Indian Culture GK Questions and Answers

[11] The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from

  1. A) Rigveda
  2. B) Mundak Upanishad
  3. C) Satpath Brahmana
  4. D) Ramayana

Answer: B) Mundak Upanishad

[12] The famous “Ganga Sagar Mela”, an annual fair is held in which state of India?

  1. A) West Bengal
  2. B) Bihar
  3. C) Jharkhand
  4. D) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: A) West Bengal

[13] Who among the following was responsible for the revenue reforms during the rule of Akbar?

  1. A) Birbal
  2. B) Todarmal
  3. C) Jai Singh
  4. D) Biharimal

Answer: B) Todarmal

[14] Which Indian state celebrates Bihu as a folk dance?

  1. A) Meghalaya
  2. B) Manipur
  3. C) Sikkim
  4. D) Assam

Answer: D) Assam

[15] Which one is not a harvest festival in India?

  1. A) Holi
  2. B) Lohri
  3. C) Ugadi
  4. D) Onam

Answer: A) Holi

[16] What is the name of the era on which of the National Calendar of India is based?

  1. A) Kali era
  2. B) Saka era
  3. C) Vikrama era
  4. D) None of these

Answer: B) Saka era

[17] Consider the following statements regarding to the Sattriya dance and select the correct code given below:

  1. Sattriya is a fusion of dance, drama and music.
  2. It follows the old living tradition of Vaishnavites of Assam.
  3. It is based on various Ragas and Talas of devotional songs of Tulsidas, Kabir and Mirabai.


  1. A) Only 3
  2. B) Both 1 and 2
  3. C) Both 1 and 3
  4. D) All the above

Answer: B) Both 1 and 2

[18] Who had composed Brahmavadini the hymns of Vedas?

  1. A) Gargi
  2. B) Savitri
  3. C) Brahmini
  4. D) Ghosha

Answer:  D) Ghosha

[19] Historic Chandragiri Fort is located in which of the following states?

  1. A) Karnataka
  2. B) Andhra Pradesh
  3. C) Maharashtra
  4. D) Telangana

Answer: B) Andhra Pradesh

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[20] Who among the following was known as Bengal’s Greata Garbo?

  1. A) Bharathi Shirodkor
  2. B) Amaravati
  3. C) Kanan Devi
  4. D) Suchitra Sen

Answer: D) Suchitra Sen

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