Rajasthan GK Quiz Questions and Answers

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Rajasthan GK Questions and Answers 2023

Question: How many constituencies are in Rajasthan?

Ans. 200 Constituencies

Question: Which is the only river of Rajasthan which has its entire course within the State?

Ans. Banas River

Question: Who was the Vanguard of the fifteenth-century Rajput resurgence?

Ans. Rana Kumbha (Kumbhakarna)

Question: In which year the Mangarh massacre took place?

Ans. 1913

Question: When is the oldest reference to “Rajasthan” found in a stone inscription?

Ans. 625 CE

Question: “Rajasthan day” is celebrated on?

Ans. 30th March

Question: What was the capital of Rajasthan before Jaipur?

Ans. Amber

Question: The ornament “Memand” is worn on?

Ans. Head

Question: What Percentage of the Thar Desert is located in India?

Ans. 85%

Question: Whom did Rana Sanga defeat in the battle of Khatoli?

Ans. Ibrahim Lodi

Question: How many districts of Rajasthan share a border with Pakistan?

Ans. 4 Districts

Question: Which of the following places is famous for ‘patthar maar holi’ Holi?

Ans. Barmer

Question: Which is the longest Canal in Rajasthan and in the Whole of India?

Ans. Indira Gandhi Canal (650 km)

Question: Kandora ornament is worn on?


Question: The followers of Jambhoji who obey 29 rules of Jambhoji are called?

Ans. Vishnoi

Question: Who is the only person from Rajasthan to serve as the Vice President of India?

Ans. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

Question: The biggest salt lake of Rajasthan is?

Ans. Sambhar lake

Question: Which city of Rajasthan is called the “Camel Country”?

Ans. Bikaner

Question: Desert Festival is held at?

Ans. Jaisalmer

Question: Which is the highest point of the Aravalli Range?

Ans. Guru Shikhar

Question: An ornament which is used by men?

Ans. Murkiyan

Question: Which Palace in Rajasthan is called the “Palace of Winds”?

Ans. Hawa Mahal

Question: Which place is famous for ajrakh printing in Rajasthan?

Ans. Barmer

Question: Which District is the Laxmangarh Fort located in?

Ans. Sikar District

Question: The famous “Diggi” tank is at?

Ans. Ajmer

Question: Which District is Khetri Nagar located in?

Ans. Jhunjhunu District

Question: The Bird Sanctuary famous for “Siberian Cranes” is?

Ans. Keoladeo Ghana

Question: How many Districts of Rajasthan shares a border with Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. 10 Districts

Question: Who was the first person to received Padma Vibhushan award from Rajasthan?

Ans. Ghanshyam Das Birla

Question: Which Two Districts of Rajasthan share a border with Punjab?

Ans. Sri Ganganagar & Hanumangarh

Question: When the Second Battle of Tarain was fought between Prithviraj Chauhan and Ghori?

Ans. 1192

Question: Which river flows through Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. Chambal River

Question: The world famous Pushkar Lake is located in?

Ans. Ajmer District

Question: Which city is known as the “Blue City of India”?

Ans. Jodhpur

Question: In which year the Chittorgarh Fort is designated under UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Ans. 2013

Question: Which District does “Desert National Park” lies in Rajasthan?

Ans. Jaisalmer District

Question: Who built the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur?

Ans. Sawai Pratap Singh

Question: How many Wildlife Sanctuaries are in Mukundara Hills National Park?

Ans. Three

Question: Rajasthan is the largest state in India by?

Ans. Areawise

Question: Where was “Chyawanprash” formulated for the first time?

Ans. Dhosi Hill (Jhunjhunu District)

Question: Who built “Tribhuvan Narayan Temple” of Chittoor?

Ans. Parmar Raja Bhoj

Question: Which company was the first Internet Service Pricer (ISP) to bring Internet in Rajasthan?

Ans. Data Infosys (April 1999)

Question: Who was the ruler of Ranthambore at the time of the expedition of Sultan Jalal-ud-din Khalji?

Ans. Hammir

Question: Which desert is located in Rajasthan?

Ans. Thar Desert

Question: The historical place Bhangarh is located in which district?

Ans. Alwar

Question: Which Province of Pakistan is located in the North-West of Rajasthan?

Ans. Punjab

Question: In which year Ajmer was merged into Rajasthan?

Ans. 1956

Question: Which latitude passes through Rajasthan?

Ans. The Tropic of Cancer

Question: Chavand School of painting was originated during the reign of?

Ans. Pratap

Question: Which is the only hill station of Rajasthan?

