World GK Quiz Questions and Answers

[81] In which country were modern banknotes first used?

(A) Sweden

(B) France

(C) China

(D) None of these

Answer: A (Sweden)

[82] Which country was the first to make sealt belts compulsory for journey?

(A) China

(B) Czechoslovakia

(C) France

(D) None of these

Answer: B (Czechoslovakia)

[83] The oldest written constitution of government in effect in which country?

(A) UK


(C) Canada

(D) None of these

Answer: B (USA)

[84] Where is the World’s longest sea bridge?

(A) Japan

(B) Russia

(C) China

(D) None of These

Answer: C (China)

[85] The longest road tunnel of the world is:

(A) Angkor, Cambodia

(B) St. Gothard, Sweden

(C) Broadway, USA

(D) None of these

Answer: B (St. Gothard, Sweden)

[86] Largest artificial lake in the world is:

(A) Lake Baikal

(B) Lake Kariba

(C) Lake Superior

(D) None of these

Answer: A (Lake Kariba)

[87] The youngest elected President of USA is:

(A) John F. Kennedy

(B) Obama

(C) Andrew Jackson

(D) None of these

Answer: A (John F. Kennedy)

[88] Panama (a country) connects the two continents

(A) Asia and Africa

(B) Asia and Europe

(C) Asia and Australia

(D) South America and North America

Answer: D (South America and North America)

[89] Who was the first man to fly into space?

(A) Yuri Gagarin

(B) Robert Walpole

(C) Henry Waterloo

(D) George Bush

Answer: A (Yuri Gagarin)

[90] Which country is the largest producer of coffee in the World?

(A) Vietnam

(B) Brazil

(C) Colombia

(D) Mexico

Answer: B (Brazil)

[91] Mount Etna, one of the most active volcano in the World is located in

(A) Italy

(B) Japan

(C) Peru

(D) Fiji

Answer: A (Italy)

[92] Which one is the smallest ocean in the World?

(A) Indian

(B) Pacific

(C) Atlantic

(D) Arctic

Answer: D (Arctic)

[93] The longest lunar eclipse of 21st century was occurred on:

(A) 27th August, 2018

(B) 27th July, 2018

(C) 27th June, 2018

(D) None of these

Answer: B (27th July, 2018)

[94] Pemba’ and ‘Zanzibar’ Islands of Africa are famous for the cultivation and export of

(A) Cloves

(B) Sugarcane

(C) Tobacco

(D) Coffee

Answer: A (Cloves)

[95] Which of the following countries are separated by the Strait of Gibraltar?

(A) Portugal and Morocco

(B) Algeria and Spain

(C) Morroco and Spain

(D) Algeria and Portugal

Answer: C (Morroco and Spain)

[96] ‘Oxus’ is the ancient name of which of the following rivers?

(A) Tigris

(B) Euphrates

(C) Amu Darya

(D) Syr Darya

Answer: C (Amu Darya)

[97] Which of the following is the narrowest strait of the world?

(A) Bosporus

(B) Bab-el-Mandeb

(C) Strait of Dardenelles

(D) Foveaux Strait

Answer: A (Bosporus)

[98] Tibetan Plateau can be best placed in which among the following categories of Plateus?

(A) Intermontane Plateu

(B)Continental Plateau

(C) Volcanic Plateau

(D) Dissected Plateu

Answer: A (Intermontane Plateu)

[99] What is the upper limit of Richter scale?

(A) 8

(B) 9

(C) 10

(D) No limit

Answer: D (No Limit)

[100] Yokohama and Kobe are the main centres of ship building industry in:

(A)  Japan

(B)  South Korea

(C) North Korea

(D) China

Answer: (A) (Japan)

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