World Tuna Day 2024 – Exploring Theme, History, and Significance


  • World Tuna Day 2024 is on Thursday, May 2, 2024.
  • Tuna is one of the most beneficial fish available in the oceans.
  • Due to over-exploitation, the population of Tuna is depleting rapidly.
  • The UN established this day to encourage Tuna conservation throughout the world.

Tuna is one of the most magnificent fish in the world. It is rich in Omega-3, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Due to their high demand, their existence is endangered. To raise awareness about Tuna and their conservation efforts, the world will celebrate World Tuna Day 2024 on May 2, 2024.

Tuna are found in many oceans and they are loved by people from different cultures who enjoy eating them. Unfortunately, their stocks are going down due to over fishing in the oceans.

On World Tuna Day, people will come together to appreciate the wonders of this incredible fish that brings taste and nourishment to your plate.

World Tuna Day Date 2024

World Tuna Day in 2024 is on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

2024May 2Thursday
2025May 2Friday
2026May 2Saturday
2027May 2Sunday

History of World Tuna Day

The first World Tuna Day was celebrated on May 2, 2017. In 2016, the United Nations General Assembly established this day. The assembly passed the resolution 71/124 to establish this day.

In recent years, tuna populations have been declining due to overfishing and other factors. This is a big problem because tuna plays a vital role in marine ecosystems.

Tuna has been an important part of human history for a long time. People have been catching and eating tuna for thousands of years. By establishing this day, UNGA aims to unite people to save Tuna from over-exploitation. 

Celebrating World Tuna Day and Promoting Sustainable Tuna Fishing

I have listed down some popular ways by which you can celebrate World Tuna Day.

  • Watch a documentary on Tuna – Tuna is an amazing fish. It is very interesting to know about them. So, sit back and watch a documentary about tuna. You will learn many fascinating things about these fish and how important they are to the ocean ecosystem.
  • Learn tuna facts on Google – You can search about Tuna to learn fun facts related to this fish.
  • Make tuna crafts – Get creative and make crafts related to tuna. You can draw or paint pictures of tuna, make tuna puppets, or create a tuna-inspired collage.
  • Go on a tuna adventure: Visit an aquarium or a marine center to see real tuna up close. You will be able to learn about their habits and how they survive in the ocean.
  • Share the World – The main objective of World Tuna Day is to promote Tuna Conservation Efforts. You can promote the same through your social media accounts. Don’t forget to share your love for tuna using the hashtag #WorldTunaDay.

Tuna’s Economic and Environmental Impact

Tuna has a big impact on the economy and the environment. Let me explain to you how. It is a popular food all around the world. Millions of people buy and eat it. This creates jobs for fishermen, processors, sellers, and more.

Fishing Tuna supports many coastal communities and contributes to the global economy. However, their population is declining.  This means not many tuna are left in the ocean.  This is resulting in people losing their jobs. Many animals, like sharks and dolphins, also depend on tuna for food.

Thankfully, many communities and governments are making rules & regulations to protect Tuna.  These rules limit the amount of tuna that can be caught and help prevent bycatch. Some organizations are also working to promote sustainable fishing practices.

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World Tuna Day 2024 Theme

Every year, World Tuna Day is celebrated with a different theme. The theme of this year’s World Tuna Day is not yet decided by the authorities. The previous year, the theme was “The Global Tuna Industry: Trailblazing through tough times”.

Challenges and Threats to Tuna Conservation

Unfortunately, Tuna is facing many challenges and threats to its existence. A few of these are explained below.

  • Overfishing – People catching too many tuna and reducing their population.
  • Habitat destruction – Pollution destroys oceans where Tuna lives.
  • Lack of regulations: Not all countries have strict rules to protect tunas.
  • Lack of awareness: Many people still don’t know about the need for tuna conservation.
  • Climate change: Rising ocean temperatures and changes in currents affect the availability of food for tuna.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is World Tuna Day celebrated?

Every year, it is celebrated on May 2.

What are the main objectives of World Tuna Day?

Promote responsible tuna fishing practices, and combat illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing.

Are all tuna species endangered?

Not all tuna species are endangered. However, the population of several species such as Bluefin Tuna is getting endangered.

Are there any health benefits to consuming tuna?

Yes, they are a good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and various vitamins and minerals.

Is World Tuna Day recognized by the UN?

Yes, it’s a UN-recognized day.  

I have tried my best to provide accurate information about World Tuna Day in this blog. If you notice any kind of errors or inaccuracies then please leave a comment so that I can rectify them. Additionally, if you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website.

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