Sikkim GK Questions and Answers

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Sikkim GK Questions and Answers

Question: Which one is the only Indian state who shares its border with Sikkim?

Ans. West Bengal

Question: Where is Zero Point located in Sikkim?

Ans. Yumthang Valley

Question: In which year, the Indo-Sikkimese Treaty was signed?

Ans. 1950

Question: What is found in Yumthang Valley?

Ans. Flower Sanctuary

Question: In Bangladesh, the Teesta River joins with the?

Ans. Brahmaputra River

Question: Name the Folk Wind Instrument made of Bamboo found in Sikkim?

Ans. Panthong Palit

Question: Total number of districts in Sikkim?

Ans. 4

Question: Who were said to be the original inhabitants of Sikkim?

Ans. Lepchas

Question: Who was the first Chief Minister of Sikkim?

Ans. Kazi Lhendup Dorjee

Question: In which year Prem Singh Tamang became the Chief Minister of Sikkim?

Ans. 2019

Question: Which one is the largest district of Sikkim by area wise?

Ans. North Sikkim District

Question: Which is the second capital of the former Kingdom of Sikkim?

Ans. Rabdentse (1670 to 1814)

Question: Who was the first chancellor of Sikkim University?

Ans. M. S. Swaminathan

Question: Which river is known as the “Lifeline of Sikkim”?

Ans. Teesta River

Question: Which one is a left tributary river of Teesta?

Ans. Dik Chhu

Question: Which Dynasty ruled Nepal from 1642 to 1975?

Ans. Namgyal Dynasty

Question: Which district of Sikkim has been selected as “aspirational” district under NITI Aayog?

Ans. West district

Question: The festival “Losar” is celebrated as?

Ans. Tibetan New Year

Question: Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is undertaken by which route in Sikkim?

Ans. Nathula pass

Question: What is the meaning of the term “Lachen”?

Ans. Big Pass

Question: In which year, Sikkim officially declared itself as fully organic state?

Ans. 2016

Question: Which Folk Dance belongs to Sikkim?

Ans. Maruni

Question: In which year Sikkim became a princely state of British India?

Ans. 1890

Question: Which is the largest Buddhist Monastery in Sikkim?

Ans. Rumtek Monastery

Question: Which one is recognised as state mammal of Sikkim?

Ans. Red Panda

Question: Where is Temi Tea Garden located?

Ans. South Sikkim

Question: Who was Sikkim’s last sovereign King?

Ans. Palden Namgyal

Question: How many private Universities are in Sikkim?

Ans. Four

Question: Total number of members in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly is?

Ans. 32

Question: Where is the National Institute of Technology, Sikkim located?

Ans. Ravangla

Question: Who was the first Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court?

Ans. Man Mohan Singh Gujral

Question: Which monastery is popularly known as Dharma Chakra Centre?

Ans. Rumtek Monastery

Question: The Treaty of Titalia was signed between British and Kingdom of Sikkim in the year?

Ans. 1817

Question: Where is the only civilian helipad located in Sikkim?

Ans. Gangtok

Question: Which festival symbolizes the birth, Enlightenment and achieving nirvana by Lord Buddha?

Ans. Saga Dawa

Question: Which district is Dzuluk located in?

Ans. East Sikkim

Question: The oldest Monastery of Sikkim is?

Ans. Dubdi

Question: Which is the first 100% sustainable region in the world?

Ans. Sikkim

Question: What is the Sikkim’s highest Civilian Award?

Ans. Sikkim Ratna

Question: What is the meaning of “Saga Dawa”?

Ans. Fourth Month

Question: Where did the holy men consecrate the first Chogyal of Sikkim?

Ans. Yuksom

Question: Where is India’s highest ATM located?

Ans. Nathu La Pass

Question: Sikkim is the largest exporter of which of these?

Ans. Large Cardamom

Question: Which is the highest Dam in Sikkim?

Ans. Teesta -V Dam (86.8 m above foundation)

Question: Who led delegation of British to Sikkim in 1884 to explore a trade route with Tibet through the Lachen valley?

Ans. Colman Macaulay

Question: When was Sikkim declared as an Organic State?

Ans. December 2015

Question: The total number of recognised official languages in Sikkim is?

Ans. 12

Question: When was the Indo-Sikkimese treaty signed?

Ans. 1950

Question: The Pakyong airport was inaugurated in?

Ans. 2018

Question: What is the rank of Sikkim on Per Capita alcohol consumption amongst all Indian states?

Ans. Third

Question: When was the Tamang and Limbu Community granted Tribal Status?

