Bihar Holidays 2023: Bank Holidays 2023, List of Public Holidays and School Holidays

Bihar Holidays 2023 full list is provided below which includes Bihar banks holidays 2023, school holidays in Bihar in 2023 and public holidays in Bihar in 2023.

The complete Bihar holidays 2023 list is provided in this article. We have mentioned all holidays in Bihar in 2023 so that you can plan your leaves and grab benefits of long weekends. Please go through the compiled list of public, national and bank holidays in Bihar in 2023. You can check month-wise Bihar holidays list 2023 for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August September, October, November and December.

Bihar Holidays in 2023

Check out the Bihar government/public holidays in 2023:

Holiday Date
Republic Day 26 January 2023
Holi 8 March 2023
Bihar Day 22 March 2023
Ram Navami 30 March 2023
Good Friday 7 April 2023
Dr Ambedkar Jayanti 14 April 2023
Eid-al-fitr 22 April 2023
May Day 1 May 2023
Bakrid / Eid al Adha 29th to 30th June 2023
Muharram 28 July 2023 (tentative)
Independence Day 15 Aug 2023
Janmashtami 6 and 7 September 2023
Gandhi Jayanti 2 October 2023
Maha Navami 23 October 2023
Vijaya Dashami 24 October 2023
Diwali 12 November 2023
Chhath Puja 19 November 2023
Chhath Puja Holiday 20 November 2023
Christmas Day 25 December 2023

Bihar Banks Holidays 2023

We are providing below the complete list of bank holidays in Bihar 2023, have a look please:

Date Occasion
14th January 2023 Second Saturday
26th January 2023 Republic Day
28th January 2023 Fourth Saturday
11th February 2023 Second Saturday
25th February 2023 Fourth Saturday
8th March 2023 Holi
11th March 2023 Second Saturday
22nd March 2023 Bihar Day
25th March 2023 Fourth Saturday
30th March 2023 Ram Navami
7th April 2023 Good Friday
8th April 2023 Second Saturday
14 April 2023 Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
22nd April 2023 Fourth Saturday
22nd April 2023 Idul Fitr
1st May 2023 May Day
13th May 2023 Second Saturday
27th May 2023 Fourth Saturday
10th June 2023 Second Saturday
24th June 2023 Fourth Saturday
29th to 30th June 2023 Bakrid / Eid al Adha
8th July 2023 Second Saturday
22nd July 2023 Fourth Saturday
28 July 2023 (tentative) Muhurram
12th August 2023 Second Saturday
15th August 2023 Independence Day
26th August 2023 Fourth Saturday
6th and 7th September 2023 Janmashtami
9th September 2023 Second Saturday
23rd September 2023 Fourth Saturday
2nd October 2023 Gandhi Jayanti
14th October 2023 Second Saturday
23rd October 2023 Maha Navami
24th October 2023 Vijaya Dashami
28th October 2023 Fourth Saturday
11th November 2023 Second Saturday
12th November 2023 Diwali
19th November 2023 Chhath Puja
20th November 2023 Chhath Puja Holiday
25th November 2023 Fourth Saturday
9th December 2023 Second Saturday
23rd December 2023 Fourth Saturday
25th December 2023 Christmas Day

Schools Holidays in Bihar in 2023

All schools in Bihar will remain closed on public holidays in Bihar as shared above. Schools may have their own circular regarding holidays for an academic year. For the same you should constantly visit the official website of schools in Bihar.

Schools are also closed when there are some unavoidable circumstances. However, schools will release a notice in this regard.

When is Bihar Diwas?

Bihar Dibas or Bihar Day is celebrated on 22 March every year as the foundation day of the East Indian state of Bihar. The day is observed as a public holiday and hence all banks, schools, colleges, universities and other institutions are closed on this day.

On this date in 1912, the British carved out Bihar from Bengal and hence considered as the foundation day of Bihar. Bihar Diwas is also known as Bihar Sthapana Diwas.

Bihar Utsav is organized by the Government of Bihar on this day which showcases art, culture, and heritage from Bihar.

Best Places to Visit during Holidays in Bihar

Here is the list of places you can visit during holidays in Bihar:

Places to visit in Nalanda: Nalanda University, Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, The Great Stupa, Pawapuri, Nalanda Archaeological Museum, Kundalpur, Surya Mandir, Nav Nalanda Mahavihara

Places to visit in Gaya: Mangla Gauri Temple, Pind Daan Gaya, Vishnupad Temple, Tibetan Monastery, Barabar Caves, Dungeshwari Cave Temples, Koteshwarnath Temple, Falgu River, Rajayatna Tree

Places to visit in Vaishali: The Ashoka Pillar, Buddha’s Stupa, Vishal Fort, Bawan Pokhra Temple

Places to visit in Patna: Golghar, Patna Museum, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Gandhi Setu, Ruins of Pataliputra, Mahavir Mandir, Choti Dargah

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bihar Day a public holiday?

Yes, Bihar Day is observed as a public holiday in Bihar.

Are banks in Bihar closed on Maha Shivaratri?

No, Maha Shivaratri is not a bank holiday in Bihar and hence all banks in Bihar are open on this day.

When is Bihar Day celebrated?

Bihar Day is celebrated on 22 March every year.

Is May Day a public holiday in Bihar?

May days is usually celebrated on 1 May or first Monday of May. It is a public holiday in Bihar.

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