National Women’s Day 2024: Date, History, Wishes, Traditions

National Women’s Day 2024 will be celebrated on 13th of February, 2024. This day marks the 145th birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu.

Each year on February 13, India commemorates Sarojini Naidu’s birth as National Women’s Day, which is observed across the country. She was born on the 13th of February, 1879. Because of her poetry, she was given the moniker “Nightingale of India” or “Bharat Kokila” and became well-known. She has produced a number of poems on many subjects, including romance, patriotism, and tragedy.

Sarojini Naidu is well-known across the globe for her contributions to literature. The National Women’s Day of February 13 is celebrated in remembrance of Sarojini Naidu’s achievements.

National Women’s Day 2024 Date


National Women’s Day


13th February 2024



National Women’s Day History

A staged march on 9th August was held in front of the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Over 20,000 women from all kinds of background marched to voice ones objections to amendments to the 1950 Urban Areas Act. Throughout apartheid, this legislation required all South Africans who were classified as “black” to possess an internal passport, which was used to enforce segregation, restrict urbanisation, and manage migrant labour during the period.

Lilian Ngoyi, Sophia Williams and Rahima Moosa were the leaders of the demonstration. The ladies presented 14,000 petitions to the prime minister’s office, where they were met with applause. A petition with 100,000 signatures was placed at the prime minister’s door, as well as a silent protest lasting thirty minutes. Following the silent protest, songs were performed to commemorate the occasion and to ensure that their opinions were acknowledged. “Wathint’Abafazi Wathint’imbokodo,” the song they sang, was written especially for the occasion and translates as “Now that you have contacted the ladies, you have hit a rock.”

Because of this nonviolent demonstration, we now celebrate National Women’s Day to commemorate the accomplishments of women throughout history. It wasn’t until 1995 that the day was officially declared a holiday. The whole day highlights issues which Black women faced at the time & remain to confront presently, like domestic abuse or professional gender discrimination, uneven pay, girls being denied the opportunity to attend education, and no-assistance parenting, among others.

Women had a relatively low level of representation in Parliament in 1994, accounting for just around 2.7 percent of the total. The proportion of women in the national parliament was 27.7 percent. Following the establishment of this national holiday, the number of women in government positions almost doubled, with women currently accounting for 48 percent of all positions in the nation’s Administration.

National Women’s Day Traditions

Women manage a plethora of obligations and duties in their daily lives, deal with a plethora of issues, and manage to look great while doing it all! On National Women’s Day, it is customary to acknowledge and honor women in all aspects of their lives. At home, the women take it easy on the household duties and enjoy a day off from cleaning, washing, and ensuring everything is correct. When it comes to work, the achievements of women are acknowledged, and workplace teams arrange mini-celebrations to commemorate the occasion. Women with inspiring success stories are being highlighted in order to serve as role models for other women to emulate.

Those who like socializing tend to get dressed up and go out to celebrate femininity. Restaurants, cafés, and even some shops provide special discounts and promotions to female customers on a regular basis. Female activists also take use of the day to advocate for gender status and opportunity of women’s rights.

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National Women’s Day 2024 Wishes

  • Ones love and compassion bring out the best in people. Bless you as always going above and beyond. Happy Women’s Day.
  • Women give a special touch to their everyday existence. Thanks alot.  National Women’s Day is special.
  • You inspire me every day that with bravery and dedication, everything is possible. Happy National Women’s Day.
  • Ambitious girls grow up to be visionary ladies.
  • She is indeed a Visionary, a Seeker, a Creator, a Motivator, but she is “true self.”
  • Each promiscuous girl is surrounded by a community of many other powerful women who’ve been rooting for them. Happy National Women’s Day.
  • Don’t ever be scared of daydreaming. But after you’ve dreamed, don’t be afraid to take chances. Happy National Women’s Day.
  • Human existence is unquestionably difficult, sweetheart, and so are us. Happy National Women’s Day.


What is celebrated on National women’s day?

People celebrate the birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu

What day is National women’s day in India?

13th February 2024

When was Sarojini Naidu born?

13 February 1879

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