5 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

Lock applications for Androids have been increasingly popular in recent years as a means of ensuring privacy. The problem is that many individuals forget their passwords and patterns when they try to unlock their devices.

You don’t have to be an Android specialist to use tech competence to unlock the locked Android smartphone! How can you unlock an Android phone if you’ve forgotten the password? This is a frequently asked question on the web.

As a safety precaution, it is suggested to remove the pattern lock at periodic intervals, but many individuals are so busy with other tasks that they forget to do so. These people would much like to learn how to unlock Android instead of shelling out money to phone repair professionals.

Would you want to learn about the finest methods for unlocking a locked Android phone? This is the correct spot for you.

5 Best and Proven Tricks to Unlock Android Phones 2023

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to recover Android phones without any prior technical knowledge. When it comes to unlocking an Android phone, you don’t even need to go any further because this article has all the information you need to get started.

1. Resetting the Android phone 

You can easily unlock any lock by doing a factory reset! Wait a few minutes before reactivating the Android phone. The ‘+’ volume key and the power button must be pressed simultaneously. The recovery mode will be shown on your Android phone’s screen.

When you get to the menu, press the Factory reset button. To clean up your data, you’ll need to pick Wipe Cache Partition from a selection of alternatives. You’ll be able to use your phone as soon as you’re done. It’s now open!

Aside from the danger of losing saved data in memory, this approach will absolutely unlock the smartphone, but it does so at a high cost. For those looking for a way to unlock without a Google account, here is the answer.

2. Using Android SDK

It is possible to disable the lock screen by downloading and installing the required Android SDK. If the Android device has USB debugging enabled in the developer menu, this approach will work. It’s a technique that takes intense focus and a thorough understanding of how things work in order to pull off. Your phone has to be restarted after all of the steps have been completed.

3. Using ADM to unlock a locked Android phone

Without doing a factory reset, you can utilize ADM. Anyone may unlock a locked Android smartphone using ADM- Android Device Manager, which can be used on a desktop or laptop.  Access your Google account by logging in.

Go to the site’s security settings and select the lock option. Enter the password and then re-enter it to ensure it is correct. Restart the Android device and enter the new password. You’ve successfully unlocked your phone!

2. Unlock the pattern using this!

To discover how to unlock if the pattern is forgotten, you can’t ignore this approach. While it is understandable to try to unlock a smartphone after forgetting the pattern, it might be a waste of time if you surpass the device’s limit number of pattern tries.

You can avoid exceeding the attempts by using this approach, and you can try as many times as necessary until the device is unlocked. Hold down the power and select the option to reset the device! Using this method, you may input the most likely passwords for unlocking the smartphone without erasing any of the data on the device.

1. Remove the Pattern Lock Blocker

If the preceding method of breaking the pattern lock does not work for you, try the method described above. To unlock a locked Android smartphone, you’ll need an active data connection. In the event that you drew the erroneous pattern five times, you’ll be prompted to try again in 30 seconds.

Tap on the option “Forgot Password” after this to reset your password. To complete the heist, input the Gmail account and password that were previously used to unlock the smartphone.

Final Thoughts

You may do a lot of research to find the greatest method for your current situation. ‘ Experts have long relied on the techniques listed above to successfully unlock Android-based smartphones. SO, what are you waiting for? Try these methods today itself to unlock your locked Android phone.

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