International Programmers Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Celebration

International programmers day 2023 will be celebrated on 13th September 2023. This day is dedicated to honoring all the programmers that make our life easier and laidback by developing programs. Programmer’s day is celebrated 13th of September as it is the 256th day of the year.

The number 256 has a special significance in every programmer’s life because it is a binary code. It is characterized by an eight-bit byte, 256 equals two to the eighth power. The day reads 1 0000 0000 when translated to binary code. It is indeed very creative.

International programmers Day 2023 Date

International Programmer’s Day 13 September 2023 Wednesday
International Programmer’s Day 13 September 2024 Friday
International Programmer’s Day 13 September 2025 Saturday
International Programmer’s Day 13 September 2026 Sunday
International Programmer’s Day 13 September 2027 Monday
International Programmer’s Day 13 September 2028 Wednesday

SIGNIFICANCE OF International Programmers Day 2023

This day celebrates the existence and hard work of programmers around the world. They have played a crucial role in the development of modern-day technology. Especially in today’s world, programmers have touched almost every life. Whether it is booking tickets online, ordering products through e-commerce, or getting knowledge from your favorite learning app, a programmer is behind all of them.

Programmers are an integral part of information technology and many IT companies rely on them to maintain their infrastructure.The computer security industry, artificial intelligence, government services, agritech, healthcare sector, enterprise software, education, and many other fields like this are growing for which a big thank you goes to our programmers. They are truly the backbone of any IT-related industry and are responsible for innovation, design, and protection.


The employees of Parallel Technologies, Michael Cherviakov, and Valentin Balt, proposed to celebrate programmer’s day. They started getting signatures for a petition to the government of Russia, in the year 2002. The goal was for the government to recognize the day as an official programmer’s day. But it was not paid heed to until the year 2008. Finally, in the year 2009, the Ministry of Mass Media and Communications of Russia recognized the day as an official holiday. The then-president of Russia, Dimitri Medvedev signed the decree on September 11, 2009.

However, in China, October 24 is observed as programmer’s day for many years. The significance of this day is that it can also be written as 1024, which is equal to 2raised to 10 and resembles the Ki binary prefix. This day is observed on the same date each year, regardless of leap years. Initially, programmer’s day was celebrated unofficially on January 7, but they are quite uncommon now.


  • Dennis Ritchie, a computer scientist from America is praised for pioneering the digital era.He is responsible for the creation of the C programming language and UNIX operating system with his colleague Ken Thomson. Ritchie received the legendary Turing award in the year 1983 for his contribution.
  • Finnish-American software engineer Linus Torvalds was the creator and main developer of the Linux Kernel. He also created Git in the year 2005 for advancing Linux Kernel. He was awarded the Millennium Technology Prize in the year 2012 for his contribution.
  • Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup created the highly popular and widely successful programming language called C++.He also established himself as a lone wolf, improving the language all by himself from A to Z.
  • American computer scientist Ken Thompson is credited for designing the original Unix operating system. He also invented the B programming language. Go programming language was also co-invented by him while working at Google.
  • Danish software engineer Anders Hejlsberg created the popular C# programming language. Hejlsberg was the author of Turbo Pascal and received the Dr. Dobb’s Excellence in Programming Award.


  • You can go ahead and thank any programmer you have in your family or peer group for their contribution.
  • If programming is something that interests you, take this day to learn more about it. Sign up for some free online courses and explore the world of programming.
  • Take some effort to learn basic programming on international programmer’s day and add one more skill to your list.
  • If you have already decided to pursue this career path, take guidance from fellow programmers. You can also take inspiration from the great names in the programming community and learn more deeply about the subject.
  • If someone you know wants to learn to program, go ahead and help them.
  • Join online programming forums to stay updated and learn new things popping up in the sector.

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