Magh Snan 2023 (Magh Mela), Magh Purnima Snan & Kalpvaas

Magh Snan 2023 (Magh Mela): It is a famous practice to take a dip in the holy water of Ganga river in the month of Magh. This is known as Magh Snan and normally it falls in the month of February. Magh Snan begins on the day of Paush Shukla Ekadashi or Purnima and ends on the day of Magh Shukla Dwadashi or Purnima. Purnima or full moon observed in the month of Magh is known as Magh Purnima. A magh snan taken on the day of Purnima is considered extra beneficial and is believed to fulfill all the wishes of the devotees and also provide them the right path for achieving salvation. It is also said that performing Magh Snan relieves one from all the sins. A large number of devotees every year visit the sangam ghat in Prayagraj (where river Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet) and take in dip in the holy water. Devotees from not only India but from other cpuntries as well visit Prayagraj to take part in Kalpvaas and perform Magh snan on the day of Purnima. This article presents complete details related to Magh Snan 2023 such as date, time, significance, vrat vidhi, etc.

Date & Time of Magh Snan 2023 (Magh Mela)

Magh Mela begins from 6th January and will end on the day of Maha shivratri (18 February). Magh Purnima Snan 2023 will be held on February 5. For those hoping to fast on the day of Magh Purnima should know the timings as well. Purnima Tithi will begin on 9:29 PM on February 04, 2023 and will end at 11:58 PM on February 05, 2023.

Significance of Magh Snan

Magh Snan Significance

Taking a bath in the Ganga river in the month of Magh is belived to bring good fortune and prosperity to the devotees. The bath can be taken on all days of the Magh month as the complete month is considered as auspicious. However, if done on the day of magh Purnima, it is said to bring even more benefits to the devotees. Other than this, Magh snan done on the day of Amavasya (Magh Amavasya), Ekadashi (Bhisma Ekadashi Snan), Panchami (Vasant Panchami Snan), Sankranti (Makar Sankranti) and Saptami (Ratha Saptami Snan) have additional benefits as well. As per Hindu mythology, it is said that Lord Mahadev showers special blessings on the people who do Magh Snan. It is also believed that the benefit of taking a Magh Snan is equivalent to performing more than 10000 Ashwamedh Yagya. Donations given on the day of Magh purnima also brings more blessings than donation done on any other day. People who are unable to visit the Trveni sangam in the month of Magh can perform all the rituals at their homes.

Magh Mela 2023

Magh Mela is held annually in the month of Magha and is known as Kalpvaas (Kalpvass is actually residing on the bank of Sangam Ghat at Prayagraj at the itme of Magh snan). It starts on the day of Makar Sankranti and ends on Maha Shivratri. Devotees from country as well as abroad visit Prayagraj to see the mela and take part in other rituals performed during the month. The fair is held at a large scale and many religious and spiritual activities are performed during the Kalpvaas. After the Kalpvaas is over, Magh Purnima is the last day to carry out Triveni bath. Religious ceremonies like havans, yagyas, pooja, aarti, etc are carried out all the time during the Magh mela. Chanting of mantras to please lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva can be heard everywhere. Other than Prayagraj, mela at medium to small level is also held at the banks of other rivers flowing through different states.

Actual meaning of Kalpvaas

The tradition of kalpvaas has been going on in Prayagraj since ancient times. Originally, Kalpvaas means residing on the bank of Sangam and studying Vedas and Purans as done by rishi and muni in ancient times. Munis used to spend their whole life in kalpvass learning the value of patience, determination and devotion. At the time of Kalpvaas, devotees from all corners of the world come to sangam in the month of Magh and spend the whole month there. Kalpvaas completes after taking a bath in the Sangam river at the end of Magh, i.e., on Magh Purnima.

Magh Purnima Puja Vidhi

Although the whole month of Magh is considered as auspicious, Magh Purnima has its own significance. Many people observe a fast on this day and pray to God for relieving the from all the sins they have committed in the past life. Devotees should wake up early morning and bathe in the scared water of river Ganga. Those who cannot bathe in holy river can simply take a bath mixed with Ganga water at their homes as well. Prayers are offered to the Sun, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahadev and their blessings are sought in the form of redemption of sins and salvation. Magh purnima vrat katha should also be recited and listened to on the day of fasting. On this day, one should give black sesame seeds in donations and should feed the poor and hungry people. Devotees should only consume fruits and water on the fasting day and the fast opens the day after the Purnima. People who do not observe a fast on the day of Magh Purnima should also refrain themselves from eating non-vegetarian food and should also avoid consumption of alcohol.

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