptember 15, 2024Sunday
Ganesh VisarjanSeptember 17, 2024Tuesday
Anant ChaturdashiSeptember 17, 2024Tuesday
Pitrupaksha BeginsSeptember 18, 2024Wednesday
Chandra Grahan *AnshikaSeptember 18, 2024Wednesday
Vighnaraja Sankashta ChaturthiSeptember 21, 2024Saturday
KalashtamiSeptember 24, 2024Tuesday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiSeptember 24, 2024Tuesday
Indira EkadashiSeptember 28, 2024Saturday


October is a month filled with festivals such as Navratri and Dussehra. Navratri is a nine-day festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of Navratri and marks the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. The world-famous dandiya is played during this month.

Sarva Pitru AmavasyaOctober 2, 2024Wednesday
Navratri BeginsOctober 3, 2024Thursday
GhatasthapanaOctober 3, 2024Thursday
Surya Grahan *ValayakaraOctober 3, 2024Thursday
Chandra DarshanaOctober 4, 2024Friday
Vinayaki ChaturthiOctober 6, 2024Sunday
Saraswati AvahanOctober 9, 2024Wednesday
Saraswati PujaOctober 10, 2024Thursday
Durga AshtamiOctober 11, 2024Friday
Maha NavamiOctober 11, 2024Friday
Saraswati BalidanOctober 11, 2024Friday
Masik DurgashtamiOctober 11, 2024Friday
Saraswati VisarjanOctober 12, 2024Saturday
Vijayadashami (Dussehra)October 12, 2024Saturday
Papankusha EkadashiOctober 13, 2024Sunday
Gauna Papankusha EkadashiOctober 14, 2024Monday
Vaishnava Papankusha EkadashiOctober 14, 2024Monday
Kojagari PujaOctober 16, 2024Wednesday
Sharad PurnimaOctober 16, 2024Wednesday
Karwa ChauthOctober 20, 2024Sunday
Vakratunda Sankashta ChaturthiOctober 20, 2024Sunday
KalashtamiOctober 24, 2024Thursday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiOctober 24, 2024Thursday
Vagh BarasOctober 28, 2024Monday
Rama EkadashiOctober 28, 2024Monday
DhanterasOctober 30, 2024Wednesday
Hanuman PujaOctober 30, 2024Wednesday
Roop ChaudasOctober 31, 2024Thursday

Festivals in November 2024

November brings the celebration of Diwali, a festival that celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over the demons.

Lakshmi PujaNovember 1, 2024Friday
DiwaliNovember 1, 2024Friday
Chopda PujaNovember 1, 2024Friday
Sharda PujaNovember 1, 2024Friday
Govardhan PujaNovember 2, 2024Saturday
AnnakutNovember 2, 2024Saturday
Bestu VarshNovember 2, 2024Saturday
Bhai BeejNovember 3, 2024Sunday
Yama DwitiyaNovember 3, 2024Sunday
Chandra DarshanaNovember 3, 2024Sunday
Vinayaki ChaturthiNovember 5, 2024Tuesday
Labh PanchamNovember 6, 2024Wednesday
Jalaram Bapa JayantiNovember 8, 2024Friday
Masik DurgashtamiNovember 9, 2024Saturday
Akshaya NavamiNovember 10, 2024Sunday
Devutthana EkadashiNovember 12, 2024Tuesday
Tulasi VivahNovember 13, 2024Wednesday
Dev DiwaliNovember 15, 2024Friday
Ganadhipa Sankashta ChaturthiNovember 18, 2024Monday
Kalabhairav JayantiNovember 22, 2024Friday
KalashtamiNovember 22, 2024Friday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiNovember 22, 2024Friday
Utpanna EkadashiNovember 26, 2024Tuesday
Vaishnava Utpanna EkadashiNovember 27, 2024Wednesday

December 2024

Many festivals like Gita Jayanti, Dattatreya Jayanti, Somvati Amas, etc. will fall in the month of December 2024.

Chandra DarshanaDecember 2, 2024Monday
Vinayaki ChaturthiDecember 5, 2024Thursday
Masik DurgashtamiDecember 8, 2024Sunday
Gita JayantiDecember 11, 2024Wednesday
Mokshada EkadashiDecember 11, 2024Wednesday
Dattatreya JayantiDecember 14, 2024Saturday
Akhuratha Sankashta ChaturthiDecember 18, 2024Wednesday
KalashtamiDecember 22, 2024Sunday
Masik Krishna JanmashtamiDecember 22, 2024Sunday
Saphala EkadashiDecember 26, 2024Thursday
Somvati AmasDecember 30, 2024Monday

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Gujarati New Year 2024?

The Gujarati New Year is on Saturday, 2nd November 2024.

What is the Gujarati Calendar known as?

Vikram Samvat

Who invented the calendar?

The Sumerians in Mesopotamia were the first ones to use a calendar.

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