World Wetlands Day 2022: History, Theme, Wishes

World Wetlands Day is held on 2 February every year. This day seeks to increase awareness and understanding of the important part of humans and the globe in wetlands. The first day of adoption of the Convention on Wetlands also commemorates the second day of February. In Ramsar, an Iranian town along the beaches of the Caspian sea, the Convention was approved in 1971. With the help of this article, you’ll learn more about this day’s subject and its importance.

What are Wetlands?

Wetlands are geographical regions that are either continuously or periodically saturated or inundated with water. Wetlands, lakes, rivers, swamps, rivers, watercourses, and floods inland wetlands are included. Salt marshlands, estuaries, lagoons, mangroves, and even marine ecosystems are included in coastal wetlands. rice paddies, salt pans, and Fish ponds have been created by human beings. Environmental activists and local defenders are applauded for their nature love this day. It is achieved by workshops, demonstrations, and specific initiatives on the field.

India, according to research by NGO Wetland International, has a max. wetland of South Asia – 7.7 lakh – spanning the 4.6% geographical area of the country. There are only Japan and China in Asia close to the marshes in India.

Ramsar has recognized an additional 10 wetland areas of international significance from India last year. As per the Ministry of the Environment, 35% of wetlands have been destroyed since the 70s and 87% since the 1700s. Wetland loss is caused by draining and refilling, pollution, economic overuse (such as overfishing), endangered plants, and climatic change. It encouraged governments as well as other interested organizations to maintain the preservation of wetlands, as the survival of several bio diversities depends on the condition of such places.

World Wetlands Day 2022: History

Though every year on February 2nd, World Wetlands Day is commemorated, the day was not commemorated until 1997. World Wetlands Day helps to be aware to individuals that wetlands have a beneficial impact on Mother Nature. Environmental activists and community defenders get together on this day to celebrate their love of nature. Seminars, displays, and specific on-the-ground initiatives are used to accomplish this.

A weekend Wetlands Youth Photo Challenge has been held since 2015. The event, which kicks off every year on February 2nd, was created as part of this new strategy to engage children in World Wetlands Day.

World Wetlands Day 2022: Messages & Wishes

  • “It is good for us that we have a day dedicated to celebrating wetlands since this allows us to disseminate wetlands knowledge more effectively.”

  • “Happy World Wetlands Day to all the volunteers of Biodiversity and Wetlands out there!!! “The convention provides a framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources in order to contribute towards achieving sustainable development.”

  • “Wetlands are beneficial to both animals and humans. According to studies, blue spaces enhance well-being more efficiently than green spaces solely, lowering tension and stress levels. Happy World Wetlands Day 2022.”

  • “On the celebration of World Wetlands Day 2022, let us educate our friends and neighbors about wetlands.”

  • “Wetlands are the natural habitats for a lot of animals and to protect these animals we must protect the wetlands.”

World Wetlands Day 2022: Theme

As shown in a post on, the topic for 2021 focused on wetlands as a provider of freshwater and encouraged restoration and preservation efforts. The research indicates that the globe is experiencing a rising freshwater crisis, which poses a hazard to both people and the environment. People are taking more water than nature can restore, and as a result, people are ruining the wetlands, which are the most important habitat for water and all life.

As a result, the 2021 initiative emphasizes the role of wetlands in terms of freshwater availability and value on our planet. Freshwater and wetlands are intertwined in the survival of life and the well-being of this world. The theme for 2022 is yet to be determined.

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