Ans. Mount Abu

Question: Place of Alwar district which was included in project tiger plan is?

Ans. Sariska National Park

Question: What is the State Heritage Animal of Rajasthan?

Ans. Camel

Question: The Chittorgarh fort is constructed by?

Ans. Chitrang Morya

Question: What is the State Flower of Rajasthan?

Ans. Rohida

Question: “Soniji Jain Nasiyan” is situated at?

Ans. Ajmer

Question: What is the State Dance of Rajasthan?

Ans. Ghoomar

Question: Who was the first person to received Sahitya Akademi Award from Rajasthan?

Ans. Vijaydan Detha

Question: How many National Tiger Reserves are in Rajasthan?

Ans. Three

Question: Keoladeo National Park is famous for?

Ans. Bird Species

Question: How many Divisions are in Rajasthan?

Ans. 7 Divisions

Question: In Rajasthan, the first textile mill “Krishna Mills Limited” was established in the year?

Ans. 1889

Question: Which is the most Populated District of Rajasthan?

Ans. Jaipur District

Question: The Tejaji fair held every year in?

Ans. Parbatsar

Question: How many seats are in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?

Ans. 200

Question: The composition that belongs to Mewar style of painting is?

Ans. Geet Govind

Question: Who is the present Governor of Rajasthan as of 2021?

Ans. Kalraj Mishra (Since 9th September 2019)

Question: In which year the Keoladeo National Park was declared as World Heritage Site?

Ans. 1985

Question: Who is the Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (2021)?

Ans. C. P. Joshi

Question: In which year the Battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap and Akbar?

Ans. 1576

Question: What is the Regional Language of Rajasthan?

Ans. Rajasthani

Question: Which river flows through Thar desert?

Ans. Luni

Question: Who founded Udaipur, which became the new Capital of the Mewar Kingdom?

Ans. Udai Singh II

Question: The name of the ruler who pioneered carpet manufacturing in Rajasthan is?

Ans. Man Singh I of Amer

Question: How many states do the Thar Desert covers in India?

Ans. 4 States

Question: “Abhaneri” tourist place is famous for?

Ans. 8th centuary temple

Question: Which city of Rajasthan is called the “Venice Of The East”?

Ans. Udaipur

Question: How many states does the Aravalli Range passes?

Ans. 4 States

Question: Where is Mehrangarh Fort located?

Ans. Jodhpur

Question: Which Two Districts of Rajasthan share a border with Uttar Pradesh?

Ans. Bharatpur & Dholpur

Question: Which city is the Gateway to the Thar Desert?

Ans. Jodhpur

Question: Where is “Ranthambore National Park” located?

Ans. Sawai Madhopur

Question: Which Province of Pakistan is located on the West of Rajasthan?

Ans. Sindh

Question: Between Which States is the Mouth Abu located?

Ans. Rajasthan & Gujarat

Question: What is the State Bird of Rajasthan?

Ans. Godawan

Question: Which is the largest city of Rajasthan?

Ans. Jaipur

Question: Who was the first Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

Ans. Heera Lal Shastri

Question: Who was the first Governor of Rajasthan?

Ans. Maharaj Man Singh II

Question: Where were the Stone Age tools dating from 5,000 to 200,000 Years found in Rajasthan?

Ans. Bundi District & Bhilwara District

Question: Which mountain range lies in Rajasthan?

Ans. Aravalli Range (720 km)

Question: Which district of Rajasthan has the longest boundary with Pakistan?

Ans. Barmer

Question: What is the other Popular name of Thar Desert?

Ans. Great Indian Desert

Question: How many world heritage sites are in Rajasthan?

Ans. 4 Sites

Question: How many seats does Rajasthan have in the Rajya Sabha?

Ans. 10 Seats

Question: Which District falls into the Thar Desert?

Ans. Jaisalmer

Question: Who is known as the “Plato of the Jat People”?

Ans. Maharaja Suraj Mal (Feb 1707 – 25 Dec 1763)

Question: How many Palaces are found in Jaipur District?

Ans. 7 Palaces

Question: The District Baran and Bundi fall into which Division?

Ans. Kota

Question: Which River originates in Haryana and disappears in the Thar Desert?

Ans. Ghaggar River

Question: Which National Park is bounded to the north by the “Banas River” and “Chambal River” to the south?

Ans. Ranthambore National Park

Question: Which ruins of Civilisation are located at Kalibangan and Balathal?

Ans. Indus Valley Civilization

Question: What is the State Tree of Rajasthan?

Ans. Khejri

Question: How many Districts are in Rajasthan?

Ans. 33 Districts

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