List of Chief Ministers of Puducherry (1963-2023)- First Chief Minister of Puducherry

Edouard Goubert was the first chief minister of Puducherry served from 1st July 1963 to 24th August 1964. Let’s uncover the list of all chief ministers of Puducherry starting from 1963 to 2023.

N. Rangaswamy took the oath as the Chief Minister of Puducherry for the 17th Assembly (2021-26) on May 07, 2021. It is good to know the name of all chief ministers because questions for this section are asked in Puducherry Gk Questions and Answers. We are listing below all chief ministers of Puducherry starting from 1963 to 2023.

List of Chief Ministers of Puducherry (1963-2023)

Check below the list of all CM of Puducherry for the period 1963-2023:

SL. No Name of CM Period Party
1. Edouard Goubert 1 July 1963 to 24 August 1964 Indian National Congress
2. V. Venkatasubha Reddiar 11 September 1964 to 9 April 1967 Indian National Congress
3. M. O. H. Farook 9 April 1967 to 6 March 1968 Indian National Congress
4. V. Venkatasubha Reddiar 6 March 1968 to 18 September 1968 Indian National Congress
5. M. O. H. Farook 17 March 1969 to 3 January 1974 Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
6. Subramanyan Ramaswamy 6 March 1974 to 28 March 1974 All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
2 July 1977 to 12 November 1978
7. M. D. R. Ramachandran 16 January 1980 to 24 June 1983 Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
8. M. O. H. Farook 16 March 1985 to 4 March 1990 Indian National Congress
9. M. D. R. Ramachandran 8 March 1990 to 3 March 1991 Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
10. V. Vaithilingam 4 July 1991 to 13 May 1996 Indian National Congress
11. R. V. Janakiraman 26 May 1996 to 21 March 2000 Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
12. P. Shanmugam 22 March 2000 to 15 May 2001 Indian National Congress
24 May 2001 to 26 October 2001
13. N. Rangaswamy 27 October 2001 to 12 May 2006 Indian National Congress
13 May 2006 to 4 September 2008
14. V. Vaithilingam 4 September 2008 to 16 May 2011 Indian National Congress
15. N. Rangaswamy 16 May 2011 to 6 June 2016 All India N.R. Congress
16. V. Narayanasamy 6 June 2016 to 22 February 2021 Indian National Congress
17. N. Rangaswamy 07 May 2021 to Incumbent All India N.R. Congress

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GK Questions on Chief Ministers of Puducherry

Question 1: Who was the first chief minister of Puducherry?

Answer: Edouard Goubert

Question 2: Who is current chief minister of Puducherry?

Answer: N. Rangaswamy from All India N.R. Congress

Question 3: How many members are there in Puducherry Legislative Assembly?

Answer: 33

Question 4: Who is the speaker of Puducherry Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Embalam R. Selvam, BJP

Question 5: Who is the Governor of Puducherry?

Answer: Tamilisai Soundararajan

Current Cabinet Ministers of Puducherry

N. Rangaswamy Chief Minister




General Administration.

Local Administration.

Revenue & Excise.

Health & Family Welfare.

Confidential & Cabinet.


Hindu Religious Institutions.

Wakf Board.

Science, Technology & Environment.

Information & Publicity.

Town & Country Planning.

Any other Department not allotted to any other Minister.

A. Namassivayam Cabinet Minister



Industries & Commerce.


Sports & Youth Affairs.

Sainik Welfare.

K. Lakshminarayanan Cabinet Minister

Public Works.

Tourism & Civil Aviation.

Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare.


Information Technology.

Stationery & Printing.

C. Djeacoumar Cabinet Minister


Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare.

Forest & Wildlife.

Social Welfare.

Backward Class Welfare.

Women & Child Development.

Chandira Priyanga Cabinet Minister


Adi Dravidar Welfare.


Labour & Employment.

Art & Culture.

Economics & Statistics.

A.K. Sai J Saravanan Kumar Cabinet Minister

Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs.


Community Development.

Urban Basic Services.

Fire Services.

Minority Affairs.

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