Hockey General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

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GK Questions on Hockey

Ques: What is the schedule of 2023 Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup?

Ans: From 13th January to 29th January 2023

Ques: When is Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2022 scheduled to take place?

Ans: Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2022 will be held from 1st July to 17th July 2022.

Ques: Who is the host country of Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2022?

Answer: Spain and Nethelands

Ques: What is the date of Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2023?

Ans: 13 January to 29th January 2023.

Ques: Which country was hosted 2018 Men’s and Women’s Hockey World Cup respectively?

Ans: India and England

Ques: Who was the captain of the Indian Women’s Hockey team that won the Asia Cup in November 2017?

Ans: Rani Rampal

Ques: Which one of the following teems was defeated by India to win the Women’s Hockey Asia Cup title, 2017?

Ans: China

Ques: Rani Rampal has won the World Games Athlete of the Year award for 2019. She is associated with which of the following sports?

Ans: Hockey

Ques: Which team has won the women’s World Cup Hockey 2014 title?

Ans: Australia

Ques: Which team won the first Hockey India League held in January 2013?

Ans: Ranchi Rhinos

Ques: Which country won the World Ice Hockey Championship 2012?

Ans: Russia

Ques: Which of the following country has clinched the title of Azlan Shah Cup Hockey Tournament for 2012?

Ans: New Zealand

Ques: 2018 Hockey World Cup was be held in?

Ans: India

Ques: Which player is allowed to touch the ball with his feet during a Hockey match?

Ans: Goalkeeper

Gk Questions & Answers on Hockey

Ques: The Hopman Cup is associated with the game of?

Ans: Hockey

Ques: Who was the first women hockey player from Jharkhand to play in Olympics?

Ans: Nikki Pradhan

Ques: Who was the captain of Indian Women’s Hockey team for Rio Olympics?

Ans: Sushila Chanu

Ques: Which Cup/Trophy is associated with the game of Hockey?

Ans: Dhyanchand Trophy

Ques: Hockey India League started in the year ?

 Ans: 2013

Ques: Which of the following Cups is associated with game of Hockey?

Ans: Agha Khan Cup

Ques: The term ’16 yards hit’ is associated with?

Ans: Hockey

Ques: ‘Dhanraj Pillay’ was associated with?

Ans: Hockey

Ques: A hockey player is supposed to know the meaning of the term?

Ans: Penalty Corner

Ques: Which country clinched the Women Hockey World Cup in 2010?

Ans: Argentina

Ques: Obaidullah Khan Cup is associated with?

Ans: Hockey

Ques: The final of the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2009 was played between?

 Ans: India and Malaysia

Ques: With which game is Bully associated?

Ans: Hockey

Ques: Who holds the record of most goals by an individual in an Olympic Hockey final?

Ans: Balbir Singh

Ques: Who was the captain of the first Indian Hockey Team that participate in Olympics?

Ans: Jaipal Singh

Ques: What is the name of auto biography of Indian Hockey wizard Dhyan Chand?

Ans: Goal

Ques: Indian Hockey Team win the first Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in the year?

Ans: 1985

Ques: Indian last win the World Hockey Cup in the year?

Ans: 1975

Ques: When was India played first Hockey World Cup?

Ans: 1971

Ques: Which nation has the most Olympic Gold Medals in Hockey with 8 medals?

Ans: India

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Ques: Who is regarded as the best player in history of the sport?

Ans: Dhyan Chand

Ques: When was All India Women’s Hockey Federation was formed?

Ans: 1947

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