GK Quiz Questions on Oscar Awards

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, are the awards for honoring outstanding achievements in the film industry. Oscar Awards are the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry and are viewed by millions of people around the world. The ceremony is organized annually by the Academy of Motion Pictures in the USA.

Started in 1929, it is one of the oldest international entertainment awards ceremonies. It is now seen live in over 200 countries and can be broadcast live online. Candidates who are going to appear in Government exams must go through the questions related to the Oscar Awards as it is an important topic of general knowledge. Here, we’ve provided some important frequently asked questions about the Oscar Awards.

GK Questions and Answers on Oscar Awards

Question -1: What is another name for Oscar Awards?

Answer: Academy Award.

Question -2: Who presented the Oscar Awards?

Answer: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

Question -3: The Oscar awards are awarded for?

Answer: Excellence in the American and International film industry.

Question -4: During which month of the year the Oscar Awards are organized?

Answer: February or March.

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Question -5: What does Oscar Statuette represent?

Answer: It depicts a knight rendered in the Art Deco style.

Question -6: When was the first Academy Awards held?

Answer: May 16, 1929.

Question -7: Which Academy Award ceremony was first broadcasted by radio?

Answer: Second Academy Award Ceremony in 1930.

Question -8: When was the Academy Awards first televised?

Answer: 1953.

Question -9: Which American Entertainment award is awarded for the theater industry?

Answer:  Tony Awards.

Question -10: Who was the first recipient of the Academy Award for Best Actor?

Answer: Emil Jannings   

Question 11: For which movie Emil Jannings won the Academy Award?

Answer: The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh.

Question 12: When was the Best International Feature Film category introduced in the Academy Awards?

Answer: In 1957 at the 29th ceremony.

Question 13: When was the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in Oscar Awards?

Answer: In 2002, at the 74th ceremony.

Question 14: Which “talkie” with a soundtrack received the Special Award in 1929?

Answer: The Jazz Singer

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Question -15: Where was the first Oscar Awards event held?

Answer: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Question -16: How much does the Oscar Award Trophy weigh?

Answer: 3.8 Kg

Question -17: Which movie became the first foreign-language film to win Best Picture at the Oscar Awards?

Answer: Parasite

Question -18: In which year did the movie “Parasite” win Best Picture at the Oscar Awards?

Answer: February 9, 2020.

Question -19: What was the Best Picture category originally known as?

Answer: Outstanding Picture.

Question -20: What is the present record for the most awards a single film has won?

Answer: 13

Question -21: What is the Oscar trophy made of?

Answer: Metal alloy covered in gold, copper, and silver.

Question -22: Which animated movie was the first of its kind to be nominated for the Best Picture award?

Answer: Beauty and the Beast.

Question -23: Who was the first person who declined to accept an Oscar?

Answer: A screenwriter- Dudley Nichols for Best Writing in 1935 for The Informer.

Question -24: Who was the famous actor to refuse the Oscar Award in 1972?

Answer: Marlon Brando, Best Actor for 1972’s The Godfather.

Question -25: Which actress has won the most Oscar Awards?

Answer: Ketherine Hupburn

Question -26: How many awards does Katherine Hepburn win?

Answer: 4

Question -27: In 2007, which movie won the Best Animated Feature award?

Answer: Happy feet

Question -28: Which X-rated film won an Oscar Award?

Answer: Midnight Cowboy.

Question -29: Who is the youngest ever Academy Award winner of Best Actor?

Answer: Adrien Brody.

Question -30: How many times Meryl Streep has been nominated for Oscar Awards?

Answer: 15.

Question -31: Which movie won the Oscar Award in 1988?

Answer: Rain Man.

Question -32: For which song, Calamity Jan has won the Oscar?

Answer: Secret Love.

Question -33: Who was the first English actor to win an Oscar?

Answer: Charles Laughton

Question -34: For which movie did William Hurt win the Best Actor Oscar Award in 1985?

Answer: The Kiss of the Spiderwoman.

Question -35: Which movie won the Best Picture Academy Award in 1967?

Answer: In the Heat of The Night.

Question -36: Which movie won the first-ever Oscar award for Best Picture?

Answer: Wings.

Question -37: Who was the first-ever African-American actress to win the Academy Awards?

Answer: Hattie McDaniel.

Question -38: Who won the two Oscar Awards in India?

Answer: A.R. Rahman.

Question -39: Who has hosted the Oscar Awards the most?

Answer: Bob Hope.

Question -40: What is the golden statuette, given to the Oscar winners called?

Answer: Academy Award of Merit.

Question -41: For what movie did the Beatles win Oscar?

Answer: Let it be.

Question -42: Who was the second English actor to win an Oscar?

Answer: Victor McLagien

Question -43: Which country has the most Oscars for Best International Feature Film?

Answer: Italy.

Question -44: Which Indian ladies won the Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards?

Answer: Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga.

Question -45: How many Oscars did India win in 2023?

Answer: 2- for Best Original Song and Best Documentary category.

Question -46: Who was the first ever Indian to win the Oscar?

Answer: Satyajit Ray for lifetime achievements in cinema in 1992.

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