Holidays in India 2024: Observance in India, Gazetted Holidays and Bank Holidays List

You must be eager to know the full list of holidays in India 2024- this article serves your need. Find below the list of all public holidays, gazetted Holidays, bank holidays, and school holidays in India in 2024.

The new year is all set to begin and you must be excited to know about upcoming holidays 2024. Check below the state-wise list of holidays in India. The list includes public holidays, bank holidays and school holidays in different states of the country.

People can make the best use of their holidays and enjoy different outdoor activities like shopping, travelling, etc on these days. To help such people, we are providing lists of all kinds of holidays in India including National holidays, restricted holidays and Observance holidays.

List of Gazetted Holidays in India

In simple words, we can say that Gazetted holidays are those that are mandatory once decided by the government. Almost all public and private organizations remain closed on these holidays in India. Many people are also concerned whether there is a dry day in India on Gazetted holiday.

The list of Gazetted Holidays in India is given below.

Check: Hindu Calendar

Restricted Holidays in India

Restricted Holidays or RHs are those holidays that are optional in nature and can be taken purely at the discretion of employee. It is not mandatory for any employer to close his/ her organization on restricted holidays India in 2024:

Observance in India

Observances are not actually holidays but special occasions celebrated on various special days in a year. Most of the employers do not observe holidays on these dates.

State-Wise List of Holidays in India

Sl. NoState-Wise Holidays List (Public holidays, bank holidays, school holidays)
1.Arunachal Pradesh holidays list
2.Andhra Pradesh holidays list
3.Assam holidays list
4.Bihar holidays list
5.Chhattisgarh holidays list
6.Gujarat holidays list
7.Goa holidays list
8.Himachal Pradesh holidays list
9.Haryana holidays list
10.Jharkhand holidays list
11.Karnataka holidays list
12.Kerala holidays list
13.Maharashtra holidays list
14.Madhya Pradesh holidays list
15.Meghalaya holidays list
16.Manipur holidays list
17.Mizoram holidays list
18.Nagaland holidays list
19.Odisha holidays list
20.Punjab holidays list
21.Rajasthan holidays list
22.Sikkim holidays list
23.Tamil Nadu holidays list
24.Telangana holidays list
25.Tripura holidays list
26.Uttarakhand holidays list
27.Uttar Pradesh holidays list
28.West Bengal holidays list
29.Delhi holidays list

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