World GK Quiz Questions and Answers

[61] “Kiev” is the capital city of

(A) Romania

(B) Turkey

(C) Kazakhstan

(D) Ukraine

Answer: D (Ukraine)

[62] Which city is also known as the fruit garden of Pakistan?

(A) Karachi

(B) Quetta

(C) Lahore

(D) Faisalabad

Answer: B (Quetta)

[63] The headquarters of the European Parliament is located in

(A) Paris

(B) Brussels

(C) Copenhagen

(D) London

Answer: B (Brussels)

[64] “Krone” is the currency of which country?

(A) Finland

(B) Greece

(C) Denmark

(D) Hungary

Answer: C (Denmark)

[65] Earth day is celebrated on

(A) September 17

(B) February 16

(C) April 4

(D) April 22

Answer: D (April 22)

[66] Rand is the currency of

(A) Romania

(B) South Africa

(C) Iran

(D) Namibia

Answer: B (South Africa)

[67] Kimono is a dress style of which Asian Country

(A) Laos

(B) China

(C) Japan

(D) Korea

Answer: C (Japan)

[68] The United Nation General Assembly meets regularly

(A)  After 6 month

(B) Once in a Year

(C) Once in 2 Years

(D) Twice a year

Answer: B (Once in a year)

[69] Warsaw is the capital of

(A) Cezch Republic

(B) Poland

(C) Lithuania

(D) Ukraine

Answer: B (Poland)

[70] Which one is the most saline water body in the world?

(A) Lake Urmia

(B) Gaet’ale Pond

(C) Lake Assal

(D) Don Juan Pond

Answer: D (Don Juan Pond)

[71] Diego Garcia is an island in which Ocean?

(A) Pacific

(B) Atlantic

(C) Indian

(D) Arctic

Answer: C (Indian Ocean)

[72] Which was the first country to introduce VAT?

(A) England

(B) France


(D) Japan

Answer: B (France)

[73] Which city is also known as the “City of Canals”?

(A) Amsterdam

(B) Rome

(C) Venice

(D) Athens

Answer: C (Venice)

[74] Which country is the largest producer of cotton?

(A) India

(B) Pakistan

(C) Brazil

(D) China

Answer: D (China)

[75] Where are the headquarters of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

(A) Canada


(C) Germany

(D) Switzerland

Answer: D (Switzerland)

[76] The “Pico Island” is located in

(A) Egypt

(B) Turkey

(C) Portugal

(D) Switzerland

Answer: C (Portugal)

[77] The “Engadin Valley” is located in

(A) Egypt

(B) Turkey

(C) Portugal

(D) Switzerland

Answer: D (Switzerland)

[78] Egypt connects the two continents

(A) Asia and Africa

(B) Asia and Europe

(C) Asia and Australia

(D) South America and North America

Answer: A (Asia and Africa)

[79] What was the first country to recognize the US as independent?

(A) Morocco

(B) Israel

(C) Germany

(D) None of these

Answer: A (Morocco)

[80] Which was the first country to leave the UN?

(A) Iran

(B) Ghana

(C) Indonesia

(D) None of these

Answer: C (Indonesia)

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