Anandvaar Scheme by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

To connect fun with studies and to enhance the hidden talents of students, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) has launched the Anandvaar Scheme. In this scheme, all KV schools will celebrate Saturdays (except 2nd Saturday of the month) as a fun day or Anandvaar. On Anandvaar (fun day), the students will be kept away from the studies. Plus, they will get the chance to do co-curricular activities and showcase their talents.

In India, it is often observed that the students always remain under a lot of academic pressure. Through this scheme, KVS is trying to relieve some academic pressure from the young shoulders of the school students. Go through this post to get more information on the Anandvaar scheme.

What are the objectives of Anandvaar Scheme?

  • The primary objective of the  Scheme is to nurture the school children’s at a young age.
  • Let students and teachers know about the importance of extra-curricular activities.
  • To break the concepts of classes and sections. The activities on “Anandvaar” will be organized by connecting various sections and classes.
  • To remove the burden of studies from the children of primary classes.
  • Improve the skills of young children using activities like sports, cultural activities, etc.
  • Another aim of Anandvaar is the overall personality development of the student including mental, skill and language development.

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Main Highlights and Key Features of Anandvaar Scheme

  • It is a happiness education program for students on every Saturday.
  • On Anandvaar, students are engaged in different activities such as co-curricular, Club activities, Sports activities, and Skill development activities.
  • The scheme is only for the primary students.
  • No Anandvaar will be celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of every month.
  • Entire Anandvaar (fun day) will be divided into four rounds of 90 minutes having different activities.

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Activities to be performed on Anandvaar

The activities to be performed on Anandvaar are divided into 4 categories as given below.

  • 1st round (Cultural Activities) – During Cultural Activities, students may take part in dance, song, speech, play, painting, writing, reading, etc. Children can also take part in any activity as per his/her interest.
  • 2nd round (Club Activities) – Different clubs will be created in the school like environment club, scout club, etc. Activities related to the club will be organized in this round.
  • 3rd round (Sports Activities) – In this round, different types of sports will be played and taught. The help of various sports teachers and coaches will be taken for the activities under this round.
  • 4th round (Skill development Activities) – Students will be trained to get acquire various skills under this round. Kids will get to know about gardening, art, and craft, etc. Teachers will tell the students about different skills and techniques to do them.

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