Russian Wars List (1263 to 2023): Check the list of Russia Wars from 1263 to 2023

“Right from the 13th century to 21 century, Russia has witnessed some of the bloodiest battles in  Human History. Let’s have a look at the battles Russia has fought from 1263 to 2023”

With the outbreak of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in February last year, Russian troops are involved in yet another conflict. Russia is one country that has taken part in a large number of conflicts. Starting from the old Russian kingdoms opposing nomads’ raids to the modern Soviet Union/ Russian Federation, Russia has been a major battleground in eastern Europe.

Those students who are interested in Geopolitics should check the list of Russian Wars. This will give a boost to their general knowledge. In today’s post, we are going to provide the list of all wars in which Russia has been involved.

List of Wars of Russia from 13th Century to 21st century

As you might know, Russia is ruled by a large number of kings and empires over the year. Different empires have fought their own battles. There are 100s of battles in which the country have been involved. We can divide these wars or battles into the following groups.

  1. Wars of Grand Duchy of Moscow From 1263 to 1547
  2. Wars of Tsardom of Russia From 1547 to 1721
  3. Wars of Russian Empire From 1721 to 1917
  4. Wars of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic From 1917 to 1922
  5. Wars of the Soviet Union From 1922 to 1991
  6. Wars of Russian Federation From 1991 to Present

Now, let’s take a look at these wars in these groups in detail.

List of all Russian Wars

Wars fought by Grand Duchy of Moscow (Ruled Russia from 1263 to 1547)

List of All Wars of Grand Duchy of Moscow From 1263 to 1547
Wars and Dates Opponents Result
Lithuanian-Muscovite War 1368 to 1372 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Inconclusive
Muscovite-Volga Bulgars war – 1376 Volga Bulgaria Victory
Battle of Pyana river – 1376 Golden Horde Defeat
Battle of the Vozha River – 1376 Golden Horde Victory
Battle of Kulikovo – 1376 Golden Horde Victory
Siege of Moscow – 1382 Golden Horde Defeat
Ulugh Muhammad’s Campaign – 1438 to 1445 Khanate of Kazan Defeat
Qasim War – 1467–1469 Khanate of Kazar Victory
Battle of Shelon – 1471 Novgorod Republic Victory
Great stand on the Ugra river – 1480 Golden Horde Victory
Siege of Kazan – 1478 Khanate of Kazan Victory
First Muscovite-Lithuanian War – 1492 to 1494 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Victory
Russo-Swedish War – 1495 to 1497 Sweden Inconclusive
Second Muscovite-Lithuanian War – 1500 to 1503 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Victory
Russo-Kazan War – 1505 to 1507 Khanate of Kazan Inconclusive
Third Muscovite-Lithuanian War – 1507 to 1508 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Crimean Khanate Inconclusive
Fourth Muscovite-Lithuanian War – 1512 to 1522 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Crimean Khanate

Kingdom of Poland

Fifth Muscovite-Lithuanian War – 1534 to 1537 Grand Duchy of Lithuania Crimean Khanate

Kingdom of Poland


Wars fought by Tsardom of Russia (Ruled Russia from 1547 to 1721)

List of All Wars of Tsardom of Russia From 1547 to 1721
Wars and Dates Opponents Result
Siege of Kazan – 1552 Khanate of Kazan Victory
Tatar Rebellion – 1552 to 1556 Tatar Rebels Victory
Ivan the Terrible’s Swedish War – 1554 to 1557 Sweden Inconclusive
Russian conquest of Astrakhan – 1556 Astrakhan Khanate Victory
Livonian War – 1558 to 1583 Livonian Confederation, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland-Lithuania Defeat
Astrakhan Expedition – 1568 to 1570 Turkey

