US Open Prize Money 2023- A record prize money and other compensation for 2023 US Open

The highly anticipated US Open tournament is set to begin on August 28, 2023, and will conclude on September 10, 2023. The qualifying match for the tournament is about to start one week earlier on August 22. The overall compensation for the US Open is going to be $65 million, which is an all-time high in the history of the tournament. This compensation will comprise the prize money given to the players plus other additional charges that we will discuss one by one. The year 2023 is of special significance as it marks the 50th anniversary of equal prize money distribution among men and women players. The US Open was the first of the four Grand Slams to offer the same prize money for men and women in 1973. In the wake of this, an increase in player compensation has been brought this year. Read the complete article to learn details about US Open Prize Money 2023 and other interesting details about the tournament.

2023 US Open Prize Money

Women’s/ Men’s Singles (Per Player)

A total of $44,700,000 will be distributed as prize money among the players of the women’s/ men’s singles. Here is a complete breakdown of prize money offered to each participating player according to their performance in the tournament.

CategoryPrize money
Round of 16$284,000
Round of 32$191,000
Round of 64$123,000
Round of 128$81,500

Women’s/ Men’s Doubles (Per Team)

For the doubles matches, a prize money of $7,133,600 has been allotted at the US Open. Check out the breakdown of the prize money for women’s/ men’s doubles per team in the order of their finishing status.

CategoryPrize money
Third Round$58,000
Second Round$36,800
First Round$22,000

Mixed Doubles (Per Team)

A total of $679,200 is set aside as prize money among the players of the mixed doubles team. Below here is the breakdown of the prize money for mixed doubles per team in the order of their finishing status.

CategoryPrize money
Round of 16$14,200
Round of 32$8,300


An amount of $1,366,800 will be distributed as prize money for the wheelchair category tennis in the US Open. And there will be another $4,656,420 for direct hotel payments.

CategoryPrize money
Direct Hotel Payments/ Per Diem$4,656,420
Total Player Compensation$65,000,020

US Open Other Compensations 2023

There will be a significant increase in the 2023 US Open prize money and other compensation from the previous year. Not only player per diem will see a hike but there also be an increase in meal allowance and racquet stringing for all players. Travel vouchers of $1,000 have been introduced and all players will be given an additional hotel room. For those who want to arrange accommodation of their own, their hotel allotment has been doubled from $300 to $600 per day. These rules will apply to all players, irrespective of the event they are participating in.

Significant Changes in the US Open Prize Money

In 2022, the overall compensation for the US Open was $60 million as opposed to $65 million in 2023. The winners of Women’s/ Men’s Singles were given a prize money of $2.6 million which is increased to an even $3 million in 2023. The winning teams in men’s and women’s doubles earned $688,000 in 2022, which will be $700,000 this year. In mixed doubles, the winners earned $163,000 which has now increased to $170,000. apart from winners, participants of all other rounds will also be given an increased prize money from 2022.

About US Open

The US Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament of the year preceded by the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. There are five major championship events conducted under the US Open, namely men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Apart from this, there are other events as well that include senior, junior, and wheelchair players. The US Open is organized every year by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and is held in Queens, New York. The US Open is the most well-paying of all grand slam tournaments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Grand Slam offers the highest prize money?

US Open ($65 million)

What was the total payout for US Open 2022?

$60 million

What is the prize money for tournaments apart from US Open?

Wimbledon- $56.5 million, the French Open- $54 million, and the Australian Open- $53 million

Which is the highest-paid category in the US Open?

Women’s/ Men’s Singles winner

How much will the winner of the Women’s/ Men’s Singles category pay?


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