Tennis Gk Questions & Answers 2023: History, Record, Rules, Facts, Players

Gk quiz set for Tennis is prepared here for sports lovers and aspirants preparing for different competitive exams. We have included questions on history of Tennis, records, rules, facts and prominent players. We’ll keep updating this page with current affairs and latest news on Tennis. Visitors are also invited to share GK questions on Tennis through the comment box below.

GK Quiz Questions on Tennis

Ques: What is the date of Wimbledon 2024?

Ans: Wimbledon 2024 will be held from 1st July to 14th July 2024.

Ques: Who among the following has won Australian Open Men’s Singles title 2021? 

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Ques: Who among the following won the Italian Open Women’s Tennis Singles Title 2019?

Ans: Karolina Pliskova

Ques: Who won the Women Single’s title in the U.S. Opens Tennis Tournament, 2018?

Ans: Naomi Osaka

Ques: Whom did Simona Halep defeat to win the French Open Tennis Tournament 2018?

Ans: Sloane Stephens

Ques: Wimbledon 2019 Men’s Single title Winner is?

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Ques: Wimbledon 2019 Women’s Single title Winner is?

Ans: Simona Halep

Ques: Who emerged champion of the French Open Men’s Singles Title in 2018?

Ans: Rafael Nadal

Ques: Who won the Men’s Singles title in Australian Open Tennis Tournament 2017?

Ans: Roger Federer

 Ques: Who won Women’s Singles title in the U. S. Open Tennis Tournament 2017?

Ans: Serena Williams

Ques: Who won the 2018 Wimbledon Women Singles Championship?

Ans: Angelique Kerber

Ques: Who is the first Indian player to win a grand slam tournament?

Ans: Mahesh Bhupati

Ques: Which Grand Slam tennis tournament start first in the year?

Ans: Australian Open

Ques: Which one is the oldest running Grand Slam tennis tournament?

Ans: Wimbledon

Ques: Who is the only player to win French Open eight times?

Ans: Rafael Nadal

Ques: Which Company is the Official tennis ball supplier to the Wimbledon?

Ans: Slazenger

Ques: Andy Murray is associated with the game of?

Ans: Lawn Tennis

Ques: Which of the following tournaments is related to Tennis?

Ans: Davis Cup

Ques: Which of the following Grand Slam tennis tournaments offers the highest total prize money?

Ans: US Open

Ques: Who among the following won the Men’s Single Cincinnati Masters Championship in 2017 ?

Ans: G.Dimitrov

 Ques: Who has won his 16th Grandslam title, US open male in the year 2017 in Tennis ?

Ans: Rafael Nadal

Ques: The HCL Asian Junior Tennis Championship 2017 was held in?

Ans: Pune, India

Ques: The term Grand Slam is associated with?

Ans: Lawn Tennis

Ques: Yuki Bhanwari is associated with which game?

Ans: Tennis

Ques: Lender Paes clinched his 50 career title at Miami Opens, Paes won the doubles title with?

Ans: Radek Stepanek

Ques: Wimbledon Cup is associated with the game of?

Ans: Lawn Tennis

Ques: Samantha Stosur won her first UP Open (Womens Singles) Tennis Championship. She is form

Ans: Australia

Ques: Who was the runner-up in US Open (Men’s Single) Tennis Championship?

Ans: Rafael Nadal

Ques: Who broke Pete Sampras’s record of maximum Grand Slams in tennis?

Ans: Roger Federer

Ques: Who is Paradorn Srichaphan?

Ans: A Thai tennis player

Ques: Who has won the maximum grand slam in mens tennis?

Ans: Pit Sampras

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