Manipur Holidays List 2023

Manipur is one of the seven sisters state in India and is known for some its natural caves, hills, valleys, lakes, etc. These places make a great destination to visit, when on holidays. Having a list of holidays occurring in a year beforehand can help in making plans on how to spend the holidays for most fun. Apart from celebrating the three secular holidays (Republic Day, Independence Day & Gandhi Jayanti), the state also observes many national as well as some regional festivals. This article presents Manipur Holidays 2023 List on which major institutions of the state like schools, banks, offices, etc are most likely to remain close.

List of Government Holidays in Manipur 2023

The Government of Manipur has decided a list of holidays that are to be observed by the schools, public offices and banks. Although, a number of private offices will also most of observe these holidays, but there might be few exceptions. Below given is the list of government holidays to be observed in the state of Manipur in the year 2023.

Festival Date Day
New Year’s Day 1 January 2023 Sunday
Imoinu Iratpa 3 January 2023 Tuesday
Gaan-Ngai 4 January 2023 Wednesday
Republic Day 26 January 2023 Thursday
Lui-Ngai-Ni 15 February 2023 Wednesday
Yaosang 2nd Day* 8 March 2023 Wednesday
Sajibu Nongma Panba 22 March 2023 Wednesday
Cheiraoba 14 April 2023 Friday
Good Friday 7 April 2023 Friday
May Day 1 May 2023 Monday
Eid-al-Fitr 22 April 2023 Saturday
Kang Rath Yatra 20 June 2023 Tuesday
Bakrid/ Eid-al-Adha 29th June to 30th June 2023 Sunday
Patriots Day 13 August 2023 Sunday
Independence Day 15 August 2023 Tuesday
Mera Chaoren Houba 15 October 2023 Sunday
Gandhi Jayanti 2 October 2023 Monday
Maha Ashtami 22 October 2023 Sunday
Milad-un-Nabi 27 September 2023 Wednesday
Diwali 12 November 2023 Sunday
Kut 1 November 2023 Wednesday
Ningol Chakouba 5 November 2023 Sunday
Christmas 25 December 2023 Monday

*Yasong festival is similar to Holi (festival of colors) but has been given a regional name by the people of Manipur.

Manipur Bank Holidays 2023 List

Bank holidays are those holidays that are observed in the banks and they normally observe all the government holidays listed above. Apart from this, banks are closed on each Sunday and every second and fourth Saturdays of a month. Check out a list of all second and fourth Saturdays that will be observed as bank holiday in the year 2023.

January 2023

  • 14th January : Second Saturday
  • 28th January : Fourth Saturday

February 2023

  • 11th February : Second Saturday
  • 25th February : Fourth Saturday

March 2023

  • 11th March : Second Saturday
  • 25th March : Fourth Saturday

April 2023

  • 8th April : Second Saturday
  • 22nd April : Fourth Saturday

May 2023

  • 13th May : Second Saturday
  • 27th May : Fourth Saturday

June 2023

  • 10th June : Second Saturday
  • 24th June : Fourth Saturday

July 2023

  • 8th July : Second Saturday
  • 22nd July : Fourth Saturday

August 2023

  • 12th August : Second Saturday
  • 26th August : Fourth Saturday

September 2023

  • 9th September : Second Saturday
  • 23rd September : Fourth Saturday

October 2023

  • 14th October : Second Saturday
  • 28th October : Fourth Saturday

November 2023

  • 11th November : Second Saturday
  • 25th November : Fourth Saturday

December 2023

  • 9th December : Second Saturday
  • 23rd December : Fourth Saturday

Schools Holidays in Manipur in 2023

A school holiday calendar includes almost all the government listed holidays as well as all Sundays of the year. Other than this, most schools remain close on Saturdays as well but there are also few that remains open. Some schools grant off to junior classes on Saturdays while senior classes continue as on other day of week. Accurate information related to school holidays in Manipur 2023 can be found from the prospectus or official website of the respective school.

Special Holidays Celebrated in Manipur state

The state of Manipur celebrates some special holidays that are specific to the state only. Let us know a little bit related to some of these holidays below.

  1. Lui-Ngai-Ni- It is seed-sowing festival that also marks the beginning of new year by the Naga tribes of Manipur India. Prayers are offered to the God of Crops on this day and His blessings are sought for proper growth of the crops and ultimately happiness of the people. People celebrate this day with lighting of fire, drum beating, and traditional folk dances and songs.
  2. Sajibu Nongma Panba- Also called Meetei Cheiraoba or Sajibu Cheiraoba, this festival is celebrated by the people of Sanamahism religion of Manipur. Generally, Sajibu Nongma Panba is celebrated in the month of March or sometimes in April and marks the first day of the month of Sajibu. A famous tradition of this festival is that married women present a gift (usually a piece of cloth) to their father and brothers a day before the festival.
  3. Kut- Every year, on 1st of November, Kut festival is celebrated which is mainly a festival of Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribes in Manipur. This festival is observed as a state holiday and all major institutions remain close on this day.
  4. Ningol Chakouba- This festival is celebrated to strengthen the bond between married women and their paternal families. It falls every year on the second lunar day of Hiyangei month of Manipuri calendar, i.e., in October or November month of Gregorian calendar. A feast or Chakouba is prepared by women for their father and brothers and there is also a tradition of giving gifts by the women to their family.
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