Most Important Tripura GK Questions with their Answers- Tripura GK MCQ

Tripura is recognized as the third smallest state of India. Agartala is the most populous city and Capital of Tripura state. There are a total 8 districts in the state with 23 subdivisions. You’ll find questions from Tripura state under general awareness section of many state and national level government examinations. We have shared below 50+ most important Tripura GK questions with their answers.

Tripura GK Questions and Answers 2023

Question: Tripura attained full statehood on?

a 1970

b 1972

c 1975

d 1978

Ans: B 1972

Question: What is the name of the former Governor of Bihar and Tripura and veteran Congress leader, who passed away recently?

a Devanand Konwar

b Bijay Mishra

c Uttam Bandu Tupe

d Ravi Vallathol

Ans: A Devanand Konwar

Question: Total number of districts in Tripura?

a 5

b 6

c 8

d 11

Ans: C 8

Question: Where is the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Tripura being constructed?

a Agartala

b Sabroom

c Dharmanagar

d Kailashahar

B Sabroom

Question: Who was the first Chief Minister of Tripura?

a Sachindra Lal Singh

b Prafulla Kumar Das

c Sukhamoy Sen Gupta

d Samir Ranjan Barman

A Sachindra Lal Singh

Question: Which Schedule of the Constitution deals with the administration of the tribal areas in the four northeastern states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram?

a Sixth Schedule

b Seventh Schedule

c Eighth Schedule

d Ninth Schedule

A Sixth Schedule

Question: Which one is the largest district by areawise in Tripura?

a South Tripura

b Gomati

c Dhalai

d West Tripura

C Dhalai

Question: Who has been conferred the first Atal Behari Vajpayee LTA by the Tripura Government?

a Khagesh Dev Burman

b Chandrakanta Murasingh

c Gokulanada Gitiswami

d Thanga Darlong

D Thanga Darlong

Question: Total number of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Tripura?

a 2

b 3

c 4

d 6

C 4

Question: What is the objective of Vande Tripura, a recent initiative of the state of Tripura?

a Covid- awareness

b Tele- Education

c Tourism Revival

d Support to Farmers

B Tele- Education

Question: Which one is the largest river of Tripura?

a Gomati

b Juri

c Manu

d Muhuri

A Gomati

Question: Bru tribe, an indigenous tribe is recognized under which of the following categories in Tripura?

a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group

b Austric Linguistic Group

c The Mongoloid

d The Negrito

A Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group

Question: Total number of elected members of Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC)?

a 28

b 30

c 32

d 33

A 28

Question: Who has been sworn in as the 10th Chief Minister of Tripura?

a Biplab Kumar Deb

b Prabhash K Devvarman

c Pradyot Kishore Manikya

d Jishnu Debbarma

A Biplab Kumar Deb

Question: The first campaign for mass literacy in Tripura was initiated by?

a Maharaja Bir Bikram

b Dasarath Deb

c Nripen Chakraborty

d None of the above

B Dasarath Deb

Question: From which directions Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh?

a North, south & east

b North, South & West

c North & west

d South & West

B North, South & West

Question: In 2021, Satyaram Reang received Padma Shri award for?

a Art

b Sports

c Medicine

d Social Work

A Art

Question: The native State of Tripura became involved in the Freedom Movement early in the 20th century because of which reason?

a the kings of Tripura were always anti-British

b the Bengal revolutionaries took shelter in Tripura

c the tribes of the State were fiercely freedom loving

d there were already some groups fighting against the kingship and its protector, the British

D there were already some groups fighting against the kingship and its protector, the British

Question: Who became first Central Minister from Tripura?

a Kalyani Roy

b Santana Chakma

c Pratima Bhoumik

d Mimi Majumder

C Pratima Bhoumik

Question: Which schedule of constitution deals with the administration and control of scheduled areas and scheduled tribes in any state except the four states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram?

a Third Schedule

b Fourth Schedule

c Fifth Schedule

d Sixth Schedule

C Fifth Schedule

Question: ‘Devtamura’ is situated on the banks of which river?

a Haora

b Gomati

c Manu

d Muhuri

B Gomati

Question: When is the statehood day of the three states of Meghalaya, Manipur & Tripura celebrated?

a January 19

b January 21

c January 23

d January 25

B January 21

Question: Which was the first newspaper published from Agartala?

a Jagaran

b Tribune

c Rabi

d Gomati

C Rabi

Question: “Tripura – Martya- Maheswara” was the title of?

a Gunaga Vijayditya

b Indhrabhattarka

c Narendra Mrigaraja

d Yudhamala

A Gunaga Vijayditya

Question: Queen Tripura Sundari was the wife of King?

a Maharaja Dhanya Manikya

b Kirtidhar

c Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya

d None of the above

B Kirtidhar

Question: Which among the following is the single largest industry of Tripura?

a Agriculture

b Apiculture

c Sericulture

d Handloom weaving

D Handloom weaving

Question: In which year did Dasarath Dev first become the Chief Minister of Tripura?

a 1986

b 1990

c 1993

d 1995

C 1993

Question: Bangladeshi vessel named “MV Premier” made a trial run to Tripura, through which river?

a Brahmaputra

b Gumti

c Ganga

d Teesta

B Gumti

Question: When was the Tribal Research Institute established in Tripura?

