GK Quiz Questions and Answers on Earth Day

Earth Day is observed every year on April 22. This day is dedicated towards raising awareness about environmental protection. Do you know Earth Day was observed for the first time in 1970. Since 1970, every year we celebrate Earth day on 22nd April.

Check below selective GK questions on Earth Day. There are many competitive exams where General knowledge questions are asked on Earth Day. We’re also committed to add new questions here.

Question: What singer sailed from New York City to Washington, D.C. for the first Earth Day?

Ans: Pete Seeger

Question: What is the theme of Earth Day 2023?

Ans: Invest in our Planet

Question: Who wrote the Earth Day theme song?

Ans: Abhay Kumar

Question: When is Earth Day observed?

Ans: 22 April

Question: Gaylord Nelson was moved to create Earth Day after which disaster?

Ans: Santa Barbara oil spill

Question: When was the first Earth Day observed?

Ans: 1970

Question: In 1970, students at Florida Technological University held a mock trial for what, accusing it of air pollution?

Ans: A Chevrolet

Question: Who is called the father of Earth Day?

Ans: Gaylord Nelson

Question: In 1970, students at San Fernando State College passed out what to represent the future famine the planet would face if environmental protections weren’t enacted?

Ans: Rice and tea

Question: What was the theme of Earth Day 2020?

Ans: Climate action

Question: Which president honored Gaylord Nelson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Ans: Bill Clinton

Question: Earth Day is an……event?

Ans: Annual Event

Question: Which astronauts brought tree seeds with him into space that were later grown on Earth?

Ans: Stuart Roosa

Question: The first Earth Day celebrations took place in?

Ans: USA

Question: Most of Earth’s breathable air comes from where?

Ans: The ocean

Question: Which is a more appropriate reason to observe the earth day every year?

Ans: To Support environmental protection

Question: The United Nations has what name for Earth Day?

Ans: International Mother Earth Day

Question: Who is credited with founding Earth Day?

Ans: Gaylord Nelson

Question: When did the Clean Water Act pass?

Ans: 1972

Question: The founder of Earth Day is a senator from which state?

Ans: Wisconsin

Question: Which U.S. president joined Gaylord Nelson for a multi-state conservation-themed tour?

Ans: John F. Kennedy

Question: Who took Earth Day international?

Ans: Denis Hayes

Question: Which president created the EPA?

Ans: Richard Nixon

Question: Earth Day’s date was chosen because it falls between which two events on college campuses?

Ans: Spring break and final exams

Question: The first Earth Day eventually led to the creation of which government agency?

Ans: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Question: When was the first Earth Day?

Ans: 1970

Question: Earth Day’s founding was partially inspired by protestors against what?

Ans: The Vietnam War

Question: How many indigenous people inhabit forests worldwide?

Ans: About 50 million

Question: How many countries (so far) have celebrated Earth Day?

Ans: 192

Question: Which bestselling book warned of the effects of pesticides?

Ans: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Question: Earth Day detractors argued that the first celebration was really to honor whose 100th birthday?

Ans: Vladimir Lenin

Question: Which Hollywood actors spoke to crowds in Union Square in New York City on the first Earth Day?

Ans: Paul Newman and Ali MacGraw

Question: What region on Earth produces 20% of the planet’s oxygen?

Ans: The Amazon rainforest

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