World GK Quiz Questions and Answers

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[121] Which one is the official language of Canada along with English

(A) Germany

(B) Portuguese

(C) French

(D) Spanish

Answer: (C) (French)

[122] Which one is the largest city of Canada?

(A) Toronto

(B) Ottawa

(C) Quebec

(D) Montreal

Answer: A (Toronto)

[123] Havana is the capital of

(A) Cuba

(B) Brazil

(C) Argentina

(D) Canada

Answer: A (Cuba)

[124] Which one is the judicial capital of South Africa?

(A) Cape Town

(B) Pretoria

(C) Bloemfontein

(D) Johannesburg

Answer: C (Bloemfontein)

[125] which one is the largest city of African continent?

(A) Lagos

(B) Cairo

(C) Pretoria

(D) Cape Town

Answer: B (Cairo)

[126] Which country was previously known as the Malagasy Republic?

(A) Malawi

(B) Malaysia

(C) Maldives

(D) Madagascar

Answer: D (Madagascar)

[127] Which one is the largest country by area in the African continent?

(A) Egypt

(B) South Africa

(C) Algeria

(D) Sudan

Answer: C (Algeria)

[128] Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa is located in

(A) Tanzania

(B) Egypt

(C) South Africa

(D) Congo

Answer: A (Tanzania)

[129] In which continent, the island country Madagascar is located?

(A) South America

(B) Africa

(C) Asia

(D) Australia

Answer: B (Africa)

[130] In which of the following countries, you will find the Ural Mountains?

(A) Germany

(B) Russia

(C) Brazil

(D) Peru

Answer: B (Russia)

[131] The longest river in Australia is

(A) Eri

(B) Ontario

(C) Murray

(D) None of the above

Answer: C (Murray)

[132] Ruhr region is located in

(A) Alaska

(B) Russia

(C) Poland

(D) Germany

Answer: D (Germany)

[133] Which one is the 193rd country to join United Nation?

(A) Afghanistan

(B) South Sudan

(C) East Timor

(D) Serbia

Answer: B (South Sudan)

[134] Ikebana’ is a Japanese art of

(A) Dressing

(B) Flower Arrangement

(C) Paper Craft

(D) None of the above

Answer: B (Flower Arrangement)

[135] Which one is the 50th State of United State of America?

(A) Alaska

(B) Arizona

(C) Utah

(D) Hawaii

Answer: D (Hawaii)

[136] Transylvania is a part of which country

(A) Poland

(B) Romania

(C) Hungary

(D) Austria

Answer: B (Romania)

[137] The popular social dance ‘Salsa’ is originated from

(A) Brazil

(B) Italy

(C) Mexico

(D) America

Answer: D (America)

[138] The “Tartar” tribe inhabitates in which part of the world

(A) Siberia

(B) Kenya

(C) Europe

(D) Australia

Answer: A (Siberia)

[139] European Union was established as a result of

(A) Treaty of Paris, 1951

(B) New York Agreement

(C) Paris Peace Accords

(D) Treaty of Versailles

Answer: A (Treaty of Paris, 1951)

[140] Oslo is the capital of _______

(A) Denmark

(B) Finland

(C) Hungary

(D) Norway

Answer: D (Norway)

[141] Which international organisation was created as a result of North Atlantic Treaty, 1949?




(D) UN

Answer: B (NATO)


[142] Total number of countries in the group of the Commonwealth of Nations?

(A) 26

(B) 32

(C) 48

(D) 53

Answer: D (53)

[143] What country was known as Rhodesia?

(A) Sudan

(B) Italy

(C) Zambia

(D) Zimbabwe

Answer: D (Zimbabwe)

[144] Which one is the first country to make broadband a legal right for every citizen

(A) England

(B) Finland

(C) Denmark

(D) China

Answer: B (Finland)

[145] What country calls itself Nippon?

(A) South Korea

(B) Japan

(C) Thailand

(D) North Korea

Answer: B (Japan)

[146] Which European country is surrounded by most number of neighboring countries?

(A) Germany

(B) Russia

(C) Austria

(D) Denmark

Answer: A (Germany)

[147] Which one is the first country to allow women to vote?

(A) Australia

(B) New Zealand

(C) Canada

(D) America

Answer: B (New Zealand)

[148] The Great Victoria Desert is located in

(A) Canada

(B) West Africa

(C) Australia

(D) North America

Answer: C (Australia)

[149] Which of the following is tropical grassland?

(A) Taiga

(B) Savannah

(C) Pampas

(D) Prairies

Answer: B (Savannah)

[150]  with the disintegration of USSR in end 1991, comprised of ____ Union Republics.

(A) 15

(B) 10

(C) 5

(D) 25

Answer: A (15)

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