a 1970

b 1973

c 1980

d 1982

A 1970

Question: Which variety of pineapple has been declared as the state fruit of Tripura?

a Jaldhup

b Charlotte

c Queen

d Kew

C Queen

Question: “Tripura Sixth Schedule Bill” was passed by the Loksabha in the year?

a 1970

b 1973

c 1979

d 1984

D 1984

Question: The Union Government has set up tribunal to decide on ban on two Tripura militant groups “NLFT & ATTF”. Who is the head of the tribunal?

a Ramesh Abhishek

b Alok Verma

c Rita Teaotia

d Suresh Kait

D Suresh Kait

Question: Who was famous for the title “Rajarshee” given by Rabindranath Tagore?

a Amar Manikya

b Gondinda Manikya

c Dharma Manikya

d Jagat Manikya

B Gondinda Manikya

Question: Who was the first olympian from Tripura?

a Deb Bhakti Jamatia

b Saraswati Dey

c Lopamudra Ghosh

d Kalpana Debnath

B Saraswati Dey

Question: The first newspaper of Tripura is?

a Syandan

b Tripura Darpan

c Arun

d Tripura Tribune

C Arun

Question: Which Highway connects Tripura with rest of the India?

a NH 26

b NH 33

c NH 44

d NH 54

C NH 44

Question: Who was the first Chief Justice of the Tripura High Court?

a Sanjay Karol

b Ajay Rastogi

c T. Vaiphei

d Deepak Gupta

D Deepak Gupta

Question: The Manikya dynasty was established by King Maha Manikya in the year?

a 1400

b 1404

c 1410

d 1416

A 1400

Question: Which one is the longest river in Tripura?

a Gomati River

b Manu River

c Feni River

d Sunai River

B Manu River

Question: Tripura has _____ longest international border length among Indian states lying on borders?

a 4th

b 5th

c 6th

d 7th

B 5th

Question: The Maharani Regent of Tripura signed the Tripura Merger Agreement to become a part of India in the year?

a 1947

b 1949

c 1950

d 1952

B 1949

Question: Tripura is the ________ smallest state in India?

a 2nd

b 3rd

c 4th

d 5th

B 3rd

Question: Rajmala which is a chronicle of the Kings of Tripura, was written under which King?

a Durga Manikya

b Ramgana Manikya

c Dharma Manikya

d Birendra Kishore

C Dharma Manikya

Question: Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in Tripura?

a Sachindra Lal Singh

b Dasarath Deb

c Nripen Chakraborty

d Manik Sarkar

D Manik Sarkar

Question: Garia Puja is performed in the month of?

a Pous

b Chaitra

c Baisakh

d None of the Above

B Chaitra

Question: Which King built the Neermahal?

a Bir Chandra

b Kashi Chandra

c Radha Kishore

d Bir Bikram Kishore

D Bir Bikram Kishore

Question: Total number of Tripura Legislative Assembly is?

a 55

b 60

c 63

d 65

B 60

Question: Who built Tripureswari temple?

a Maharaja Dhanya Manikya

b Maharaja Ratna Manikya

c Maharaja Govind Manikya

d Maharaja Bir Bikram

A Maharaja Dhanya Manikya

Question: Tripura Era stated from?

a 530 AD

b 590 AD

c 620 AD

d 670 AD

B 590 AD

Question: In which year was the concept of “Tribal Sub-Plan” adopted in Tripura?

a 1968

b 1972

c 1974

d 1978

C 1974

Question: Kamala Sagar Lake was excavated by?

a Maharaja Dhanya Manikya

b Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya

c Maharaja Govinda Manikya

d Maharaja Kishore Manikya

A Maharaja Dhanya Manikya

Question: Who was the first Governor of Tripura?

a B. K. Nehru

b L. P. Singh

c S. M. H. Burney

d K. V. Krishna Rao

A B. K. Nehru

Question: The Ujjayanta Palace was constructed by?

a Kashi Chandra Manikya

b Bir Chandra Manikya

c Birendra Kishore Manikya

d Radha Kishore Manikya

D Radha Kishore Manikya

Question: Which one is the highest peak in Tripura?

a Shakal

b Jari Mura

c Baramura

d Betalongchhip

D Betalongchhip

Question: The first rail service through metre gauge track was started in tripura in the year?

a 1964

b 1966

c 1969

d 1972

A 1964

Question: Which one is recognised as the state tree of Tripura?

a Banyan Tree

b Agar Tree

c Sal Tree

d Coconut Tree

B Agar Tree

Question: ONGC started drilling in Tripura from the year?

a 1962

b 1965

c 1970

d 1972

D 1972

Question: Who introduced State Civil Service in Tripura?

a Bir Bikram Manikya

b Radhakishore Manikya

c Bir Chandra Manikya

d Birendra Kishore Manikya

D Birendra Kishore Manikya

Question: Kok Borok Language Day is observed in Tripura on?

a 15th January

b 19th January

c 31st January

d 10th February

B 19th January

Question: The first tea garden of Tripura is?

a Hiracherra

b Murticherra

c Fatikcherra

d Durgabari

A Hiracherra

Question: Who is the first recepient of Padma Shree Award for Tripura?

a Dr. Rathindra Datta

b Dipa Karmakar

c Thanga Darlong

d Somdev Kishore Devvarman

A Dr. Rathindra Datta

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