National Science Day 2024: Theme, Date, History, Celebration

This year, National Science Day 2024 is being celebrated on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. The first National Science Day was celebrated on February 28, 1987. On this special day, we remember invention of “Raman Effect” by Indian scientist C V Raman.

Our lives are in a culture where we may see two kinds of individuals. Any set of people who follow a religious journey and hold beliefs above science. From the other side, there are some who thrive on achieving new heights in scientific and technological.

People believing in technological miracles prefer to commemorate National Science Day in the same manner they prefer to observe their cultural and religious observances.

Science pushes us to our limits. Everything in our environment is based on science. The National Science Day is for those who believe in science, scientists, the next generation of scientists and technologists, and those who are fascinated by scientific discoveries.

National Science Day 2024 Date

TitleNational Science Day
DateFebruary 28, 2024
First Celebration of National Science Day took place?February 28, 1987
ImportanceWe memorize invention of “Raman Effect” by Indian scientist C V Raman.

National Science Day History

NCSTC convinced the Indian government to designate February 28 as National Science Day in 1986. This event is presently taking place throughout India at schools, colleges, institutions, and other academic, medical, technical, medicinal, and research institutions.

On the first National Science Day (February 28, 1987), the NCSTC revealed the creation of the National Science Popularization Prizes to honour outstanding accomplishments in science and technology.

National Science Day Celebration

Each year on February 28, India commemorates National Science Day. Public speeches, radio, television, scientific films, research exhibits based on topics and ideas, discussions, quiz contests, courses, science prototype displays, and many other events are all part of the celebration.

National Science Day is marked to raise awareness about the importance of science in people’s daily lives and to recognize all of the activities, projects, and achievements in the field of technology that help humanity.

It is commemorated by implementing new technologies for scientific growth, providing opportunities for scientifically inclined individuals in India, and encouraging and popularizing technology and science.

CV Raman & Raman Effect

Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman had been an Indian physicists well recognized for his light transmission research. Whenever light passes through a transparent medium, part of the redirected light alters spectrum and intensity, which he discovered alongside his pupil KS Krishnan. The Raman effect was named after this occurrence, which was a novel kind of light scattering (Raman scattering).

Raman was the first Asian to win a Nobel Prize in any field of science when he received the Nobel Prize.

In 1948, He left the IIS and founded the Raman Research Institute in Bangalore the next year. He was the organization’s director, and he stayed involved till his demise in 1970.

The Raman Effect, commonly characterized as Raman Scattering, is a spectral phenomenon found from an Indian scientist whilst researching in the Kolkata laboratory of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. When light is redirected on a certain object, the spectrum of the light divides.

This was a significant innovation that opened the stage for a plethora of future scientific breakthroughs.

National Science Day 2024 Theme

National science day 2024 theme is “Science for a Sustainable Future”.

The theme for National Science Day 2023 was “Global Science for Global Wellbeing”. 

The theme for National Science Day 2022 was ‘Integrated Approach in S&T for Sustainable Future’. If you’re wondering where the event will take place, look no further. The response is that, due to the pandemic scenario, the gathering will be conducted throughout the country.

The theme for National Science Day in 2021 was “The Future of STI.” This suggested that science ought to have a beneficial effect on education, and that learners must be more interested in science and innovation. The topic was chosen to encourage greater knowledge of the present scientific problems and also the implications of studies on learning, aptitude, and profession.

Each year, the themes for such day are varied, highlighting a particular aspect of the nation’s society. The themes are intended to recognize the contributions of common people, students, employees, popular officials, and representatives from a major scientific institution.

This event honors Sir C. V. Raman’s outstanding contribution to research and discovery by providing hope and inspiration to future generations to pursue their goals. To not end only with single breakthrough in any area, but to continue hunting the nation’s credits in every way possible. We commemorate National Science Day to recognize science’s grandeur, with the goal of eradicating taboos and accepting that environment is mostly about science, as scientific research is mostly about environment, in whichever way fits you finest.

Also, check below the theme of past years’ celebration of National Science Day:




Our Changing Earth


Recreating Interest in Basic Science


Information Technology for Science Education


Wealth From Waste


50 years of DNA & 25 years of IVF – The Blue print of Life


Encouraging Scientific Awareness in Community


Celebrating Physics


Nurture Nature for our future


More Crop Per Drop


Understanding the Planet Earth


Expanding Horizons of Science


Gender Equity, Science & Technology for Sustainable Development


Chemistry in Daily Life


Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety


Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security


Fostering Scientific Temper


Science for Nation Building


Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation


Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons


Science and Technology for a sustainable future


Science for the People, and the People for Science


Women in Science


Every year, National Special Day is celebrated on February 28 with a special theme. It is one of the important days observed in February.

On 28 February 1928, a noted Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman had discovered the Raman effect.

The National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) in 1986 instructed Govt. of India to celebrate February 28 as National Science Day.

Many activities are performed on this day including public speeches, TV, radio, science movies, science exhibitions based on the selected theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

हम राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान दिवस कब मनाते हैं?

राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान दिवस Tuesday, 28 फरवरी को मनाया जाएगा।

राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान दिवस 2024 का theme क्या है?

“Science for a Sustainable Future”.

हम राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान दिवस क्यों मनाते हैं?

इस दिन, हम भारतीय वैज्ञानिक सी वी रमन द्वारा “Raman Effect” के आविष्कार को याद करते हैं।

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