Merryland International School Admission 2024-25: Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, Fee Structure

Merryland International School started out as a small kindergarten school in Abu Dhabi in 1978. The school got popular soon for its efficacy in imparting education and the number of students grew ten times within few months.

The school aims to mold a generation of highly productive global citizens who are on a relentless pursuit of excellence in their intellectual, moral and social spheres.

Merryland is affiliated to IGCSE and offers classes from Nursery to grade 12. Interested parents can submit the registration forms for admission.

Basic Details of Merryland International School

Check out some basic information related to the Merryland International School:

  • Year of establishment: April, 1978
  • Founder: Mrs. Susheela George
  • Curriculum: Cambridge IGCSE
  • Type of school: Private, co-ed
  • Grades offered: KG1 to Grade 12
  • Medium of instruction: English

Merryland International School Admission Process

  1. Registration form for admission will be made available on the official website of the school.
  2. Details of student such as full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, etc and basic family details will also be asked in the form.
  3. Once successfully registered, the students will be called for an entrance test and/ or interview, based on the availability of seats.
  4. After the interview with the principal, a letter of acceptance will be sent to the selected students via e-mail.
  5. A message will also be sent to the parents with link to the online admission form, username and password.
  6. The parents should fill up the admission form and upload all required documents in the online portal within given time.
  7. Parents then need bring the admission form to the Registration Office with the  documents on the given appointment time.

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Important Documents

To complete the registration process, the parents need to submit the following documents online and bring in the admission office as well.

  • Student’s attested birth certificate (original and 1 color copy)
  • Emirates ID of student (2 color copies)
  • Passport copy with valid visa of student (2 color copies)
  • Student health insurance card (2 color copies)
  • Childhood vaccination card (2 color copies)
  • Pre-school vaccination card of the student (2 color copies)
  • Five recent passport size photograph of the student
  • Emirates ID of father (1 color copy)
  • Passport copy with valid visa of father (1 color copy)
  • Emirates ID of mother (1 color copy)
  • Passport copy with valid visa of mother (1 color copy)
  • Family Book (for UAE Nationals) (1 color copy)
  • Latest copy of Electricity/ Water bill or Tawtheeq

Eligibility Criteria

Check out the grade-wise eligibility criteria for Merryland International School:

ClassMinimum agePrevious class pass required
KG14 yearsFS1 or Playschool
KG25 yearsFS2 or KG1
Grade 16 yearsYear 1 or KG2
Grade 27 yearsYear 2 or Grade 1
Grade 38 yearsYear 3 or Grade 2
Grade 49 yearsYear 4 or Grade 3
Grade 510 yearsYear 5 or Grade 4
Grade 611 yearsYear 6 or Grade 5
Grade 712 yearsYear 7 or Grade 6
Grade 813 yearsYear 8 or Grade 7
Grade 914 yearsYear 9 or Grade 8
Grade 1015 yearsYear 10 or Grade 9
Grade 1116 yearsYear 11 or Grade 10
Grade 1217 yearsYear 12 or Grade 11

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Merryland International School Fee Structure

The table below presents the fee structure for Merryland International. Please connect to the school official for the latest fee structure.

For returning students:

GradesRegistration feesTerm 1Term 2Term 3
KG1N/A10350 AED7000 AED6500 AED
KG21200 AED10400 AED7000 AED6000 AED
Grade 11400 AED11600 AED8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 21400 AED11600 AED8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 31400 AED12300 AED8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 41400 AED12400 AED8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 51500 AED13050 AED9000 AED7100 AED
Grade 61500 AED13050 AED9000 AED7100 AED
Grade 71700 AED14750 AED9800 AED8000 AED
Grade 81700 AED14750 AED9800 AED8000 AED
Grade 91800 AED15300 AED10000 AED8800 AED
Grade 101800 AED15700 AED10000 AED8900 AED
Grade 112000 AED18200 AED12000 AED9000 AED
Grade 122000 AED18900 AED12000 AED9600 AED

For new admissions:

GradesTerm 1Term 2Term 3
KG110350 AED7000 AED6500 AED
KG2   11600 AED7000 AED6000 AED
Grade 1         13000 AED8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 2         13000 AED8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 313700 AED   8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 413800 AED8000 AED6900 AED
Grade 514550 AED9000 AED7100 AED
Grade 614550 AED9000 AED7100 AED
Grade 716450 AED   9800 AED8000 AED
Grade 816450 AED9800 AED8000 AED
Grade 917100 AED10000 AED8800 AED
Grade 1017500 AED10000 AED8900 AED
Grade 1120200 AED12000 AED9000 AED
Grade 1220900 AED12000 AED9600 AED


The Merryland International School provides it students some world-class facilities, few of which are mentioned below.

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Science Laboratories
  • Art & Craft Room
  • Auditorium
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Sports Facilities
  • Playground

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Merryland International School Contact Details

Contact address: Plot -13, Musaffah Sector 9, MBZ City, PB: 73340, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Phone number: +971(0)2-5519626

Email address: [email protected]

Official website:

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