Sikkim Holidays List 2023: Sikkim Bank Holidays 2023, Sikkim Government Holidays, Public Holidays In Sikkim, School Holidays in Sikkim

Holidays like Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are observed in every state of India. In addition to this, there are many regional and public holidays observed in each state. Sikkim state has a large number of festivals and holidays observed throughout the year and many of these holidays are specific to the state only. If the holidays are their dates are known in advance, people can plan them wisely to make most of the day. With this in mind, a Sikkim Holidays List 2023 has been provided below that mentions the different holidays observed by the institutions of the state.

List of Sikkim Government Holidays 2023

A large number of Government holidays are observed in the state of Sikkim. All public offices working under the Government of Sikkim will observe a day-off on these holidays. Schools, banks and private offices will also observe many of the Sikkim Government holidays. A list of the government holidays that will be observed in Sikkim in the year 2023 is provided below. Along with the holidays, the days and dates on which they will fall are also mentioned here. For now, all the dates are mentioned in the table are correct. However, in case any changes are made by the concerned authority, the table will be updated accordingly.

Festival Date Day
New Year’s Day1 January 2023Sunday
Makar Sankranti15 January 2023Sunday
Republic Day26 January 2023Thursday
Sonam Lochar22 January 2023Sunday
Losar21 February 2023Tuesday
Bhumchu Festival7 March 2023Tuesday
Holi8 March 2023Wednesday
Rama Navami30 March 2023Thursday
Dr B R Amdedkar Jayanti14 April 2023Friday
Good Friday7 April 2023Friday
Eid-al-Fitr22 April 2023Saturday
State Day16 May 2023Tuesday
Shyadar Pidar5 May 2023Friday
Saga Dawa4 June 2023Sunday
Bhanu Jayanti13 July 2023Thursday
Drukpa Tshechi21 July 2023Friday
Guru Rimpoche’s Thungkar Tshechu28 July 2023Friday
Tendong Lho Rum Faat8 August 2023Tuesday
Independence Day15 August 2023Tuesday
Janmashtami6 September 2023Wednesday
Haritalika Teej18 September 2023Monday
Indra Jatra28 September 2023Thursday
Pang Lhabsol31 August 2023Thursday
Gandhi Jayanti2 October 2023Monday
Durga Puja23 October 2023Monday
Birthday of Late Nar Bahadur Bhandari5 October 2023Thursday
Eid-e-Milad/ Milad-un-Nabi28 September 2023Thursday
Diwali12 November 2023Sunday
Lhabab Duchen4 November 2023Saturday
Puhgal Parim26 December 2023Tuesday
Teyongsi Srijunga Sawan Tongnam26 December 2023Tuesday
Sakewa28 December 2023Thursday
Barahimizong31 December 2023Sunday
Kagyed Dance11 December 2023Monday
Christmas25 December 2023Monday
Losoong/Namssong13 December 2023Wednesday
Losoong/Namssong14 December 2023Thursday
Losoong/Namssong15 December 2023Friday
Losoong/Namssong16 December 2023Saturday
Losoong/Namssong17 December 2023Sunday
Nyempa Guzom18 December 2023Monday
Tamu Losar30 December 2023Saturday

List of Bank Holidays in Sikkim in 2023

Most of the government holidays mentioned above are observed by the banks of the Sikkim state. Other than this, banks remain close on Sundays and second and fourth Saturdays. Although, people cannot visit the banks physically on these days, ATM and online payment services work normally on these days. Banks used to work for half day on all Saturdays but it was later changed to second and fourth Saturdays off while the rest others are working. Presented below is the list of all second and fourth Saturdays falling in the year 2023 on which banks in Sikkim will remain close.

January 2023

  • 14th January : Second Saturday
  • 28th January : Fourth Saturday

February 2023

  • 11th February : Second Saturday
  • 25th February : Fourth Saturday

March 2023

  • 11th March : Second Saturday
  • 25th March : Fourth Saturday

April 2023

  • 8th April : Second Saturday
  • 22nd April : Fourth Saturday

May 2023

  • 13th May : Second Saturday
  • 27th May : Fourth Saturday

June 2023

  • 10th June : Second Saturday
  • 24th June : Fourth Saturday

July 2023

  • 8th July : Second Saturday
  • 22nd July : Fourth Saturday

August 2023

  • 12th August : Second Saturday
  • 26th August : Fourth Saturday

September 2023

  • 9th September : Second Saturday
  • 23rd September : Fourth Saturday

October 2023

  • 14th October : Second Saturday
  • 28th October : Fourth Saturday

November 2023

  • 11th November : Second Saturday
  • 25th November : Fourth Saturday

December 2023

  • 9th December : Second Saturday
  • 23rd December : Fourth Saturday

School Holidays in Sikkim in 2023

School holidays are the ones on which schools remain close for the students and every school has it own policy regarding the holidays. The schools of Sikkim state remain close on almost all Government holidays and Sundays. Other than this, every school has its own policy for holidays as well. Some schools are open on Saturdays while others are not. Many schools provide holidays on events like annual function day, cultural events day, school trips, etc. Complete details about a holiday being observed by a particular school can be found from its annual calendar. The school calendar can be found in the school’s prospectus or its official website.

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