Crimean Khanate

Ivan the Terrible’s Crimean War – 1570 to 1572 Crimean Khanate Victory
Russian conquest of Siberia – 1580 to 1762 Khanate of Sibir and Native Siberians Victory
Boris Godunov’s Swedish War – 1590 to 1595 Sweden Inconclusive
Polish invasions of Russia – 1605 to 1618 Poland-Lithuania Inconclusive
Bolotnikov Rebellion – 1606 to 1607 Rebels under Ivan Bolotnikov Victory
Ingrian War – 1610 to 1617 Sweden Defeat
Smolensk War – 1632 to 1634 Poland-Lithuania Defeat
Alexis I’s Persian War – 1651 to 1653 Persia Defeat
Sino–Russian border conflicts – 1652 to 1689 China, Korea Defeat
First Northern War – 1654 to 1667 Poland-Lithuania, Crimean Khanate Victory
Second Northern War – 1656 to 1658 Sweden Inconclusive
First Bashkir Rebellion – 1662 to 1664 Bashkir Rebels Inconclusive, Political Defeat
Razin’s Rebellion – 1670 to 1671 Cossacks under Stepan Razin Victory
Feodor III’s Turkish War – 1676 to 1681 Turkey, Crimean Khanate Inconclusive
Great Turkish War – 1683 to 1700 Turkey, Crimean Khanate Victory
Great Northern War – 1700 to 1721 Sweden, Hostein-Gottorp, Poland-Lithuania, Turkey, Cossack Hetmanate, Great Britain Victory
Third Bashkir Rebellion – 1704 to 1711 Bashkir Rebels Victory
Bulavin Rebellion – 1707 to 1708 Don Cossack Rebels Victory
Peter the Great’s Khivan War – 1717 Khanate of Khiva Defeat
Kazakh-Russian conflicts – 1717 to 1847 Kazakhstan Kyrgyz tribes, Khanate of Khiva Victory

Wars fought by Russian Empire (Ruled Russia from 1721 to 1917)

List of All Wars of Russian Empire From 1721 to 1917
Wars and Dates Opponents Result
Persian Expedition of Peter the Great – 1722 to 1723 Persia Victory
War of the Polish Succession Rhineland – 1733 to 1738 Poland Indecisive
Russo-Austro-Turkish War – 1735 to 1739 Turkey, Crimea Victory
Fourth Bashkir Rebellion – 1735 to 1740 Bashkir Rebels Victory
War of the Austrian Succession – 1740 to 1748 Prussia, Spain, France, Sweden, Bavaria, Saxony, Genoa Inconclusive
Seven Years’ War – 1756 to 1763 Prussia, Britain, Hanover, Portugal, Hesse-Kassel White Peace
Koliivshchyna Rebellion – 1768 to 1769 Haidamaky Victory
War of the Bar Confederation – 1768 to 1772 France Victory
Catherine the Great’s First Turkish War 1768 to 1774 Turkey, Crimea Victory
Pugachev’s Rebellion – 1773 to 1775 Rebels under Yemelyan Pugachev Victory
Catherine the Great’s Second Turkish War – 1787 to 1792 Turkey Victory
Catherine the Great’s Swedish War – 1788 to 1790 Sweden Inconclusive
Catherine the Great’s Polish War – 1792 Poland-Lithuania Victory
Kościuszko Uprising – 1794 Poland-Lithuania Victory
Persian Expedition of Catherine the Great – 1796 Persia Withdrawal
War of the Second Coalition – 1799 to 1802 France, Spain, Denmark-Norway, Polish Legions Withdrawal
War of the Third Coalition – 1803 to 1806 France Defeat
Alexander I’s Persian War – 1804 to 1813 Persia Victory
War of the Fourth Coalition – 1806 to 1807 France, Italy, Spain, Bavaria, Naples Defeat
Alexander I’s Turkish War – 1806 to 1812 Turkey Victory
Anglo-Russian War – 1807 to 1812 United Kingdom Inconclusive
Finnish War – 1808 to 1809 Sweden Victory
War of the Fifth Coalition – 1809 Austria, UK, Sicily, Sardinia Victory
French invasion of Russia – 1812 France Victory
War of the Sixth Coalition – 1813 to 1814 France Victory
War of the Seventh Coalition – 1815 France, Naples Victory
Caucasian War – 1817 to 1864 Caucasian Imamate, Circassia, Kazi-Kumukh Dagestan, Avaria, Svaneti Victory
Decembrist revolt – 1825 Decembrist rebels Victory
Nicholas I’s Persian War – 1826 to 1828 Persia Victory
Battle of Navarino – 1827 Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia Victory
Nicholas I’s Turkish War – 1828 to 1829 Turkey Victory
November uprising – 1830 to 1831 Poland Victory
Second Turko-Egyptian War – 1839 to 1841 Egypt, France, Spain Victory
Russian conquest of Central Asia – 1839–1895 Kazakhstan Bukhara, Khiva, Kokand Turkmen, Krygyz tribes, Afghanistan Victory
Gurian Rebellion – 1841 Gurian rebels Victory
Shoorcha rebellion – 1842 Tatar, Mari, and Chuvash Victory
Hungarian Revolution of 1848 – 1848 to 1849 Hungary Victory
Crimean War – 1853 to 1856 France, Turkey, Britain, Sardinia Defeat
Mahtra Rebellion – 1858 Estonian Peasants Victory
Bezdna Revolt – 1861 Peasants Victory
January uprising – 1863 to 1864 Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian insurgents Victory
Polish Rebellion in Siberia – 1866 Polish political exiles Victory
Alexander II’s Turkish War – 1877 to 1878 Turkey Victory
Boxer Rebellion – 1899 to 1901 Ottoman Empire Victory
Russo-Japanese War – 1904 to 1905 Yìhéquán, China Victory
Russian Revolution of 1905 Japan Defeat
Persian Constitutional Revolution – 1905 to 1911 Revolutionaries Victory
World War I – 1914 to 1918 Iranian constitutionalists Victory
Central Asian Revolt – 1916 to 1934 Central Powers Defeat