Ans. 2002

Question: Which was the closest Operational Airport to Sikkim before Pakyong Airport was built?

Ans. Bagdogra Airport

Question: Who was the first Director General of Police?

Ans. Ghatak

Question: Which Famous Personality belongs to Sikkim?

Ans. Baichung Bhutia

Question: Sikkim Public Service Commission was established in the year?

Ans. 1978

Question: Which is the first Greenfield Airport constructed in the Northeastern Region of India?

Ans. Pakyong Airport

Question: Who is the first Chogyal of Sikkim?

Ans. Phuntsog Namgyal

Question: Tamang Shailo and Rumtek Chaam are the Traditional Dances of which State?

Ans. Sikkim

Question: The Treaty of Titalia guaranteed security of Sikkim by the British against?

Ans. Nepal

Question: India is connected to which country through Nathu La Pass?

Ans. China

Question: When was the historic Indo-Chinese trade route through Nathula reopened?

Ans. 2006

Question: The monks of _____ Monastery are entitled to the title “ta-tshang”?

Ans. Permayangtse

Question: Which district is the Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple located in?

Ans. West Sikkim

Question: After Sikkim, which North-East state has been officially declared Open Defecation Free (ODF)?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Question: Which district is Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary located in?

Ans. East Sikkim

Question: The Rangit dam is build across which tributary of Tista River in Sikkim?

Ans. Rangit River

Question: Paljor Stadium in Sikkim is associated with which Sport?

Ans. Football

Question: The total number of recognised official languages in Sikkim is?

Ans. 11

Question: Which supercomputer does NIT Sikkim hold at their campus?

Ans. PARAM Kanchenjunga

Question: Which one is recognised as the state animal of Sikkim?

Ans. Red Panda

Question: As per the Koppen’s classification of the Indian climate, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are the part of which climatic region?

Ans. Cold Humid type

Question: In which year, Sikkim becomes a part of India as its 22nd state?

Ans. 1975

Question: Which Bollywood personality has become the official brand ambassador of Sikkim?

Ans. AR Rahman

Question: The legislature of Sikkim is?

Ans. Unicameral

Question: Which one is the largest buddhist monastery in Sikkim?

Ans. Rumtek Monastery

Question: Who is last Chogyal of Sikkim?

Ans. Palden Thondup Namgyal

Question: Sisekpa Tumyen is a festival celebrated by which community?

Ans. Limbu

Question: When did Sikkim cede Darjeeling to the British?

Ans. 1835

Question: The Khangchendzonga National Park occupies approximately _____ area of Sikkim?

Ans. 40%

Question: Dress regulations and Finger print section in the Sikkim Police Department was first introduced by?

Ans. S.K. Anand

Question: In which district the Yumthang Valley of Flowers Sanctuary is located?

Ans. North Sikkim

Question: How many sanctuaries are there in Sikkim?

Ans. 7

Question: When Sikkim becomes first state in India with 100 percent sanitation coverage?

Ans. 2014

Question: Temi Tea Garden, which is the only tea garden in Sikkim is located in?

Ans. South Sikkim District

Question: Which range separates Sikkim from Nepal?

Ans. Singalila Range

Question: Which festival is celebrated to pay homage to Mount Kanchenjunga in Sikkim?

Ans. Pang Lhabsol

Question: Sikkim was included in North East council of states in the year?

Ans. 2002

Question: Which National Highway connects Gangtok with Siliguri?

Ans. NH 10

Question: Number of Sub Divisions in Sikkim is?

Ans. 16

Question: Who was the first Speaker of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly?

Ans. C.S. Roy

Question: Which Article in Indian constitution give special provision for Sikkim?

Ans. 371 F

Question: Which one was the first capital of Sikkim Kingdom?

Ans. Yuksom

Question: Which one Monastery is described as the “Heart of Sikkim/Denzong”?

Ans. Tashiding Monastery

Question: The Nathu La pass connects India with?

Ans. China

Question: Which is not a Pass in East Sikkim?

Ans. Chiwabhanjang

Question: Who is the first Governor of Sikkim?

Ans. B. B. Lal

Question: Who became the third Chief Minister of Sikkim from 11 may until 24 may 1984, the shortest term in history of Sikkim?

Ans. B.B. Goorung

Question: By which amendment Sikkim become a full State of India?

Ans. 36th Amendment

Question: Who was the first political officer of Sikkim?

Ans. John Claude White

Question: When Sikkim High Court was established?

Ans. 16th May 1975

Question: Tashiding Monastery was built in the reign of?

Ans. Chakdor Namgyal

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