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One of the important topic from which GK questions are asked in competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Banking, etc is ‘Books & Authors’. A large number of questions can arise from this section and therefore it is important that the aspirants of the competitive exams prepare this topic well. This article presents a few best GK questions related to Books & Authors. Other than this, if you also find some good questions that you think should be included here, feel free to drop them into comment section.

To keep the candidates up-to-date, new questions will be added in this post from time to time. Candidates can share their any query with us and we will try to improvise the article to its best so that you gain a strong foothold of the Books & Authors section.

Books and Authors GK Quiz 2021

[1] Who is the Author of The Name of the Rose?

  1. A) John Steinbeck
  2. B) William Shakespeare
  3. C) Umberto Eco
  4. D) J K Rowling

Answer: C) Umberto Eco

[2] Who has written Shakuntala?

  1. A) Kalidasa
  2. B) Kabir
  3. C) Tulisidas
  4. D) None of these

Answer: A) Kalidasa

[3] Who among the following wrote the book Bahubivah?

  1. A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  2. B) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
  3. C) Pandita Rambai
  4. D) Rabindranath Tagore

Answer: B) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

[4] The book ‘To Live or Not Live’ was written by

  1. A) V S Naipaul
  2. B) Alexandra Dumas
  3. C) George Elliot
  4. D) Nirad C Chaudhuri

Answer: D) Nirad C) Chaudhuri

[5] The Author of India Divided is

  1. A) Rajendra Prasad
  2. B) V V Giri
  3. C) F A Ahmed
  4. D) Zail Singh

Answer: A) Rajendra Prasad

[6] The author of Business @ Speed of Thought is

  1. A) Dick Fransis
  2. B) John Gray
  3. C) Bill Gates
  4. D) David Baldexi

Answer: C) Bill Gates

[7] In which languages did Jean Paul Sartre write his books?

  1. A) Greek
  2. B) French
  3. C) Spanish
  4. D) Russian

Answer: B) French

[8] Who wrote the line: ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’?

  1. A) John Keats
  2. B) Robert Browing
  3. C) P B Shelley
  4. D) William Wordsworth

Answer: A) John Keats

[9] ‘The Naked Face’, a very popular book is written by

  1. A) Dominique Lapierre
  2. B) Larry Collins
  3. C) Sidney Sheldon
  4. D) Juan Benet

Answer: C) Sidney Sheldon

[10] Who wrote the famous book – ‘We the people’?

  1. A) T N Kaul
  2. B) J R D Tata
  3. C) Khushwant Singh
  4. D) Nani Palkhivala

Answer: D) Nani Palkhivala

[11] Who among the following is the author of the book India Remembered?

  1. A) J K Rowling
  2. B) Robert Dallek
  3. C) Pamela Mountbatten
  4. D) Stephen Hawking

Answer: C) Pamela Mountbatten

[12] The book Prison Diary was written by

  1. A) Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. B) Morarji Desai
  3. C) Jai Prakash Narayan
  4. D) Atal Behari Vajpayee

Answer: C) Jai Prakash Narayan

[13] George Bernard Shaw, the great dramatist, was

  1. A) a Welsh
  2. B) an Irishman
  3. C) a Scotsman
  4. D) an Englishman

Answer: B) an Irishman

[14] My Life is the autobiography of

  1. A) APJ Abdul Kalam
  2. B) Rajendra Prasad
  3. C) Bill Clinton
  4. D) Hillary Clinton

Answer: C) Bill Clinton

[15] Author of Around the World in Eighty Days is

  1. A) William Shakespeare
  2. B) Richard
  3. C) U S Naipaul
  4. D) Jules Verne

Answer: D) Jules Verne

[16] The song Bande Mataram was originally composed in

  1. A) Assamese
  2. B) Bengali
  3. C) Hindi
  4. D) Sanskrit

Answer: D) Sanskrit

[17] Who among the following is a famous literary writer in English?

  1. A) Arun Shourie
  2. B) K A Abbas
  3. C) R K Laxman
  4. D) Kuldip Nagar

Answer: B) K A Abbas

[18] Who is the author of the book ‘Forbidden Verses’?

  1. A) Salman Rushdie
  2. B) Abu Nuwas
  3. C) Ms) Taslima Nasrin
  4. D) D H Lawrence

Answer: B) Abu Nuwas

[19] Who is the author of the book My Experiments with Truth?

  1. A) Winston Churchill
  2. B) James Morris
  3. C) Michael Anderson
  4. D) Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: D) Mahatma Gandhi

[20] Who is the father of English Poetry?

  1. A) Milton
  2. B) Wordsworth
  3. C) Chaucer
  4. D) Charles Dickens

Answer: C) Chaucer

[21] Which of the following books has been written by Vikram Seth?

  1. A) My God Died Young
  2. B) Islamic Bomb
  3. C) Look Back in Anger
  4. D) A Suitable Boy

Answer: D) A Suitable Boy

[22] ‘A Voice for Freedom’ is a book written by

  1. A) Corazon Aquino
  2. B) Nayantara Sahgal
  3. C) Aung San Suu Kyi
  4. D) Benazir Bhutto

Answer: B) Nayantara Sahgal

[23] Who is the author of the book ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’?

  1. A) Thomas Hardy
  2. B) Emile Zola
  3. C) George Orwell
  4. D) Walter Scott

Answer: C) George Orwell

[25] Shakespeare’s character named Beatrice appears in which play?

  1. A) The Tempest
  2. B) Othello
  3. C) Much Ado About Nothing
  4. D) A Midsummer Nights’ Dream

Answer: C) Much Ado About Nothing

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