Wars fought by Russian SFSR (Ruled Russia from 1917 to 1922)

List of All Wars of Russian SFSR 1917 to 1922
Wars and Dates Opponents Result
Russian Civil War – 1917 to 1922 White Movement, Mountain Republic, Makhnovshchina, Left SR, Green Armies Victory
Ukrainian War of Independence – 1917 to 1921 Ukrainian People’s Republic, West Ukrainian People’s Republic, German Empire, Poland Victory
Kazakhstan Campaign – 1917 to 1920 Alash Autonomy, White Movement Victory
Finnish Civil War – 1918 White Guard, Germany Defeat
Latvian War of Independence – 1918 to 1920 Latvian Army, Estonia, Lieven, Poland, Lithuania Defeat
Estonian War of Independence 1918 to 1920 Estonia, Latvia, UK Defeat
Lithuanian-Soviet War 1918 to 1919 Republic of Lithuania, Saxon Volunteers Defeat
Invasion of Azerbaijan 1920 Azerbaijan Victory
Red Army Invasion of Armenia 1920 Armenia Victory
Invasion of Georgia 1921 Georgia Victory
Soviet Intervention in Mongolia 1921 Mongolia Victory

Wars fought by Soviet Union (Ruled Russia from 1922 to 1991)

List of All Wars of Soviet Union 1922 to 1991
Wars and Dates Opponents Result
August Uprising – 1924 Damkom Victory
Tatarbunary Uprising – 1924 Kingdom of Romania Defeat
Urtatagai conflict – 1925 to 1926 Emirate of Afghanistan Peace Treaty
Sino-Soviet conflict – 1929 China Victory
Red Army intervention in Afghanistan – 1929 Basmachi Saqqawists Inconclusive
Red Army intervention in Afghanistan – 1930 Basmachi Victory
Soviet–Japanese border conflicts – 1932 to 1941 Japan, Manchukuo Victory
Spanish Civil War – 1936 to 1939 Spanish Nationalists, Germany, Italy Defeat
Islamic Rebellion in Xinjiang – 1937 China Victory
Invasion of Poland – 1939 Poland Victory
World War II – 1939 to 1945 Axis Powers Victory
Guerrilla war in the Baltic states – 1944 to 1956 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Victory
Guerrilla war in Ukraine – 1944 to 1953 Ukrainian Insurgent Army Victory
Korean War – 1950 to 1953 United Nations, South Korea, US, UK, Australia, and other countries Ceasefire
Vietnam War – 1955 to 1975 South Vietnam, US, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand Victory
Hungarian Revolution – 1956 Revolutionaries Victory
East German Uprising – 1953 East German Demonstrators Victory
Invasion of Czechoslovakia – 1968 Czechoslovakia Victory
Soviet–Afghan War – 1979 to 1989 Afghan Mujahideen Defeat

Wars fought by Russian Federation  (Ruled Russia from 1991 to present)

List of All Wars of Russian Federation 1922 to 1991
Wars and Dates Opponents Result
Georgian Civil war 1991 to 1993 Zviadists Victory
War in Abkhazia 1991 to 1993 Georgia Victory
Transnistria war 1992 Moldova Victory
Tajikistani Civil War 1992 to 1997 United Tajik Opposition Victory
First Chechen War 1994 to 1996 Ichkeria, Mujahideen Defeat
War of Dagestan 1999 IIPB Victory
Second Chechan war 1999 to 2009 Ichkeria, Mujahideen, Caucasian Front Victory
Russo-Georgian War 2008 Georgia Victory
Insurgency in North Caucasus Caucasus Emirates Victory
Russo Ukrainian War Ukraine Ongoing
Russian Military Intervention in the Syrian Syrian Opposition Ongoing
Central African Republic Civil War Coalition of Patriots for change Ongoing

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War is not a solution to any problem. After every war, opponents have to sit at the conference table for meeting to find peaceful solutions. What do you think about Russian wars do let us know in the comment section? Your feedback and suggestions are also welcome.

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