How to Contact Facebook about a Technical Issue?

Is there any direct way to contact Facebook about a technical issue? What are the top ways to contact Fecebook? I am going to discuss it here.

Facebook Help Centre is a place where you get answers of all common queries related to your Facebook account whether you are unable to login, your forgot your password, you want to report an abusive content, you have a payment related concerns or any other issues.

However, Facebook doesn’t offer any direct support phone number. You still have options to share your concern through email.

In order to contact Facebook, you’ll need to login to your account first. On the top right of Facebook click your Profile picture. Select Help & support, then choose Report a problem and further follow the on-screen instructions to get assistance.

Is there any direct Facebook Phone Number?

Genuinely, there is no any direct Facebook support number where you can talk to a real person for your concerns.

Facebook offers you textual support through “Facebook Help Centre” or you can also email your concern to Facebook. However, the response time may vary or sometimes you may not get response even.

Along with that you can also contact Facebook via their other social media channels. In case, you run a business account then you can also connect to Facebook support team via advertiser contact form.

Process to Contact Facebook About a Problem

I have made a list of all possible options to contact Facebook via email, call, or chat. I have covered all users including business account holder, personal account user, creator, advertiser, or member of the press.

Option 1: Facebook Support Through Email

Facebook has shared certain email addresses where you can share your concern related to your Facebook account:

  • You can use this email address to report a scam or phishing.
  • Has Facebook disabled your account? You can appeal to Facebook’s decision to enanble your account.
  • If your account is disabled and you have already tried to recover the same then write an email to
  • Wrire an email in case you are with the law enforcement.
  • Press and media can write to

Option 2: Contact Facebook by Phone

There is no direct phone number to connect Facebook. I suggest users to follow other methods while contacting the Facebook team. Email is the best option in this case however, you can also avail other options as shared below.

Option 3: Connect Facebook Through Live Chat

Live Chat facility in Facebook is not accessible to everyone except for some English-speaking users across the United States.

If you have created a Facebook account in the United States then I request you to visit In case the Chat support is available for you then you can see the option there.

In case you are locked out of your Facebook account then you may avail Live Chat facility available in your account. Use the Live Chat button to talk to a support agent.

Option 4: Use Facebook Direct Contact Forms

I have shared few direct links to use Facebook Direct Contact Forms based on your concerns:

IssueDirect Contact Forms
Videos disappeared
Report a bus being a developer
Your event or group is not available
“Page Unavailable” error
Infringement of your trademark
Infringement of your copyright
You want to report human trafficking
Want to share your feedback about the Facebook product or feature
Missing content after you reactivate your account
Payments related concern
You don’t have access to your Facebook account
Your advertising account got disabled
Your personal account got disabled

Option 5: Support for Business Account Holders

If you have a business account then you can avail the Live Chat or Email support facility. Follow the process shared below:

Step 1: You need to go to Commerce Manager and then choose your account.

Step 2: Further, you need to go to Education tab and then choose Contact Support.

Step 3: Choose the issue you want to avail help for.

Step 4: Choose the right option based on your needs whether it is Email or Chat.

Step 5: When you choose Live Chat option then the Facebook Messenger will open where a support representative from Facebook will join you.

Option 6: Just Tweet

You can also tweet your concern to Facebook if it is serious. Here is the list of official accounts of Facebook:

Meta Tech
Meta Newsroom
Meta for Business
Meta for Creators
Facebook Security
Facebook Gaming
Facebook App

How to Access Facebook Help Centre?

Open the URL to access Facebook Help Centre. I have shared the step-by-step process below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Facebook Help Centre:

Here solutions of different issues are provided under different categories including: Using Facebook, Managing your account, Privacy, safety, and security, policies and reporting.

Step 2: Explore ‘Using Facebook’- here you can find solutions of queries related to creating an account, your profile, friending, Facebook dating, messaging, stories, your photos and videos, gaming, pages, groups, payments, marketplace, app, accessibility etc.

Step 3: Under ‘Managing Your account’ section you’ll find solution of queries such as how to login, Facebook login failed, Facebook password reset, Ad preferences etc.

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Can I talk to a real person at Facebook?

There is no direct Facebook support number.

How do I contact Facebook for an issued related to my account?

You need to visit Facebook Help Centre.

What is Facebook customer support phone number?

There is no direct phone number.

How do I chat with Facebook support team?

You can if you have a business account. Live chat facility is also available for some users in the United States. The company is planning to expand the chat facility.

I have shared the every possible ways to contact Facebook directly about a technical issue you are going through. If I missed something then let me know through the comment box below.

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  1. I can’t log In to my Facebook account due to Two-factor authentication verification, I don’t know when I set the Two Factor Authentication, I logged out and to logged in again, a code is required but I can’t get the Code/ the Code is not sent to me, I am totally out of an idea to recover my Facebook account pleased help me recover my Facebook Account

  2. Hello
    I want to talk with facebook support please.
    My Facebook account was hacked. The hacker changed my email, number and all my previously logged in devices. I tried informing facebook about this with my national ID then facebook approved my National ID and gave me a one-time password to log in. Then after logging in I tried to change my password and email. But the one-time password wasn’t working anymore… So before changing my email and password the hacker again changed the password. Which logged Out my device.. then again reported fb that my account is hacked & again fb locked my account
    & facebook everyday sends me 2 emails
    1. “get back into your account” our unlock link will expire on May 9 2023 at 2:36 AM
    2.New email added to your facebook account .. to confirm use this code.
    But the problem is both emails want me to log in first … how can i log in ? because the account has the hacker’s email & password

    I tried a lot to get my account back.. But Couldn’t… I tried to contact facebook support but couldn’t find a way… Please help me recover my account.

    • My iD is sis bet not working and not accepted password so why? How can recover and how can login to my fb account please?


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