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Golf is considered as one of the oldest games of world. Let’s uncover more facts like this about Golf by exploring this post. We have included here a large set of GK questions on Golf. Moreover, we are updating this post on a regular basis by including current affairs and latest news on Golf. If you think a question you know is important, do share it through the comment box. This will help millions of users appearing in quiz every year and preparing for different competitive exams.

GK Questions on Golf

Have a look at some important questions on Golf:

Ques: What is the official date of Ryder cup 2022?

Ans: 30th September to 2nd October 2022

Ques: Which European city will host the 2022 Ryder Cup?

Ans: Rome

Ques: At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which golfer won gold in the men’s individual tournament?

Ans: Justin Rose (Great Britain)

Ques: Which Swedish golfer, who retired in 2008 with 90 international titles, is widely regarded as the best ever female player?

Ans: Annika Sorenstam

Ques: In the 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, which South African golfer became the first in history to record a sub 63 score in a major when he recorded an 8 below par 62?

Ans: Branden Grace

Ques: Jason Day won 2013 Golf World Cup. Which country does he belong to?

Ans: Germany

Ques: Who won the ‘Indian Open Golf Championship’ in March 2016?

Ans: Shiv Chowrasia

Ques: Which Indian golf player has been named Rookie of the year 2009?

Ans: C.Muniyappa

Ques: Under the rules of golf what’s the maximum number of clubs allowed in a player’s golf bag during a round?

Ans: 14

Ques: Golfer Jeev Milkha Singh plays for which one of the following countries?

Ans: India

Ques: Which famous amateur golf trophy was named in honour of the grandfather of a former U.S. president?

Ans: The Walker Cup

Ques: Nomura Cup is associated with?

Ans: Golf

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Ques: ‘Cannon, Cue and Pot’ are three terms associated with?

Ans: Billiards and Golf

Ques: Which of the following terms is associated with the game of ‘Golf’?

Ans: Scratch

Ques: The winner of Tour Championship and Fed Ex Cup of golf is?

Ans: Bill Haas

Ques: The Walker Cup is associated with?

Ans: Golf

Ques: The winner of British open Golf Open Championship is?

Ans: Darren Clarke

Ques: ‘Prince of Wales Cup’ is associated with the game of?

Ans: Golf

Ques: The first Indian to win PGA title of golf is?

Ans: Arjun Atwal

Ques: ‘Ryder Cup’ is awarded to the players of?

Ans: Golf   

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Ques: Annika Sorenstam, a famous sportsperson, is known as a professional?

Ans: Golfer

Ques: Which of the following trophies/cups is associated with the game of Golf?

Ans: Topolino Trophy

Ques: Tiger woods is a____?

Ans: Golfer

Ques: Golf is related to which Cup?

Ans: Omega Mission Hills World Cup

Ques: Fed Ex Cup and Augusta Masters are coveted trophies of the game of?

Ans: Golf

Ques: What is the approximate maximum weight of Golf Ball as per Rules of Golf?

Ans: 45gms

Ques: “Birdie” term is associated with Which sport/game ?

Ans: Golf

Ques: Jordan Spieth is associated with which of the following sports?

Ans: Golfer

Ques: How many major championships has Tiger Woods won? And in which year did he win his last?

Ans: 14

Ques: “Tee, Par, Flagstick” are associated with which of the following games?

Ans: Golf

Ques: American golfers may call it a double eagle, but what do European golfers call it?

Ans: An albatross

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